Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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  • As a teacher and a parent I am very conflicted about ADHD and the prescriptions used to treat it. My son was diagnosed with ADHD, started on ritalin. He also changed from a regular middle school to a montessori school, and does not take the ritalin on the weekends. I feel like maybe now we can wean him off, and that much of his difficulty was due to an educational environment that simply did not work for him. He’s still not an A student, but is no longer straight Fs, and we get no notes home anymore about behavior. So, it is hard to say whether it was the new school or the medication, or both. I think he was, because of the riatlin, able to experience “focus” for the first time in an academic setting, and is able to do it more on his own. We tried all sort of behavior interventions, and none of it worked. It was heartbreaking.

    As a teacher, I am sympathetic to parents who don’t want to use medicine, but those students who use it really seem happier, able to focus, have self esteem because they can get their work done. I am not the kind of teacher who expects students to sit quietly for an hour, I have a very active classroom, and still some students just can’t function no matter what I do. I try everything. They just can’t, or won’t. It is frustrating. I’ve had students not helped by the medication, but for most, it really does seem like a miracle.