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  • Dr. Steingard, How can a doctor insist someone cannot have a condition when he’s never ecamined the individual?

    I don’t believe he can. It is not sound medical practice to do so. As this website says over and over, each of us is an individual who deserves respect and the best that medicine can offer.

    As someone who suffered terribly from the inability to focus, and who found help through speed, which has not produced any dangerous side-effects in me, what should I do, deny my experience? It has been life saving. I know many others who say the same kinds of things. Yet, coming to this website where support is offered unconditionally to the bruised and damaged, there is no support, no willingness to debate or discuss ADHD from my perspective. Lots of insults. Lots of mocking and baiting and avoidance. How can that be good?

    It seems so odd and at the same time so typical to get kicked in the teeth when I can find no justification for it. I don’t want anyone to be injured by drugs. If anyone has adverse reactions, stop. If a brain is made functional through a drug, without the dangerous side-effects, why not really listen to him and his ultimate triumph to find help?

  • Please backup these damming accusations against teachers and parents.

    Teachers are taught to threaten parents with intervention by CPS IF they won’t drug their children.

    CPS is a participant in the ADHD conspiracy?

    They can’t handle the active kids.

    Active kids is not ADHD.

    Parents threatened with a CPS visit comply very quickly.

    Do you have documentation that this has happened once?

  • Thanks, Mr. Lewis. Appreciate you response. Obviously I am disappointed.
    When I have asked doctors on this site if ADHD cannot exist, no one answered. No one has deconstructed the diagnosis, IMO, ever, not if you look closely. I hoped you would use your fine brain to examine it with me piece by piece, because, Mr. Lewis, ADHD most certainly does exist. It is very real, very destructive and usually amenable to drug therapy. I am speaking with my heart and my head. I am also certain, if some of those so adamantly opposed to it, would listen and look at the facts with a willingness to learn about it. ADHD would grab your attention for the monster it is. Shouting at the top of my lungs won’t change your minds. Facts will. Detailed, properly interpreted scientific facts prove that it is. With all the highly educated, dedicated scientists here, I am amazed not one of them is interested in plumbing the depths on this topic. Again, if you think it has been deconstructed, try me. I will demonstrate that it has in no way been taken apart successfully.

    If any doctor is willing to just take a fresh look with an open mind, start with this. If everything has been done to help a child in school, and nothing has helped him to do his schoolwork, what would you suggest? If he tunes out constantly, regardless of the topic or who presents it, if that much is known about the challenge he encounters daily, hourly, minute by minute, and nothing in his past in terms of abuse and what have you, can be a contributing factor in his circumstances, what would you recommend? I do not want a fight. I am as sincere in my desire to help others as anyone.

  • So, patients do better on drugs. That is quite a statement. Shall we talk about them? Does any one on this website discuss those patients and what it means to them to be helped by drugs? Let’s spend the next 3 years digging into their stories and telling everyone about all the ways their psychiatrist’s prescriptions have improved each phase of their lives.

    Or, let’s detail the sums of money Whitaker, Corrigan and Berezin to name just 3, profit from each book they sell. Lot’s of free advertising from your donations to this website. Do you think that it is only the dirty, rotten, greedy, corrupt doctors of medicine in psychiatry who ride the wave of this cash killing albatross? It is egregious, morally perverse and disgusting to indict an entire profession for what some may have done. I am related to an outstanding psychiatrist. He wouldn’t hurt a soul knowingly for a million bucks.

    When asked to name a doctor who hands out Ritalin like candy, the person who accused doctors of doing this didn’t name one. Most don’t care you claim. Name them.

  • Thank you very much for your response doctor. It was honest, fair and without any agenda. To mention that you occasionally prescribe psychoactive drugs took courage. Before I posted anything to you, i looked at some of your other posts and articles wondering if you might be one who would. I didn’t find them with a cursory look, but I am not surprised.

    Doctor Steinhardt, why do some M.D.s insist that no one can have a trait or disorder or a set of characteristics at the far end of a continuum of attentional capabilities that is called ADHD, when they never examined me or others who have been diagnosed with it by Harvard educated M.D.s? How can a medical doctor say with absolute certainty that I don’t have what I have without an examination?

  • Mr Lewis, I don’t know if you saw my question, but i’ve read a number of your posts and you are a sharp guy. I don’t agree with you most of the time, but you don’t toss your opinions around without giving serious thought to your positions. I try to find what really smart people think about topics like ADHD. I asked you for your opinion on this topic and I know i will enjoy learning what your thoughts are.

  • Doctor, do you think someday, someone will tell the world that indeed some people do receive an enormous benefit from the drugs prescribed by psychiatrists? Do you mention in the articles you write, ever, examples of the wonders, the truly incredible, even breathtaking way drugs have made possible for a person to live a full life, when that proved impossible before the drug was used?

  • Kim, no one on this site has refuted excedrin’s claims, unless you would like to offer evidence to the contrary. Excedrin has asked a number of the posters to define it; tell us exactly what ADHD is. “It is fictitious” isn’t an answer. “It doesn’t exist” is not an answer. Offering an open classroom doesn’t explain what it is. Saying no single test proves it exists, doesn’t present any evidence that it doesn’t.

    I suggest you encourage Drs. Berezin, Corrigan and other professionals, who should be able to state clearly exactly what ADHD is before they try but can’t explain what it isn’t, to listen to scientists and articulate intelligent people with first hand experience with it, to explain it. Then, they can try to explain it away. To see highly educated people dance around trying to circumvent the nitty gritty details of ADHD only harms their cause. Face it in its minutiae, head on. Convince us ADHD is just childish behaviors, nothing more. Go ahead. Don’t give up so easily and pretend it does not exist. Nothing to be afraid of.

    Let me add Kim, perhaps you too should become better versed in this topic, especially if you intend on speaking for others.

  • Everyone has better concentration on stimulants. How can it be? No one needs improvement. Everyone has all they need to concentrate as much as necessary, period. People might think they concentrate better, but they think that way because everyone says it. No test indicates speed improved anyone’s concentration. And, that’s why we know ADHD is fictitious. If stimulants actually improved everyone’s concentration, that would have to
    mean the brain can work better with the introduction of certain chemicals, at least short term. We know that isn’t possible because inferior levels of concentration would mean disease. We know disease doesn’t cause deficiencies in the brain.

    Conclusion: we all pay attention very well all the time. Everyone does.