Saturday, June 6, 2020

Comments by Kumara

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  • I don’t live in America, nor am I American. But I have experienced hearing voices in my head. To call it “voices” isn’t very accurate. What I hear is shouting, and it happens only when I’m about to sleep.

    I don’t get it anymore and I don’t mind hearing it again these days. I just know I had to be patient and it’ll pass. But now I also know what triggers it.

    It used to be quite bad when I had 10 amalgams in my mouth. And the synergistic factor was much exposure to wireless radiation. Since I had all of them removed (in stages) the shouting has reduced and is now rare. It only happens if I’ve been exposed to more wireless radiation than I can handle.

    When it happens, I’ll get increasingly tensed and my nervous system goes into overdrive. (That’s my best description.) If I speak, I would do so very quickly and excitedly—usually without my being aware (until later). Even when I’m not in need to think of anything, my mind would keep repeating what I had said verbally or mentally. I get very tired. I know rest is best then. When I do, I also know that I would have to be patient and just relax no matter what. When I’m about to sleep, shouting is likely to happen, and I would wake up. I just have to be patient. And it’ll pass.

    I know the matter is not psychological, at least not mainly. I live in the wilderness now, and is exposed to very little radiation. And of course I never let any dentist put mercury in my mouth anymore. I’m glad I found out the causes.