Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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  • “If you can’t get off one mg of k. then who can”. I can so relate to this statement. I’ve been on psychiatric drugs almost my entire life never knowing anything about them, given them by those I believed were in the know. From teenage years onward, as I struggled to deal with horrific abuse from my family. I also didn’t know that. I had blocked out so many memories and the ones I did know about I considered normal. It’s what we learn and how I thought others were treated.

    I related to what you wrote since I followed my doctors prescribed drugs, never knowing any better. Over the years this went on until my body told me in no uncertain terms that they were making me sick. When I took them after a period of time, (reaching tolerance) they didn’t work. I didn’t know to take more , thank goodness. I got off a zillion of them, of all types.

    I’m a walking (not walking at the moment from a car wreck) but a woman who was drugged most of my life trying to get help for my issues.Over these many years I got off every conceivable drug because they were no longer agreeing with me. Of couse I could get off “k” Why not I thought?

    Well, here comes along a drug of a different sort. One that I’ve been struggling to withdraw from for seven months. I started at 2 mg. and now am down to .125 three times a day. Is this hard? Is this hard? I mean this is hard. Very! I find it astonishing how one drug can cause such havoc with my body, and mind. I’ve read a lot of the literature about the effects of this drug; I’m on an on-line support group for benzo withdrawal, called, Benzo Withdrawal Recovery. i’ve learned so much from this group, gained a lot of love and support as well as a wealth of knowledge. Yet, I’m still in a lot of nerve pain and pain of all kind as well as seizure activity. It seems that at the end of a taper it’s the hardest and then I have years to ‘look forward’ to with the after affects of this drug. I was on it for a little over ten years. Yet, I was on other benzos , on and off for 40 years.
    Like you doctors told me I’d have to be on it for the rest of my life. They also told me I’d have to be on anti psychotic drugs for the rest of my life. Where’d they get this, ‘the rest of my life?’ from. I’ve been off anti-psychotic drugs for many years, around 35 years. They believe that the human spirit is conquerable by drugs? Are they God? We all know they think they are. I’m fighting a battle with the last of the benzos and hope to win it. Thank Goodness for a magazine like this one where people can express their experiences and thoughts.

    Also, to the woman who wrote this article, Lisa D. You impacted a psychiatric nurse friend of mine whose been listening to my situation for a number of months. She’s been influenced in her practice by my experience with benzos and now she’s been even more influenced by your article Lisa D. She’s now watching videos on You tube and reading a lot about benzo withdrawal. Your article made a huge difference in how she perceives subscribing benzos. She texts me that she needs to have a conference with her prescribing psychiatrist boss. It’s people like you who express yourself so well who make a difference in our cause to stop this benzo madness.