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  • Professor Gotzsche, Thank you so much for all you have achieved, over so many years, to increase patient and prescriber awareness of life-destroying and life-terminating adverse psychotropic drug reactions.
    I had not heard of AKATHISIA until I read your books, even though I had been a physician for over thirty years at that time. Now AKATHISIA has been publicised on London Underground Trains as part of a vital Public Health Campaign. The condition remains poorly understood in the context of a common ADR to SSRIs/SNRIs and other prescribed drugs. AKATHISIA, together with emotional blunting and disinhibition induced suicidal ideation, is vulnerable to misdiagnosis as ‘Serious Mental Illness’ leading to inappropriate incarceration, poly-drugging and cascade iatrogenesis. These neurological, psychological, emotional and behavioural ADRs appear to remain the subject of both denial and ignorance in many prescribers.
    The outcome of continuing medical education, (as well as clinical guidelines) being based upon data-manipulated, ghost written ‘clinical trials’ has been the has become:
    ‘Evidence De-Based Medicine’.

  • Thank you both for this valuable and compelling podcast. There can be no doubt that ‘Traditional Psychiatry Mismanages The Treatment of Mental Health’.
    The injudicious, inappropriate and extended prescribing of such toxic psychotropic drugs is unforgivable . ‘Antidepressant’ and ‘antipsychotic’ drugs are reported to cause mitochondrial toxicity/dysfunction. This, in other drug classes, is considered to cause lipodystrophy, metabolic syndromes with gross weight gain/fat redistribution syndrome and diabetes. Mitochondrial toxicity may explain why there are so many multi-systems injuries, both during, and in the years after ‘treatment’.

    The common and commonly misdiagnosed adverse drug reaction (ADR) to both of these psychotropic drug classes : AKATHISIA is vulnerable to misdiagnosis as Serious Mental illness (SMI).

    “Psychotic Depression is vanishingly rare compared with treatment (AD) induced akathisia”.

    Antidepressant induced AKATHISIA can result in those who have been inappropriately prescribed SSRIs/SNRIs (eg for normal exam stress) being misdiagnosed, incarcerated (‘sectioned) and forcibly subjected to psychotropic poly-pharmacy when they have no mental illnesss whatsoever. The resulting increased AKATHISIA , emotional blunting and toxic behavioural changes are then serially misdiagnosed as additional SMIs: Labels for Life.
    There inevitably follows cascade iatrogenesis resulting in life-threatening and/or disabling physical, emotional, economic and social injuries. Unless these invalid false diagnoses are accepted by the injured and disabled patient, it may be impossible to ever claim any State Benefits.
    Would any G.P. be prepared to certify such a victim as: ‘Unfit to work indefinitely due to prescription drug induced, multiple, irreversible iatrogenic injuries’?

    It would afford powerful additional evidence of the Failed Bio-Psychiatry Paradigm were there to be documented evidence as to how many healthy, normal people are incarcerated, abused, and irreversibly injured (or worse) because their AKATHISIA was unrecognised, denied, ignored, unknown, misdiagnosed and mistreated.

    Psychiatry means “Never Having To Say You’re Sorry”.

  • Thank you James for another compelling, valuable and informative podcast. Dr. Jureidini is an inspiration to those of us whose loved one’s lives have ben destroyed by the Evidence Debased Medicine in psychiatry. The denial of AKATHISIA induced by SSRIs and its accompanying emotional blunting and changes in feelings, emotions and behaviours has endured for over 30 years as a result of the ghost written, data manipulate ‘clinical trials’ which are a very effective means by which to hide life threatening adverse drug reactions. Courage, commitment gifted scientific ability and integrity. Outstanding.

  • Welcome and congratulations to all involved with creating Mad in Ireland. Wishing you all every success with your vital Public Health information. It is anticipated and appreciated that your achievements will increase awareness of, and understanding of psychotropic drug induced AKATHISIA and its vulnerability to misdiagnosis as ‘Serious Mental Illness’.
    This failure to recognise and correctly manage a common, SERIOUS adverse drug reaction results in inappropriate detention and imposed poly-drugging with additional psychotropics and ‘mood stabilisers’. The resulting cascade of further serious adverse drug reactions (including exacerbation of AKATHISIA, disinhibition, emotional blunting, emotional lability and risk of violence against self and/or others) results in an expanding catalogue of psychiatric ‘diagnostic’ labels-for-life. LABELS THAT RESULT IN SOCIETAL REJECTION, SOCIAL ISOLATION AND ECONOMIC DEVASTATION.

    “Psychotic depression is vanishingly rare compared with treatment* induced akathisia”.

    * SSRI/SNRI/Antidepressant induced Akathisia.

  • Thank you Robert Whitaker. Such is the intensity of injury, morbidity and mortality imposed on both those suffering extreme emotional distress, and those who have no psychiatric condition whatsoever, but in whom inappropriate psychotropic drug prescribing has caused AKATHISIA which has been misdiagnosed as SMI (Serious Mental Illness).

    “The court also set forth a standard whether this legal obligation had been met”:
    “What would a reasonable patient want to know with respect to the proposed therapy and the dangers that may be inherently or potentially involved?”

    With regard to SSRIs/SNRIs ‘antidepressants, I would require to be advised that AKATHISIA is a common adverse drug reaction. I should be warned that this is not simply ‘restlessness’ but that my family MUST look out for crescendo AGITATION, for a writhing tormented inability to be still because of intolerable pain and suffering. That this suffering may be so unbearable that I might tear out my hair, eye lashes and body hair whilst being unable to try to convey to them what is happening to me. I have to be warned that my family MUST insist that any doctor addressing this iatrogenic emergency MUST be told that THIS IS AKATHISIA. In my experience, they may not/will not know what it is. I am then vulnerable to a ‘diagnostic’ label for life such as ‘psychotic depression’ resulting in detention (Medical Kidnapping) and forcibly given further psychotropic drugs leading to cascade iatrogenesis and a catalogue of fantasy psychiatric diagnoses. I should be warned that if my (medical) family tries to challenge this tragedy, they will be ridiculed and treated with contempt; That I will become so injured by their drugging that the person I once was will never be seen again.

    I would like to be told that at best, SSRIs/SNRIs are very weak ‘antidepressants’, but extremely powerful and effective anti-libidinous drugs, causing a specific (non-depression) form of sexual dysfunction: PSSD which may last for years, perhaps for life.

    There will not be much time left now for the prescriber to explain that psychotropic drugs have been reported to cause mitochondrial toxicity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hyper-prolactinaemia (hence gynaecomastia) and other endocrine pathology.

    Both my family and I MUST be warned that these drugs cause changes in emotions, feelings and behaviours including emotional blunting, disinhibition, suicidal ideation and risk of violence to self and/or others.

    How could I give valid informed consent without this information? If I were to be given enough information upon which to base a decision equating to real, valid informed consent, my response would be: thank you for your honesty Doctor. I have no wish to take any such medication.

    This further post rekindles hope that something may be achieved to reduce the tragedy of psychotropic drug ADRs. Thank you for your courage and for your lifetime commitment to this cause.

  • Thank you for his important post Ashley.
    It has prompted me to revisit the Lecture: Psychiatry and Big Pharma Exposed. The Weekend University. 24 November 2019. Dr. James Davies Ph.D.
    With utmost precision, Dr. Davies analyses and dissects the process by which the serial versions of DSM were created, after interviewing those involved and by use of archive documents. He identifies his reasons for concluding that a key criticism is an absence of science and the inclusion of ‘diagnoses’ on the basis of a vote from a small group with immense power. I am left with the belief that this is an academic masterpiece. It is available on You Tube.

  • My heart aches so deeply after reading your brave account of suffering endured by your daughters, yourselves and your family.
    It is so important that all those who have experienced the devastation of our loved ones as a result of coerced, and/or enforced gross toxicities of psychotropic dugs, document our tragedies. Without these tragedies on record, how can we achieve that which we all want most?
    That is to try to give other families an awareness which may prevent their loved ones from (the ever increasing, published allegations of) cascade iatrogenesis, serial misdiagnosis, life changing avoidable injuries and avoidable deaths.

    Psychotropic drug adverse reactions (ADRs) cause changes in thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours. They cause AKATHISIA, EMOTIONAL BLUNTING and DISINHIBITION. They also cause multi-systems physical harms. All of these ADRs are vulnerable to misdiagnosis as ‘Emergent Serious Mental Illness’ which may lead to additional/multiple psychotropic drugging and further AKATHISIA.

    “Grief from the loss of a child is not a process. It is a lifelong weight upon the Soul’.

    I believe that these are the words of a California mother addressing The U.S. Committee of The House of Representatives re The Opioid Epidemic.
    (From ‘Empire of Pain’ by Patrick Radden Keafe).

    “Handing over a loved one to doctors and nurses an act of faith. It represents a major crisis when you begin to doubt that that the treatment they are given is in their best interest”.

  • Every time those who have seen prescription drug-induced, AKATHISIA-related violence (against self and/or others) hear the media reporting on the tragedy of yet another ‘Mass Shooting: – We need to know that three fundamental, Primary Facts have been established and documented:

    1) What prescription drugs have been taken, withdrawn, dose or preparation within drug-class changed?

    2) Was there evidence of AKATHISIA, Disinhibition and Emotional Blunting prior to and/or during the event?

    3) Hence: Was this tragedy the result of SSRI/SNRI/ psychotropic drug induced violence? (Or one of many other prescription drugs that cause AKATHISIA).

    Looking for a ‘Motive’ without excluding AKATHISIA is incomplete.

    Often, the press quickly report that the suspect was receiving ‘Mental Health Care’.
    This means that the possibility of underlying AKATHISIA is greater; NOT that a ‘Disorder’ caused the violence.

    If these questions were routinely and meticulously documented, those who refuse to accept that AKATHISIA, Emotional Blunting and Disinhibition may trigger violence have the opportunity to prove themselves correct, or alternatively, to concede that this is indeed the case.

    Today, we learn that the unbearable sorrow has happened again.

  • Thank you Lisa, and thanks to Marcello, for both of you having the determination to increase knowledge and awareness of the tragedy of AKATHISIA, and its vulnerability to be misdiagnosed as ‘serious mental illnesses’ such as psychotic depression; leading to further exposure to AKATHISIA inducing prescription drugs.

    I found your narrative painful to read having lost a beautiful and charismatic young adult ‘child’ to serially misdiagnosed AKATHISIA, and multiple long term adverse drug reactions. Despite great courage, resilience and much recovery (supported by an expert who confirmed that there was never any ‘mental illness’), we still miss and grieve for the joy of the wonderful person that was there before the cascade of drugging.

    AKATHISIA has been increasingly reported as a serious adverse drug reaction which has been known for over thirty years.
    It has been repeatedly published that, in drug trials, AKATHISIA has been coded as ‘Hyperkinesis’, ‘Emotional Lability’, ‘Nervousness’, ‘anxiety’, ‘agitation’ et al — Thus diluting the signal of a serious adverse drug reaction.

    I am re-reading “Prescription for Sorrow” by Patrick D. Hahn. Samizdat Health. It adds to my understanding of the AKATHISIA tragedy, as do all of the books from Samizdat Health.

  • Sincere thanks for this invaluable work Brian, and for your lasting legacy of preventive opportunity provided by such dedicated, extended documentation of the relationship between psychotropic drugs and their resulting ‘suicidal ideation’. You have constructed an archive of insight for prescribers who should read your work with an open mind, and with a determination to address issues such as the impact of drug induced AKATHISIA in combination with DISINHIBITION.

  • Thank you H.S.

    Your post was deeply moving and brilliantly written.

    Wouldn’t it be an improvement if ‘first episode psychosis’ was managed by physicians trained to use this as an opportunity to EXCLUDE ‘psychosis” and, via meticulous differential diagnosis, to prevent the mis-labelling for life, which may follow adverse psychotropic drug reactions?

  • Thank you for this excellent overview of MALCHARIST; a truly breathtaking and compelling novel.
    Any endeavour which increases public and prescriber awareness of AKATHISIA surely must be of profound public health importance? Malcharist achieves this, whilst leaving the reader absolutely gripped.

    I cannot recommend reading Malcharist highly enough, and would anticipate that literary award nominations must surely follow?

    Wouldn’t this gifted novel make a fantastic film?

    Thank you Paul John Scott and SAMIZDAT HOUSE: A Magnificent Achievement.

  • It has been reported that elderly care home residents may be prescribed ‘antipsychotics’ to control “unwanted behaviours’.

    Both first and second generation antipsychotics cause tardive dyskinesia.

    Tardive Dyskinesia due to neuroleptic drugs may be preceded by, or occur in combination with; RESPIRATORY DYSKINESIA.

    If extra-pyramidal adverse drug reactions affect the neurophysiology of respiration, there may be interference with the patients ability to breathe.

    “If a patient receiving metoclopramide or anti-psychotic drugs shows signs of tachypnoea or acute respiratory distress, the possibility of respiratory dyskinesia should always be considered”.

    (Vorre M.M. Lange P. – April 2019. Danish).

  • Thank you Professor Gotzsche.

    This work would have been of great value, both in terms of improved outcomes for patients addressing life changing ADRs, and also in terms of its obvious, inherent scientific value and scientific integrity.

    In Jim Gottstein’s newly released book on Olanzapine, he uses the term “A doctor of conscience”.

    As I read these words, your brave and truly evidence based lectures and writings immediately came to mind.

    I believe that the Cochrane Collaboration was founded by, and, until recently, its success was ensured by “Doctors of Conscience?
    Their courage and commitment is not forgotten by those who have seen and/or experienced the tragedy of misdiagnosed AKATHISIA, and other avoidable psychotropic drug-induced injuries.

    There are other doctors of conscience who write and address the reality of life-threatening and life-taking psychotropic drug toxicities. Their numbers are small, their risks are great.

    Such courage and integrity deserves our utmost respect and gratitude.

    Retired Physician.

  • Thank you Wendy and James for this deeply moving and inspirational podcast.


    We must make AKATHISIA AWARENESS an issue of public health priority.

    The sooner AKATHISIA AWARENESS information appears on the London Underground, the sooner medical students, future, and current prescribers, will have a greater chance to learn of the devastation caused to individuals, to families, to loved ones and to society.

    I would like to see AKATHISIA WARNINGS on the outside of psychotropic akathisia-inducing prescription drug packs, in the same style as lung cancer warnings on cigarette packs.
    The same for the other prescription drug classes that produce this concealed, life-taking and life-destroying ADR.

    The achievement of addressing the Royal College of Psychiatrists and inviting them to acknowledge the suffering, morbidity and mortality caused by AKATHISIA must have taken infinite courage and utmost diplomacy.

    It becomes bizarre when ethical, informed, members of on-line communities may be more knowledgeable than prescribers.
    Time for the latter to listen to, and learn from the former, more widely?
    Yes, they may have known something about it before, but didn’t you feel that this time someone listened?

    I do hope that they invite you back Wendy as the message may need repeating.

    What about our other Royal Colleges?

    If a patient with intense acute AKATHISIA reports to and re-presents to their prescriber, they, and their loved ones must known in advance that the AKATHISIA will not be misdiagnosed as “psychotic depression”.
    That toxic delusions will not be labelled as “Functional Psychosis”.
    That neurotoxicity does not become “pseudo-bipolar disorder”.
    That there are indeed recognisable, “inner” and “outer” features that can be accurately diagnosed and managed correctly, and with empathy, understanding and wisdom.

    Acceptance and acknowledgement of tardive akathisia is even more challenging, as with all psychotropic drug legacy syndromes.

    The “inner features”: – Changes in feelings, emotions and behaviours are likely assumed to be diagnostic of “Serious Mental Illness.

    Misdiagnosis is risk-enhanced by the intensity of writhing restlessness, and intense, overwhelming agitation. Overwhelming physical pain and suffering that I have seen cause tearing out of eyelashes, scalp and body hair, immediately misinterpreted as “self harm”.

    People with Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) must be protected from inappropriate detention and forced-drugging with further AKATHISIA-inducing poly-pharmacy which results in exacerbation of drug-injury and further multiple misdiagnoses: irremovable, punitive, incorrect, stigmatic labels-for-life.

    I had been a prescriber for some thirty five years without ever hearing this “word that dare not speak its name”.
    “Emotional lability” – “Hyperkinesis” – “Inner restlessness”- “Agitation” – aka AKATHISIA.

    Surely it is unacceptable that for both prescribers and prescribed, it still appears to take family tragedy, and devastating personal loss for AKATHISIA to become fully understood?

  • Compelling podcast. Thank you.

    “Affective not Effective Security”

    The endeavour to “increase safety” and “reduce harm” may predictably lead to increased risk of psychotropic drug-induced violence against self and/or others.

    This is because prescription drug induction, cessation, change of dose, change of drug class, change of drug product within drug class, and poly-drugging have been reported to increase the risk of the common and life-threatening neurotoxicity: AKATHISIA.

    Drug PILs refer to “Agitation”. “Restlessness”. Clinical trials of psychotropics refer to “Emotional Lability” and to “Hyperkinesis”.

    These are considered by current publications and lectures by experts to be euphemisms for AKATHISIA.
    The vital word that “dares not speak its name”.

    Publications expressing concern re AKATHISIA induced violence go back 20 – 40 years, even longer.
    If these decades of accumulated data are valid then:

    Those released from incarceration who turn to street drugs after “pre-release-meds” run out would appear to be particularly vulnerable to AKATHISIA on/or after that withdrawal???

  • This may not be an exact quotation from Australian psychiatrist – Dr. Yolande Lucire — but I understand she stated: –

    “Psychiatric patients smoke because the hydrocarbons in cigarettes induce the enzymes that metabolise antidepressants and antipsychotics and as a result they feel less toxic and more comfortable”.

  • Thank you for this courageous and valuable post.

    Please facilitate awareness, knowledge and understanding of AKATHISIA amongst your fellow Veterans and their loved ones.

    Recognition of this common ADR to psychotropic drugs*, especially SSRIs/SNRIs – “anti-psychotics” is critical to preserving life.

    (*Plus many other prescription drugs).

    In addition to being a clinically treatable form of unimaginable pain and suffering, AKATHISIA is the precursor to violence against self and others.

    It appears more likely to be misdiagnosed as “Emergent Serious Mental Illness” by prescribers.
    Dosage increase, “augmented drug therapy”, trials of different psychotropics – all increase the intensity of AKATHISIA and increase the risk of “Taking of Life By Self”.

    AKATHISIA induced death is NOT suicide.

    This common, overwhelming ADR has been reported to have been hidden in clinical trials by terms such as ‘Emotional Lability” – “Hyperkinesis”.

    It has been alleged and published that in some clinical trials diazepam was used to “disguise” the emergence of AKATHISIA.

    (Physician prescribed and carefully monitored, emergency use of diazepam may be rapidly and obviously beneficial in some cases).

    Those whose DUTY is the investigation of “death by suicide” MUST document all prescribed drugs, with the dates and doseage of each and every “Rx” intervention during the last months, (and preferably years when relevant).
    Withdrawal of these drugs is as important as introduction, and changes to medications and dosages.

    For those many prescribers who do not accept that akathisia induces violence against self and/or others, in some sufferers, analysis of such collected data would lead to more accurate clinical understanding, one way or the other.

    AKATHISIA as part of an SSRI withdrawal syndrome is also vulnerable to misdiagnosis, and missed opportunity to save lives.

    Accurate, informed analysis of changes in emotions, (emotional blunting), of feelings (eg absence of empathy) and changes in behaviours should be documented, and in particular, the onset of intense, overwhelming AGITATION, must be analysed in the context of the detailed drug prescribing history.

    How many of the devastating losses of Veterans, (as well as civilians) are AKATHISIA induced deaths?

    If some, possibly many, are – why are they not prevented?

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Thank you James Moore and Derek Blumke for this important, powerful and compelling podcast, and for introducing readers to MIA Veterans Resources.

    It is hoped that this development will lead to a greater debate, awareness and understanding of AKATHISIA as the “harbinger of suicide and violence” in those taking psychotropic (and other prescription) drugs which commonly induce this acute, sub-acute, chronic, and withdrawal chemical brain injury.

    AKATHISIA is usually referred to as a “Neuro-Psychiatric” Adverse Drug Reaction – (ADR) – in the literature/P.I.L.

    I have concern that by avoiding the ?more correct “Neurological” ADR terminology, there is possible risk of prescribers misinterpreting AKATHISIA as “Emergent Serious Mental Illness”.
    The classification: – “Neuro-Psychiatric” may suggest an “underlying vulnerability to mental illness”.

    AKATHISIA is indeed vulnerable to misdiagnosis as “Serious Mental Illness” via toxicity induced changes in emotions, mood, feelings, behaviour and personality, with emotional blunting.
    These in addition to a writhing, intense restlessness and compulsion for constant movement.

    When AKATHISA is misdiagnosed, inappropriate detention and forced drugging with additional akathisia-inducing psychotropic drugs may increase ADR injury, and then increase the risk of suicidality and risk of violence to others.

    The importance of AKATHISIA has been documented on MIA by Dr. Yolanda Lucire: –
    “Mortality of People Using Mental Health Services and Medications”. October 29th. 2017.

    RxISK, MISSD and other AKATHISIA awareness websites address this issue in detail.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Thank you Elizabeth Moy.

    I am deeply moved by this testimony.

    Might the concept of “A Letter To” – merit a designated “Blogspot” on this powerful channel of communication, and recording of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) to psychotropic drugs?

    “Seeing that look in his eyes was almost as disturbing as watching him tear at his skin until it bled”.


  • Thank you for this encouraging report Professor Gotzsche.

    Abuse of Human Rights.

    The absence of professional accountability, and failure to deliver the professional Duty of Candour, is responsible for diagnostic complacency, and for repeated failure to differentiate the potentially fatal harms of psychotropic drugs from “functional psychosis”.

    Each new psychiatrist sees only the harms caused by the drugs of the previous psychiatrist.

    Not only do those “patients” whose antidepressant induced AKATHISIA is misdiagnosed as “severe mental illness” find themselves incarcerated and deprived of all human rights from the moment they cross the threshold into what is allegedly a “hospital”: – They are compelled to suffer irreversible antipsychotic/psychotropic induced harms to brain, endocrine, metabolic, cardiovascular and other systems.

    Antipsychotic induced acne is seldom recognised as an ADR. Its disfigurement and pain may persist as a legacy for years after drug discontinuation.

    Educational/occupational, economic detriment, societal rejection, and iatrogenic, psychological injuries result from absence of empathy combined with the terror of incarceration, as well as being MIS-labelled for life.

    It is beyond the belief of most families to believe that an alleged “medical speciality” can routinely impose, and defend practices and drugs which are so injurious to people who have no valid medical indication for such maltreatment whatsoever.

  • The Guardian article states:

    In a pre-action letter seen by the Guardian, lawyers said the extended time in isolation had had a significant impact on the girl.
    “It has caused her depression. It also lead to her taking an overdose while in the isolation room itself,” they said.

    To fully understand this sad report, I ask myself:

    So – an overdose of what “medication”? Given when?
    Was the behaviour that provoked her isolation a manifestation of SSRI/SNRI induced AKATHISIA, and hence possible subsequent akathisia induced suicidal ideation?

    Twenty per cent of those taking SSRIs develop clinically significant akathisia with its manifestations including intense agitation, aggression, violence against self or others, writhing-restlessness, pacing, hair pulling, self harm, inability to communicate and almost unbearable suffering?
    Might there have been more than the isolation that is alleged to have caused harm?

    Surely, without a fastidious, comprehensive time-line of all/any changes in prescription psychotropic, and other drugs, the investigation of this sad situation may not be complete?

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • “Drugs for ADHD are dangerous. We don’t know much about their long term harms, but we do know that they can damage the heart in the same way as seen in long-term cocaine addicts and lead to death, even in children. (Ref).
    We also know that the ADHD drugs cause bipolar disorder in about 10% of the children, which is a serious condition”(Ref).
    Professor Peter C. Gotzsche. “Deadly Medicines and Organised Crimes”. – How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare. (Page 194. Chapter 17. “Psychiatry, the drug industry’s paradise”.

  • Were the volunteers advised that SSRIs, SNRIs and Mirtazpine all cause AKATHISIA?
    Cause profound Changes in feelings, personality, – induce emotional blunting and aggression?
    That “atypical” and other antidepressants may cause memory loss?
    Cause changes in behaviour likely to be misdiagnosed as “Serious Mental Illness” (With Label-For-Life as “Lebens Unwertesleben”)?

    Were they advised that whilst SSRIs are marketed for depression, they are promoted elsewhere for voluntary chemical castration in selected sex offenders?

    Were families warned (as in USA packet insert) – that their families and care-givers should monitor every day for agitation, akathisia, aka risk of neurotoxicity induced suicidality and “suicide”: – ie death-by-self due to acute, overwhelming neurotoxicity?

    Were they advised that combined serotonergic “medication” may increase the risk of AKATHISIA and SEROTONIN SYNDROME?

    Were the “subjects” warned of and monitored for ALL known, acute, sub-acute, chronic and legacy ADRs to these drugs.

    Would people really give these drugs to their children if they had seen and observed the induction of these devastating toxicities, and witnessed the tragedy of subsequent misdiagnosis?

    Was this study ethical?

  • Thank you both.

    “And how did you examine the patient”?

    What an incisive and invaluable challenge.

    Might we ask about the “examination” in more detail?
    Did you examine the cranial nerves? Were the pupils equal and reactive to light and accommodation? Did you assess power, tone coordination and sensation?
    Were the deep tendon reflexes symmetrical and normal? Was the gait normal or abnormal?

    This is the routine methodical and precise clinical medical assessment by which real biological brain diseases are assessed, and analysed, allowing a rational differential diagnosis.
    Scientific confirmatory diagnostics: – neuro-imaging, blood and CSF (spinal fluid) analysis further refine and narrow the diagnostic consideration.

    The above time honoured clinical method is not going to identify a psychiatric “diagnosis”.

    However, it would be invaluable in identifying and quantifying the extent of brain and nervous system injuries when patients have been exposed to neurotoxic psychotropic drugs.

    TRM123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Thank you Professor Gotzsche for your invaluable and gifted lifetime’s work and commitment to truly evidence based science, and for your courage and sacrifice in affording primacy to patient safety.

    It is a great comfort, for those who afford you the highest possible professional respect, to learn that your vital,
    impartial and ethical work will continue through the Institute for Scientific Freedom.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • J.A. C-W.

    Thank you so much for responding to my comment.

    I was personally, profoundly moved by your writing, and although it was difficult for me to respond, and painful for myself, and my family (involving personal, professional and family risk of repercussion) – I was sincerely touched by your compelling and important narrative.

    I am now inspired by the concept that the few words, which I struggled to assemble, were found by yourself to convey, wisdom, validation and hope.

    It was your reference to “HOPE” that has inspired me.

    HOPE is the first and last gift that a committed medical practitioner, acting impartially, and with sincerity, can freely give to anyone who is suffering.

    I have been astonished by the ROUTINE DESTRUCTION of HOPE which, apparently, is the day-to-day “modus operandi” of “main-stream” psychiatry.

    This is alien to every ethical tenet that I learned, experienced, and aspired to achieve during over half a century of studying and practising medicine.

    I was trained at a time when many primary care physicians sincerely believed that patients and doctors were “Equals of Different Experience”.

    Over a lifetime, some of my medically-qualified patients had far greater knowledge, skill and experience than I did.
    With honesty, openness, and ease of the essential response : – I’m sorry, I don’t know: –
    To the best of my knowledge, they felt cared for?

    How can any “medical practitioner” deny HOPE, and subsequently believe that they have anything “therapeutic” to offer. This is surely delusional?

    How can anyone who deprives a human being – (with, or without “mental illness”) – of their freedom, their human rights, and their inalienable right to insist: – “These drugs are unbearable for me” – how can they fantasise that a therapeutic relationship might ever exist between them?

    What stops psychiatry from encouraging their trainees to feel confident and comfortable telling a patient: “I’m sorry, I don’t know”?

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician. (uk).

  • Thank you both.

    Such iatrogenic destruction of every aspect of human experience, and the global annihilation of all quality of life.
    Even to the point of exile.
    Experiences of their evil, their absence of empathy, their arrogance and their ignorant brutality.

    And still, this devastation passes for “medicine”.
    In Medicine’s Enron, aka “Psychiatry” there is no accountability. No Duty of Candour.

    Psychiatry means never having to say you’re sorry.

    I had just re-watched the Tardive Akathisia video above when: –
    At lunchtime on BBC Radio 4 today, a psychiatrist – (and Royal College of Psychiatrists – Chair Re Old-Age M.H.) – was unchallenged when she claimed that the drugs used for elderly depressed patients were – “Tailor-Made Drugs”.

    Yes indeed, every last toxic molecule hand-stitched by devoted pharmaceutical robots no doubt?

    People “fear they are terribly addictive” – “Well they’re NOT” she emphasised.

    So no AKATHISIA, no TOXIC DELUSIONS, no bleeding, no cardiac dysrhythmias, no falls with fractured neck of femur –
    No emotional blunting, no disinhibition, no iatrogenic aggression.
    No multi-modal sexual dysfunction which is unrelated to depression.
    And NO “Discontinuation Syndrome” aka Withdrawal Syndrome apparently?

    Do they perfect this propaganda on their own, or do they use group training?
    Can they really believe in such fantasy?

  • Kristina,

    Your two chilling reports on the infiltration of schools by advocates of drug-dependent, biological psychiatry
    are more suggestive of a horror movie based on the Pied Piper of Hamlin rather than any valid child-health process.

    The predictable outcome may be the mass abduction of children into an anti-therapeutic environment:
    aka: “Mental Health”, and inappropriate, exposure to the morbidity and mortality caused by chronic psychotropic drugging.


    “Federal Legislation provides guidance to States by identifying a minimum set of acts or behaviours that define child abuse or neglect”.

    This includes: “An act, or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm”.

    Based on this Federal guidance, is the exploitation of the supposed sanctuary of the school environment now subject to the possibility of State and Market Sponsored Child Abuse?

    As if the AKATHISIA-driven school shootings are not horror enough.

  • Thank you for this powerful and painful advocacy.

    For demanding that knowledge and awareness of AKATHISIA replaces the inexcusable ignorance and denial which dominates the presentation of this common, life-threatening and life-destroying neurological adverse reaction to many prescription drugs, but especially to psychotropic drugs. (ADR).

    There have been times when I am so moved, and so hurt by the refusal of my own profession to prevent suffering on this scale, and of this intensity, that the only words that come into, and refuse to leave my mind, are those words of Robert Oppenheimer at Los Alamos which captured the impact of the first atomic explosion.


    I have quoted these words on MIA before.

    I feel that they represent what is happening every time AKATHISIA is caused to each individual person by
    ill-advised, marketing-driven prescribing, ignorance of psychopharmacology and toxicology, and the sloppy, misdiagnosis of alleged “mental illness”.

    The patient whose iatrogenic AKATHISIA is misdiagnosed as emergent “Severe Mental Illness” –
    (“Bipolar Disorder”, “Schizoaffective Disorder”, “B.P.D.” ) – is not only incarcerated and forced to ingest more and more AKATHISIA inducing drugs, they are also labelled for life as societal rejects.

    Forcibly subjected to physical, social, psychological, economic, relationship injury and deprivation.

    They are sentenced to be disbelieved, rejected, ridiculed, blamed and no longer worthy of compassionate, empathetic day to day, year to year, routine medical care and attention for the rest of their lives.

    Routine psychiatric labelling errors are truly devastating, and are as irremovable as tattoos.

    Each new psychiatrist only sees the injuries caused by the neurotoxic, akathisia-inducing drugs, coerced or enforced by the previous psychiatrist.
    Their ADRs are routinely misdiagnosed as new, emergent, or relapsing mental illness.

    Only the parents, loved ones, partners and carers knew, remember, and grieve so profoundly for, the charismatic and enchanting human being, their son, daughter, lover, parent who has been condemned to a living death, or indeed died from AKATHISIA induced self-death.

    The latter will of course be mislabelled as suicide.

    Please, if possible, look at the M.I.A. link to:
    “My Baby, Psychosis and Me: A lesson In How Not To Make A Documentary About Mental Health”.
    BBC Television 2016. (Rai Waddingham, M.I.A. November 26th 2016).

    At about 26 minutes, anyone who knows and recognises Akathisia might be inlined to believe that the featured consultant psychiatrist is talking to a mother “treated” for post-partum psychosis – talking about “these awful diseases”, apparently oblivious to what appears may be extremely severe acute, psychotropic drug-change induced akathisia ???
    If so, her wretched suffering is apparently of no consequence

    I have studied and/or practised medicine for just over fifty years.

    Despite my commitment to life-long learning, I had never heard of AKATHISIA until my young adult child’s beautiful life was destroyed by a GP persuading her to take an SSRI for exam stress instead of giving a few needed words of reassurance.
    The word AKATHISIA had been deliberately hidden from us as prescribers by regulators and by drug manufacturers.

    Her acute and overwhelming akathisia was first treated by changing to sertraline.
    The inevitable, even greater akathisia was then misdiagnosed as “psychotic depression” resulting in an endless and ridiculous cascade of some of the most toxic prescription drugs ever mis-licensed for use on human subjects.

    They would not listen to me when they induced tardive dyskinesia. – “It doesn’t happen on olanzapine”!

    When we eventually got her home she could no longer walk or speak.

    Her mask-like face so typical of extra-pyramidal brain injury.
    A face so beautiful before AKATHISIA IGNORANCE.
    The concomitant major injuries to other systems have been described here before.

    After half a century, I am left ashamed of my own profession.

    I also hold the belief that, until my profession embraces AKATHISIA PREVENTION, we are missing one of the greatest opportunities to reduce death, morbidity and suffering on a scale that few of us have yet conceptualised.

    We, as a profession also need to find the humility to consider it likely that the most common cause of acquired serious brain injury is avoidable psychotropic drug neurotoxicity.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Strongly agree Steve.

    How can our future doctors be trained ethically and without bias, if their lecturers, mentors and clinical teachers have financial dependency on pharmaceutical companies?

    Such financial conflicts negate Primum Non Nocere – First Do No Harm.

    How many medical students are aware that such bias may be detrimental to the quality and integrity of their training, and that such adverse influences may negatively impact the future safety of their patients?

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • mwatkin55,

    I am compelled by your important questions, and believe that the involvement of medical students with integrity and idealism -(as yet not bought out by the Pharmaceutical Industry) – is vital to address the failed paradigm of psychiatry and to maintain integrity in our profession.

    Science is dependent on those who have the courage and insight to ask the pertinent question, and the commitment to challenge the vested interests that perpetuate patient deceptions and cause patient harms .

    I need to give this more thought.

    Might a start be made by developing a medical student insistence that all those who lecture and teach you clinically are required to reveal ALL their financial conflicts of interest with drug companies.?

    A more realistic assessment of the value (or otherwise) of their teaching would protect you from marketing masquerading as medicine.
    This marketing influence is most devastating to patients, their families and loved ones with regard to the perpetuation of the falsehood that psychotropic drugs, used for years or for a lifetime, are “safe and effective:.

    A second thought is to commit to Sir William Osler’s clinical philosophy – including : –

    “Listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis”.

    In my experience, psychiatry no longer listens to, nor believes their patients or their families.

    Real change might best be achieved via the integrity, idealism and intellect of a medical student movement.

    The establishment resistance would be immense.

    TRM 123. Retired Consutant Physician.

  • Rachel777,

    Your resilience within such suffering moves me deeply.

    The ADRs of these psychotropic drugs extend far beyond the dreadful physical injuries to brain, endocrine system, breasts, metabolism, gut, liver, temperature regulation, skin et al.

    Beyond AKATHISIA and other neurotoxicities – (Which I consider are chemical brain injuries, mis-classified as “psychiatric” or “neuropsychiatric” ADRs).

    The PIL should identify that all psychotropic drugs cause:

    Neurotoxic changes in thinking, emotion or behaviour associated with distress and problems in social, work or family activities.

    Your primary care physician and/or psychiatrist likely denies and/or does not understand this.

    Hence if you report these adverse drug effects, your prescriber will usually be programmed to refer to the A.P.A. definition of “Mental Illness”: —

    “Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in thinking, emotion or behaviour associated with distress and problems in functioning in social, work, or family activities”.

    Prescription psychotropic drug neurological-toxicites therefore, cannot be differentiated from “mental illness” and vice versa.

    The impact of sloppy diagnosis, and incompetent differential diagnosis, is likely to be mediated through “Serious Mental Illness” mislabelling for life, further injuries from more and more psychiatric drugs and yet more labels, then yet more drugs.

    As you so clearly describe, the iatrogenic isolation, exile from society, denial of employment and career opportunities, denial of relationship/marriage/child bearing aspirations, economic deprivation, humiliation, and overwhelming loneliness are devastating PREDICTABLE and PREVENTABLE ADRs.

    All of the above result from the fact that a “psychiatric label” relegates a human being, with all their unique, individual potential, to the category of those who are unworthy of society.

    Unworthy of empathetic and skilled medical care in their “future”.
    Pretty much unworthy of anything, even compassion, from those whose duty it is to care.

    What is the DSM 5 category for Iatrogenic Lebensunwertes Leben?
    Life Unworthy of Life.

    How can those whose raison d’être is supposed to be the alleviation of suffering, cause such human devastation?

    Why can’t they think before they label?

    To paraphrase: How much harm can be done to so many, by so few?

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • The Mood Disorders Work Group introduced the criteria for the bipolar disorders: –

    “The bipolar 1 disorder criteria represent the modern understanding of the classic manic depressive disorder”.

    (DSM 5).

    This is outrageous.

    A chemical brain injury caused by SSRI/SNRI neurotoxicity – (“in a patient with NO mental illness, given an SSRI/SNRI by their primary care physician as “the only way they can get their patient out of the office satisfied after a seven minute visit is to write a prescription”) – is to be routinely mis-labelled as “Bipolar Disorder” – for life.


    They will then be (surely fraudulently?) permanently recorded on the S.M.I Register.

    Condemned to a totally destroyed life – “Lebensunwertes leben” – Lives Unworthy of Life.

    A life prematurely terminated by drugs with such devastating, multi-systems toxicities as Valproate and Risperidone.

    Isn’t it unforgivable, as well as grotesquely unethical, that this is considered to be an acceptable “Medical Practice”?

    Duties of A Doctor:

    “You must tell patients if an investigation or treatment might result in a serious adverse outcome”.

    Primum Non Nocere. “Let Wisdom Guide”. “Cum Scientia Caritas”.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Absolutely compelling, with such palpable commitment, integrity and honesty.

    Some initial perceptions of this fascinating interview:

    A masterclass in the objective and critical analysis of mainstream psychiatry’s expansionist, evidence de-based propaganda.

    A real physician, with a lifetime of helping, not hurting in psychiatry, and in relieving suffering in HIV medicine.

    A philosophy which provides a powerful antidote for the endless marketing masquerading as medicine, which is the basis for the vast majority of the indoctrinated, unquestioning media coverage of western “Mental Health”.

    Thank you. I was truly riveted in attention throughout this podcast.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Enforced, psychotropic drug induced memory loss MUST also be actionable.

    I have seen the despair as Mirtazapine, (enforced for misdiagnosed SSRI induced Akathisia) devastated memory and caused meta-memory injuries in a matter of days.

    Result – add Quetiapine: —–> “therapeutic” outcome?
    Further AKATHISIA. Increasing neurotoxicity —> Incarceration.

    Revised “diagnosis” —-> “Bipolar”.

    Change to Risperidone + Valproate: ——> “Therapeutic” outcome?

    Devastating injuries to Brain + Multiple systems/organ toxicity.

    Eventually “returned home” unable to walk or speak. Totally unrecognisable. Drug-wrecked. Destroyed.

    Tardive dyskinesia.

    Endocrine system – multiple damage –
    (Exacerbated by their failure to diagnose hyper-prolactinaemia – crying out with pain from bursting-breast enlargement).
    Thyroid tumour.
    Seborrhoea +++ —-> Extensive, disfiguring antipsychotic induced pseudo-acne.

    Immune-dysfunction —-> Skin additionally disfigured with atopy, eczema, oedema, erythema.

    Genito-Urinary system injuries.

    Gastro-intestinal ADRs: Metabolic syndrome. Fat re-distribution syndrome.

    Recurrent chest pain, possibly cardiogenic.
    (Too terrified to trust any doctor ever again – FOR GOOD REASON).

    Temperature dysregulation syndrome.

    Still subtle meta-memory injuries after five years free from all unnecessary and enforced prescription drug poisoning.

    Seven vital years of life lost within an empathy-gene-deleted, alleged “medical speciality”.

    A National Health Service provided, funded, and endorsed systematic Guantanamo.

    Physical, emotional, psychological abuse. (?et al?)

    Brutal, sarcastic, sadistic “nursing-care”.
    Parents blamed.
    “Patient” blamed, (And they dare to bleat about “pill-shaming”).
    Family left to rehabilitate with no professional support from appropriately trained and skilled, genuine “care providers”.

    Socially totally isolated. No relationship hopes. No employment hopes. Economic deprivation for life.

    All for being naive enough to discuss normal exam stress with a G.P. and to be pedalled an SSRI.

    “If I were you I would take” them said this doctor, when the suggestion was questioned.

    Coercion Negates Consent! Prescribers are largely ignorant of SSRI/SNRI induced AKATHISIA.
    Refer to psychiatrist – must be emergent severe mental illness???

    So when are those responsible for this iatrogenic total human destruction to become accountable?

    “Psychiatry” means “Never Having To Say You’re Sorry”.

    Even compensation for the memory injuries alone would help regain a token of the beautiful, fulfilling athletic, fun-loving, generous, empathetic, fund-raising, joyous life-lived before the onslaught of psychiatry’s unforgivable serial misdiagnosis, fanaticism, poisoning and deprivation of liberty.

    What a disgrace that those responsible dare to call themselves “doctor”.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Until those who prescribe SSRIs, SNRIs, Stimulants and other psychotropic drugs learn to accurately differentiate Psychotropic Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) from none-prescription drug induced toxicity psychosis the concept of paediatric bipolar disorder will be grotesquely over-diagnosed.

    Toxic delusion is not a “functional psychosis”.

    Take For Example: SSRI induced “Pseudo-Bipolar Disorder”.

    SSRI induced AKATHISIA misdiagnosed as depressive psychosis, then detention, and enforced additional SSRIs and antipsychotics lead to increased neurotoxicity. High Risk of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome.

    This iatrogenic poisoning is then labelled as “Bipolar”.

    The “patient” with NO MENTAL ILLNESS has then been labelled for life, destroying all of life’s opportunities and challenges.

    The inaccuracy, and sloppy, ill-considered “diagnostic” categorisation of those mislabelled by psychiatry is an affront to the ethics of medical practice.
    The irreversible status of such casual and inaccurate labels for life, and the iatrogenically foreshortened life resulting from intense adverse drug reactions in every physiological system makes a mockery of “Primum Non Nocere” –
    First Do No Harm.

    How could any doctor prescribe drugs as toxic as risperidone and valproate to children?

    TRM 123 – Retired Consultant Physician.

  • This deception results in more exposure to the risk of AKATHISIA, and those who prescribe SSRIs are not trained to promptly recognise, and correctly manage this serious and dangerous adverse reaction.

    The prescriber does not appreciate or understand that akathisia causes suicidality and completed suicide.

    The prescriber has a duty to know of, and to understand the adverse drug reactions of the “medications” that he/she prescribes.

    They do not, and our children (and many adults) pay a terrible price for this professional failure.

    Because of prescriber ignorance of akathisia it is misdiagnosed as “emergent serious mental illness” and the poisoned patient is likely to be incarcerated and forced to ingest more of these akathisia inducing drugs.

    The resulting injuries destroy lives. This is an intolerable denial and/or ignorance.

    There appears to be immunity from medico-legal accountability.

    Those killed and so terribly injured have no access to compensation.

    TRM123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • How could anyone feel confidence with this “PERNICIOUS INFLUENCE”?

    Not patients, nor their loved ones who have to live with or watch the suffering caused by the multiple, maiming physical, psychological, social and financial injuries that followed the mass peddling of these grotesquely over-marketed drugs.

    Psychotropic drugs prescribed, promoted and often enforced by some psychiatrists whose “diagnostic fallibility” might well merit investigation by Public Health England?

    Not those better informed General Practitioners who are becoming aware of the scale of “psychopharma-deception”.
    Primary Care physicians who are now beginning to listen to those patients for whom they have prescribed these drugs in good faith, and whose lives are now destroyed by acute, sub-acute, chronic and legacy toxicities.
    Terrible ADRs, hidden and denied by the blatant dishonesty of psycho-pharmacology, its manipulated clinical trials and utterly ruthless marketing.

    Not a gradually better-informed public who may have simply “googled” – “Pharmaceutical Fraud” and noted companies, referred to in many Conflicts of Interest Lists, that have made vast $ settlements for both civil and criminal charges relating to their psychotropic drugs.

    In an unrelated but highly relevant context, Dr. Waney Squire – (BBC Radio Four: Why I Changed My Mind. 15/08/2018) –
    Observed with wisdom:
    “Doctors should be kept to their obligation to produce the evidence on which their opinion is based, and this is a matter both for doctors to not say: – Well its what we all think, or what most people believe, but to say these are the reasons why I have given this opinion”.

    The leaders of the R.C. Psych. have not spoken WISELY, and have not provided the evidence that lead them to make their claims trivialising antidepressant dependence and the allegedly short and mild antidepressant withdrawal effects.
    They might have gained some token of credibility had they acknowledged the grave risk of withdrawal-induced AKATHISIA and its sequelae.

    So, if at the Royal College of Psychiatry they still believe in their motto: “LET WISDOM PREVAIL” – then they must identify, and appoint an expert whose opinion is demonstrably free from the manipulations of this most ruthless pharmaceutical marketing machine.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Where is their “Duty of Candour”?

    Courageous demand for the basic tenets of ethical medical practice.

    Why not distribute to all final year medical students who have just qualified, or who are about to qualify?

    Influencing those about to commit their future to specialist medical training might just provoke an attempt to address this eloquent, sincere, valid and evidence based complaint in a manner befitting a Medical Royal College.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Most likely the patient will Never Never trust any doctor ever again – for life. (typo – sorry)!

    Thus the breadth and continuity of lifetime medical care is compromised directly by the physical, psychological and social damage resulting from the trauma of an initial psychiatric “care” experience.
    There is then double jeopardy as all future clinicians, whatever discipline within medicine, regard the once-psychiatric patient as a forever-psychiatric patient.

    This detrimental pre-judgement applies to those who never ever had any psychiatric condition (mis-diagnosed akathisia) as it does to those who did/do experience the suffering of extreme mental and psychological distress.

  • Doesn’t this meta-analysis provide yet more compelling evidence and rationale for avoiding “antipsychotics” wherever possible in “first episode psychosis”?
    (Especially where psychotropic drug toxicity such as SSRI induced intense akathisia is misdiagnosed as psychosis).

    Similarly: – more evidence for the smallest dose exposure for the shortest possible time.

    These drugs are not only profoundly neurotoxic.
    They have multi-systems toxicities: Neuro-endocrine, endocrine, cardiac, cardio-vascular, hepatic and gastro-intestinal, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
    Integumentary, (eg antipsychotic induced pseudo-acne).

    Then the neuro-toxicities which result in changes in behaviour, disinhibition, emotional blunting, aggression, akathisia, – all of which may be misdiagnosed as features of, even proof of “Serious Mental Illness”.

    Drug dosages will then be increased and new drug additions — “augmentation”, increase the intensity and duration of iatrogenic injuries. Some become irreversible.

    Also – “multi-modal” sexual dysfunction. – et al -et al et al.

    No prescriber/enforcer discusses withdrawal syndromes and dependency.

    Human beings are locked up and forced to suffer these acute, subacute, chronic and legacy ADRs (Adverse Drug Reactions) which destroy every aspect of life, hope, happiness, relationships, job and marriage prospects and societal integration.
    How can such mistreatment be compatible with a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship?
    From time zero neither trusts the other.
    Most likely, the patient will ever ever trust any doctor again; for life. They have every justification for that global absence of trust..

    Next, these ADRs and their injuries cause destruction of the lives of partners, parents, carers, loved ones and whole families.
    The inevitable “collateral damage “of psychotropic-drug-dogma masquerading as medicine.
    These drugs are prescribed and are initiated without informed consent.
    They are continued by force.
    Reports of adverse drug reactions by patients and their loved ones are disregarded, and often result in arrogant denial.
    The visible, increasing signs of drug induced cranial nerve lesions and central nervous system damage are apparently invisible to the prescribers and enforcers.

    These drugs are given to very young children.
    How could any doctor believe that such devastating prescription drug ADR risks are going to benefit a child?

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • I made notes whilst carefully following this debate to try and ensure the accuracy of the following comments.
    The statements below are believed to reflect what was said in the debate.
    They are possibly paraphrased, and are documented in good faith, and to the best of my ability.

    When it was apparently opined that clinical trials (“studies”) funded by the pharmaceutical industry were not manipulated, for this viewer, credibility was lost.

    Who funds the Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.) for prescribers of psychotropic drugs?
    C.M.E. is a process mandatory for professional appraisal and re-accreditation.
    This vast educational enterprise appears to be largely a drug marketing exercise masquerading as post-graduate – lifelong, “evidence based” professional learning???

    Study 329, and its subsequent published re-evaluation, hardly convinces us that pharma-funded antidepressant trials are free from market driven manipulation.

    I believe that the words next stated were close to the following (albeit not verbatim perhaps): –
    “Pharma input into the prescribing of antidepressants is zero”.
    Any course content schedule for a C.M.E. Primary Care Update on M.H. and psychiatric drug prescribing would usually identify the exact opposite to that claim.

    Prominently displayed behind the right shoulder of one speaker is a certificate from:

    “The American Psychiatric Institute For Research and Education”.

    I believe that it reads on: –

    APA/Astra Zeneca Young Minds In Psychiatry International (?)Award.
    This hardly endorses a pharma-free zone, although of course, it might be simply a historical artefact?

    Two hours, and I heard no discussion of SSRI/SNRI induced AKATHISIA.

    Nevertheless, an important and courageous input for Evidence Based Psychiatry from the other speaker.

    Thank you.

  • And many thousands more are suffering life-changing and devastating physical injuries through undiagnosed and misdiagnosed adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to alleged “medications”:

    Brain and peripheral nervous system, Endocrine and hormonal system. Cardiac dysrhythmia’s / cardiodoxitiy. “Multi-modal” sexual dysfunction – includes sexual dysfunction changes that do not occur in mood disorders.
    Gastro-intestinal/hepatic injury – et al – et al.

    The prevalence of psychotropic drug induced akathisia and tardive dyskinesia is so great that these injuries appear to become invisible to prescribers and “ward” staff.
    Some prescribers still believe or proclaim that tardive dyskinesia “doesn’t happen on second generation antipsychotics”.

    Antipsychotic driven (compensatory) cigarette smoking adds to this morbidity and mortality.

    Premature ADR induced death.

    Antipsychotic induced pseudo-acne causes pain and disfigurement adding to the immense humiliation and social isolation and rejection.

    Then the psychological and social devastation: – Irreversible emotional, social, economic and relationship injury.

    Destruction of self worth and institutionally reinforced worthlessness. Extermination of future prospects.

    How many of those restrained and injured are demonstrating unrecognised, enforced-psychotropic drug induced intense agitation, intolerable akathisia and prescription drug induced violence against themselves and staff.

    Time for “ZERO-TOLERANCE” policy re failure to avoid medication induced violence?

    What an appalling, avoidable human tragedy.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Were prescribers, patients, families, loved ones – for society to become aware of the devastation caused by AKATHISIA – it would be profoundly detrimental to Pharmaceutical marketing and to industry profits.

    This is a common, life-threatening ADR.

    Such awareness would also undermine the pharmaceutical industry’s “Command and Control” of C.M.E – Continuing Medical Education.
    This is the process which enables the regular re-licensing of a doctor’s right to practice medicine, and to prescribe.

  • What will it take?
    1) $$$$$$ MONEY.


    All of the above analysis has the basic common denominator in the emergence of psycho-active drug induced akathisia.

    If every SSRI/SNRI/Antipsychotic pill packet carried “Shock and Awe” Warning Pictures and Information re AKATHISIA and –
    Every patient Information Leaflet (PIL) carried a large bold header –
    we could reduce the slaughter you describe above.


    The mighty Tobacco Industry was compelled to provide images of tumours and smokers dying of lung cancer.

    It was considered a Public Health Priority.

    How can the maiming and death caused by psychopharmacology not equate to a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY and be addressed as such?

    The thought of drug packets carrying images of children who hanged themselves after SSRI induced akathisia is too unbearable to contemplate.

  • Agree absolutely. Thank you.

    About 50% of those on antipsychotics – and 20% of those on SSRIs will develop clinically significant AKATHISIA.
    Several other iatrogenic causes.
    All are more likely to be misdiagnosed as “emergent mental Illness” than to be recognised as a life-threatening adverse drug reaction and correctly treated.
    More Labels For A Lifetime

    Once misdiagnosed, will be “treated” with (enforced) psychotropic drugs which cause even more intense AKATHISIA. Then “diagnosis” changes to “Treatment Resistant”.

    Doctors have a duty to understand and recognise the adverse reactions to drugs which they prescribe.
    SSRI induced Akathisia was reportedly hidden from prescriber awareness for many years by both manufacturers and regulators.

    Patients and their loved ones have paid a terrible price. Why has there been no apology?

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • There are no “Antidepressants”. There are no “Antipsychotics”.
    These are marketing concepts, not medicines.
    Psycholeptic drugs all have non-specific effects on the brain. Most are detrimental, especially with prolonged use.

    I have been practising and studying medicine continuously for almost half a century.

    It seems beyond my comprehension that alleged doctors can be so influenced by pharma-marketing and its “incentives” that they can prescribe long term antipsychotics for alleged depression, “diagnosed” using drug company tick boxes.

    These drugs have the potential to destroy lives.
    The least professionals could do before prescribing is to become adequately informed about the real toxicity, and the devastating cost to persons and to society of the common, neuropsychiatric, metabolic, cardiac, endocrine, integumentary and sexual dysfunction – adverse psychiatric drug reactions.

    Then they should inform All patients of All Toxicities in order to prescribe with informed consent.

    Doctors have a duty both to know of, and to understand the adverse effects of the drugs which they prescribe. They have been denied such knowledge by both manufacturers and regulators. (Dolin v GSK 2017).

    Doctors are responsible for the long term effects of the drugs they prescribe. This is unenforcible in psychiatric-drug long-term injuries as most precribers reject any patient/relative criticism – (or adverse drug reaction reporting by their patients) – often blaming all drug injuries on “emergent co-morbidities” and underlying, newly identified “psychiatric diseases”.

    Psychiatry and its drugs means “Never Having To Say You’re Sorry”.

    “Listen to your patients – they are telling you the diagnosis”. (Sir William Osler).

    Listen to your drug reps and your pharma-funded “Continuing Medical Education” – and both practitioner and patient will be deceived.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Neuropsychiatric prescription drug toxicity is NOT “Mental Illness”. Nor is Akathisia, nor akathisia induced violence.

    Without documenting precisely, every detail of the timing, dose-changes, drug discontinuations and drug introductions, and correlating the drug timeline with changes in thinking, changes in emotions and in behaviours (which are associated with distress, and with problems functioning in social, working, family and other activities) none of these devastating school shootings can ever be adequately investigated.

    How can there be any hope of learning and any hope of prevention when the so-called “investigation” denies the opportunity to assess to what degree prescription drug induced violence may have contributed or caused such incomprehensible suffering and such overwhelming, terrible loss?.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Thank you for this valuable, additional insight into SSRI/psychiatric drug toxicity Sandra.

    We cannot yet know how many “pseudo-alcoholics” may be demonised, vilified, exiled and ruined: socially, financially, physically, emotionally – and in their relationships because prescribers are unaware of this recently reported, potential, additional life-threatening adverse reaction to neurotoxic-psychiatric drugging?

    “There are few problems in life that psychiatry can’t make a great deal worse”.
    (Dr.Philip Hickey).

    It would be my expectation regarding the “Duties of a Doctor” that anyone prescribing a “therapeutic” drug is responsible for understanding the adverse outcomes of that drug, and is also responsible for long term detrimental outcomes.

    However, how can such a professional responsibility be delivered when ADRs such as SSRI induced akathisia are now documented as having been withheld and concealed from prescribers by means of pharmaceutical marketing policy, and by the “regulators” for so many years?

    TRM 123.


    Dr. Peter C. Gotzsche. BMJ January 2018.
    Editor’s Choice: “What are your burning issues for 2018”.

    It was an absolute joy to read such appropriate words accurately condemning psychiatry as a:
    “Disaster Area in Healthcare” Indeed it is.

    The dismal outcomes and appalling harms caused by the dogmatic, ignorant, inappropriate over-prescribing of (often enforced) neurotoxic, psychoactive drugs.

    Their equally dogmatic refusal to accept any criticism, and to understand the deeply flawed and blatantly mis-reported “clinical trial” data has devastated, and terminated innumerable precious lives.
    Lives which seem to be considered to be of little value both by psychiatrists and by our society, which is so effectively saturated in the unrelenting and hugely successful propaganda of the mental health industry.

    The abandoned “Duty of Candour” and abandoned ethics relating to conflicts of financial interests with psychotropic drug manufacturers.

    The palpable absence of empathy, and their inability to differentiate serious adverse psychotropic drug reactions from (misdiagnosed) mental illness labels-for-life..

    Just four components of the means by which drug-dependent psychiatry has abandoned the basic tenets of caring and decent, ethical, professional medical practice.

    Thank you Professor Gotzsche.

    Your courage, commitment and achievement are deeply respected. I too wish that I could record my highest regard for your words and for your work in the BMJ.

    TRM 123. Registered Medical Practitioner. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Sandra, Thank you. I am profoundly moved by your narrative .

    I have spent the last six years observing and studying the devastation – of the hopes, dreams and aspirations –
    imposed upon indefensible “patients” – detained and abused in the perverse name of “Psychiatry”.

    Whist still perhaps incredulous that such evil passes for “medical practice”, I believed that by now, I could no longer experience the overwhelming anguish, despair and disbelief which almost overwhelmed me as I gradually began to comprehend the scale of this evil with its arrogance and absolute absence of empathy.
    (Absence of empathy believed by some to be the root cause of evil).

    Reading your powerful account of: “LIFE BEHIND THE BARS OF THE MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM” lead me to
    re-experience my initial anguish despair and disbelief.

    If it is so painful for this doctor to read, it must indeed have been arduous to write?

    I am left wondering how much bullying, cruelty, contempt, scorn and additional suffering you were subjected to by those who staff these institutions, and who regard psychotropic drug toxicity as proof-positive of both severe and newly emerging psychiatric “co-morbidities”.
    Mis-labellers who are wilfully blinded to the reality of iatrogenic, prescription drug induced “pseudo-psychosis”, “pseudo-bipolar”, toxic delusion, akathisia, akathisia induced violence as well as suicidality, tardive dyskinesia, emotional blunting, memory loss and body disfigurement.

    Professionally blind to the common, severe neurotoxicity, endocrine, metabolic, cardiac, skin, and other systemic toxicities.
    Blind to the destruction of enchanting pre-drugging personality and humour. Blind to emotional, behavioural and psychological adverse drug reactions.

    Appalling, life changing irreversible drug injuries denied and/or unrecognised by both “trained nurses” as well as by psychiatrists.
    Injuries exacerbated by contempt, deprivation of liberty, loss of all human rights and the inevitable, subsequent, self-righteous patient punishment inflicted by these staff for arrogantly assumed: “Attention Seeking Behaviour”.

    Staff who routinely blame the patient for every adverse drug reaction, then add falsified, additional life-destroying labels – aka “diagnoses”.

    If the now toxic and brain-injured patient tries to alert these abusers to an accurate insight and awareness of drug toxicities, the labelling is extended to include “Anosognosia”.
    That is: Their superiority, and your inferiority, as well as your defencelessness, allow the inevitable case entry recording that:
    “This patient is incapable of accepting and understanding the intensity, severity and seriousness of their (frequently misdiagnosed) mental illnesses”.

    Labels masquerading as meaningful diagnoses, however erroneous, are irreversibly documented.

    They are as visible to all as if they were facial tattoos, fixed and impossible to correct for all time.
    Society does not place much value on those with SMI labels. Nor will those defined by such alleged “Serious Mental Illness” be afforded the attention previously received from other doctors prior to this categorisation.

    Psychiatric diagnoses inevitably identify an absence of worth to society for the rest of that persons life, but psychiatry is also wilfully blinded to this inescapable reality.
    Condemnation by false “diagnosis” when the enforced cascade of psychotropic drug toxicities has never been considered in their differential diagnosis.
    Labels for life which for so many lead to guilt, shame, deletion of any residual self-esteem, in addition to rejection and exile from society.
    Medically induced, devastating, lifelong, soul destroying stigma which psychiatry constantly and vociferously blames upon the attitudes of others.

    Psychiatry means “Never Having To Say You’re Sorry”.
    In addition to disowning “First Do No Harm”, it appears that they have abandoned their Duty of Candour.

    (Sandra – Is it possible that the craving for alcohol might have been induced by SSRIs? – Ref. “Driven to Drink: – Antidepressants and Cravings for Alcohol. RxISK Blog. October 15th. 2012).

    When I read and re-read the appalling sufferings identified in the personal stories and experiences of those detained and forcibly drugged, and otherwise “treated” in medical custody, two quotations dominate my thinking.

    (Fyodor Dostoyevsky).
    For those who write on MIA this might be paraphrased?

    The words of Robert Oppenheimer after the first atomic explosion at Los Alamos in 1945.
    Words that are perhaps the best descriptor of drug-dependent psychiatry and its terrible outcomes:

    “I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture – the Bhagavad-Gita”…

    How could psychiatry have become so blinded, so anaesthetised to each individual patient’s WORLD?
    Blinded to their psychiatric-drug induced outcomes as THE DESTROYERS of our WORLDS.
    So oblivious to their annihilation of our dreams and hopes, our futures, our aspirations and expectations: –
    or those of our own devastated, ever-loved lost souls who have been stolen from us?

    Were it not for the courage, wisdom and humility of those psychiatrists and internationally recognised experts in the toxicity and adverse drug reactions of psychiatric drugs, those who have challenged the wretched outcomes of current “treatments” – (and whom you have listed above) – so very many more would have suffered even greater harm.

    TRM 123. (Registered Medical Practitioner and Retired Consultant Physician).

  • Oldhead, You have certainly got me thinking hard about POP.

    I do regularly lobby primary care physician publications in the hope of increasing awareness of the enormous deception of prescribers by pharma and the shameless KOLs of mainstream psychiatry.

    There does appear to be a possible, albeit it gradual turning of the tide amongst some responders to such debate.
    Prescribers who may be increasingly questioning that antidepressants are “safe and effective” and some PCPs beginning to recognise and manage SSRI induced akathisia.

    It also deeply troubles me that Neurologists and Neurosurgeons can strive to alleviate organic brain disease and/or traumatic brain injury, only to have their patients “rehabilitated” by exposure to antipsychotic induced additional brain injury and/or the multiplicity of physical, psychological, behavioural, emotional and social injuries of antidepressants.

    That antipsychotics are widely used in those with the progressive, irreversible intellectual impairment of organic dementia when it is accepted that psychotropics are even more toxic in those with organic brain disease.

    My primary advocacy is that of a Physician Opposed To Psychiatric Injury.
    (However that would translate into Pop-I).

    Sir William Osler wrote:
    “One of the first duties of a physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine”.

    Perhaps educating physicians to recognise the devastating toxicities of the drugs they have been deceived into considering safe and effective is also a primary duty?

    TRM 123.

  • Thank you for your replies Fiachra.

    The ignorance of akathisia amongst psychotropic drug prescribers is shameful.

    To describe akathisia as “psycho-motor restlessness” trivialises the intensity and enormity of the suffering experienced.

    Writhing, tormented pacing, intense and extreme agitation with tearing or clawing at the skin, and pulling out of scalp, pubic hair and eyelashes are manifestations of this hideous iatrogenic suffering.

    Rather than carefully correlate these obvious features of life-threatening neurotoxicity caused by the ingestion of SSRI/SNRIs and/or antipsychotics with a rational review of the prescribing history (dose increases, “augmentation therapy” or drug withdrawal):- This intensity of akathisia is more likely misdiagnosed as “agitated” or “psychotic depression” with “self harm”.

    Tapered drug withdrawal based on knowledge of Akathisia/ADRs would save so many from invalid and unlawful incarceration.
    Incarceration based on diagnostic incompetence, followed by further devastating injury, via enforced aggravation of akathisia with serial SSRIs and antipsychotic combinations, with carousel prescribing as the inevitable “therapeutic” failure frustrates and angers the instigator of this brutality.

    I find it difficult not to conceptualise this inhumanity as equating to a Fourth Reich.

    TRM 123.

  • Outstanding in honesty, humility, integrity and courage. Thank you Dr. Timimi.

    These characteristics underly the basic tenets of medical practice, and when allied to a sincere commitment to listen to our patients: they form those fundamental expectations of their doctors, upon which patients base their trust.

    So many who write here are bereaved or terribly injured by psychiatry’s “Scientism” which is so eloquently exposed and analysed here.
    The scientism of psychiatry and its intertwined tautology form the basis of psychiatry’s unrelenting propaganda machine.

    Ceaseless, ruthless and extremely effective propaganda.

    This sophisticated propaganda machine is main stream psychiatry’s antidote for the poverty of scientific evidence for psychotropic dug “safety and efficacy”.

    Criticism is denounced by denigration of the critic, never by valid scientific debate.
    Fact is subject to daily denial, whist the falsehoods of “placebo controlled, double blind clinical trials”, riddled with academic malfeasance, ghost written and yet naming scores of eminent “authors”: – too numerous to count, are used relentlessly for scientism-based drug marketing.

    The fastidiously investigated evidence of devastating psychotropic drug toxicities such as SSRI/SNRI and antipsychotic induced akathisia (ignored, or cruelly misdiagnosed as Serious Mental Illness) with its sequelae of suicide and violence, SSRI induced psychosis, mislabelled as “emergent bipolar disorder”, Post SSRI sexual dysfunction lasting for years as legacy syndromes – (suffered both by those who can bear the SSRI “discontinuation syndromes” and those who are unable to cease these drugs). Increasing reports of Post SSRI Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, a paradox against the high prevalence of PSSD. Stimulant induced psychosis in children who never had ADHD. Et al, – et al, et al.

    People whose lives were once filled and fuelled with promise, hopes, aspirations and realisable dreams reduced to a miserable drooling psycholeptic-shuffle, ignored by those who still believe that “second generation” antipsychotics cannot cause tardive dyskinesia (Because their drug reps assured them that wasn’t possible).

    Ex-human beings, whose iatrogenic, distorted and disfigured appearance is perceived by
    psychiatrists “in training” to identify pathognomic, physical features of their “genetically defined, biological brain diseases” which caused real, or perceived psychosis.

    This is the reality of propaganda-based psychiatry, observed and/or experienced by those who write comments on inspirational MIA blogs like this message of hope from Dr. Timimi.

    The “chemical imbalance” marketing message – (now disowned and discredited at almost every opportunity by psychiatry’s “Key Opinion Leaders”) – was possibly the most widely believed medical propaganda of all time.

    The dissemination of such falsehoods may be considered to follow the propaganda protocols of the Third Reich, where Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda taught:

    “If you tell a lie that is big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

    Goebbels also warned that – The group wishing to promote the big lie must:
    “Use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie”.

    Perhaps this mainstream psychiatry dependency on tautology, propaganda and scientism is why doctors of truth and integrity suffer unrelenting professional threats and denigration from their “Academic Colleagues”?
    “Colleagues” who should be filled with remorse rather than vociferously reiterating their denials.

    May we please learn more about childhood pseudo-bipolar disorder and the endocrine, integumentary, metabolic, brain and neurological toxicities of “mood stabilisers” and “antipsychotics” in paediatric patients in a future blog Dr. Timimi?

    With sincere professional respect: TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • There is accumulating evidence causing concern regarding potential adverse outcomes of antidepressant drugs during pregnancy.

    SSRIs have been reported to produce sexual dysfunction in all those who take them.
    In some there is persistent sexual dysfunction which may last for years. This is devastating to those affected.

    The RxISK PRIZE website makes reference to genital numbing causing PSSD, and also persistent genital arousal syndrome- PGAD.

    We need to know what effects the maternal use of SSRIs might or might-not have on in-utero foetal genital development, and post-partum genital development and maturation in the infant, child and adolescent.

    Whilst this observation might be considered speculative, it is at least a theoretical, potential teratogenicity worthy of investigation, and exclusion if disproven.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • “We need to be honest with individuals and their families about what we do and do not know”.

    Yes indeed, but in the UK it would appear that mainstream psychiatry dismisses with arrogance and contempt the GMC demanded Duty of Candour.

    It is almost impossible to even complain about the cruelty, contempt and injury inflicted on those correctly – (and often incorrectly) labelled as “psychotic” by these drug-dependent pseudo-physicians.
    Injuries callously caused to those whom, once labelled, have in effect lost all human rights.
    For those labelled and detained for forced drugging, their human rights are lost for life, along with access to all life’s joys and rewards.
    Psychiatry can neither be questioned nor challenged. It most certainly cannot be criticised.
    To do so merely confirms their “correctness” and invites retribution.

    It is impossible to seek redress for the maiming neurological, endocrine, metabolic, genito-sexual, integumentary and disfigurement injuries.
    Not a hope of recognition of the emotional, relationship, financial destruction, nor of the lifelong devastation of self esteem.

    Dishonesty, arrogance, contempt for patients, contempt for families, ignorance and denial of agonising and irreversible ADRs, refusal to ever contemplate an apology to those so terribly injured by psychotropic prescription medications: – these are the characteristics of psychiatrists which I have observed with disbelief.

    There are gifted, courageous and persecuted exceptions who may wish to withhold antipsychotics, to be aware, and to be cautious with drugs and to prevent iatrogenic injury.
    These are the only ones who merit the title “doctor”.

    There are some who are not diagnostically astute enough to differentiate SSRI/SNRI induced toxic delusion from functional psychosis.
    I have seen this error and witnessed akathisia “treated” with enforced antipsychotics.

    It is essential that those who are responsible for such errors are called to account.
    Attitudes will never change whilst immunity to criticism and accountability predominates.
    Without accountability: –
    Dishonesty to, and deception of individuals and their families will remain the routine modus operandi.

    Thank you Doctor Steingard.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Twenty per cent of those taking SSRIs will develop clinically significant AKATHISIA.
    (38 or 39 of this group of 193).
    This is the most dangerous of the multiplicity of serious ADRs caused by sertraline et al.
    It is via akathisia that SSRIs induce self harm, violence and suicidality in all age groups treated.
    Why is this not discussed in detail?

    Even though these patients had the suffering of debilitating chronic kidney disease, they do not appear to have had any assessment of sexuality, sexual function or sexual expectations “baseline” before being exposed to the great risk of SSRI induced genital numbing, multifactorial sexual dysfunction and sexual failure (PSSD) – aggravating their suffering. (See RxISK PRIZE and latest MIA podcast).

    Doctors are responsible for the adverse effects caused by the drugs which they prescribe, and have a professional duty of care to be aware of these toxicities.

    Frequently, they are not aware, and/or they do not address, discuss with patients and/or recognise and correctly diagnose when they so commonly occur.
    Even worse, toxicities including akathisia are misdiagnosed as “Serious Mental Illnesses” such as psychotic depression.
    Hence the epidemic of SSRI induced, iatrogenic “pseudo-bipolar disorder” previously referred to.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • I believe you KAT.

    During the BBC Television broadcast: – George the Third. The Genius of the Mad King 2017,
    Professor Simon Wessely observed: –

    “Any diagnosis the we make – you shouldn’t take this as being an absolute certainty”.

    How can this correct and factual opinion be acceptable in discussing an historical analysis, but totally unacceptable to psychiatrists in the context of a patient validly and courageously questioning a series of labels-for-life, so casually and destructively applied permanently to their “patients”?

    In all other areas of medical practice we have a GMC demanded – Duty of Candour.
    I have seen little evidence that psychiatry understands that this applies to their errors and failures.

    How many lives are destroyed or lost as a result of cumulative and grotesque adverse psychiatric drug reactions being mis-diagnosed as serious mental illness/illnesses?

    How many are incarcerated and suffer further drug induced, lifetime injuries because prescribers lacked the competence to differentiate an iatrogenic toxic delusion from a functional psychosis?

    How many “self harmers” are picking and bleeding, slashing, plucking out scalp, pubic hair and eyelashes entirely as a result of the agony, torment and despair of SSRI/SNRI and/or antipsychotic induced, misdiagnosed akathisia?

    A cascade of physical, emotional and behavioural changes induced by the ADRs of prescription psychoactive drugs can remain unrecognised, misdiagnosed and then used to detain and enforce further “treatment” with a carousel of neurotoxic drugs aggravating and intensifying akathisia or resulting in a generalised neuroleptic malignant syndrome and/or tardive dyskinesia.

    Drugs which also have very serious endocrine, metabolic, skin and cardiac toxicities.
    Drugs which leave devastation of the ability to contextualise memory.
    Drugs such as SSRIs which leave destroyed, or greatly impaired sexual expression, enjoyment, achievement and fulfilment?
    Drugs which isolate by inducing emotional blunting.
    Drugs which (via akathisia) cause violence and induce suicidality.

    What on earth has this got to do with evidence based, empathetic, patient-focused medicine?
    Psychiatry means never having to say you’re sorry.
    Not sorry for the stigma, not sorry for the injuries, not sorry for the inhumanity.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Another immensely powerful, important and compelling podcast from MIA.
    Such openness and integrity augments the empowering and motivating concept of the RxISK PRIZE.

    The importance of listening to patients and affording recognition when they report adverse drug reactions merits wider medical practitioner understanding.

    Sir William Osler insisted: – ” Listen to the patient, he is telling you the diagnosis”.

    This is surely of paramount importance in prescriber learning of, accepting and acknowledging prescription drug ADRs; – and in preventing the dismissal, rejection and isolation experienced by those injured by medication which is the current routine modus operandi.

    Thank you James and Professor Healy.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Thank you for this valuable podcast.

    The impact and power is augmented by humility and modesty which contrasts so markedly with the arrogance, pomposity, self righteous coercion, deception and dogma of drug-dependent, mainstream psychiatry.

    The Royal College of Psychiatrists might afford due diligence to their motto: – Let Wisdom Guide – by listening to and acknowledging the evidence validity of Olga’s experience, analysis and outcome which is so eloquently recorded in this interview.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • I believe that Professor Sir Robin Murray also wrote: –

    “If I had the chance to have a second career I would try harder not to follow the fashion of the herd.
    The mistakes I have made, at least those into which I have insight, have usually resulted from adhering excessively to the prevailing orthodoxy. I expect to see the end of the concept of schizophrenia soon.”

    The “herd” do not seem competent to differentiate SSRi induced AKATHISIA and Toxic Delusion from psychosis.

    This incompetence results in those who are suffering from a life threatening, common Adverse (prescription) Drug Reaction being labelled for life, and their precious, irreplaceable life destroyed by a completely erroneous label of “Serious Mental Illness”.

    Professionally and Ethically: – Absolutely Unforgivable.

    A rarely (if ever) conceded, gross failure of differential diagnosis resulting in the loss of all human rights, enforced incarceration and iatrogenic grievous bodily harm.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Dr. Hickey, an absolute masterclass constructed with surgical precision.

    A fastidious analysis which documents the commitment of psychiatry to the deception of patients, public and primary care physicians via the marketing, over-diagnosis, and the over -“treatment” of “depression” with some of the most toxic drugs ever licensed .

    Thank you.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.


  • A brilliant analysis of the devastating arrogance and brutality which underlies the inhumanity of detention and forced drugging by “experts”.

    A brutal, abusive process which destroys every aspect of human raison d’être.

    The 72 hours that leads to multiple forced prescription drug toxicities, often with irreversible iatrogenic injuries to brain, endocrine, integumentary, and metabolic systems.
    Toxicities that lead to multiple “diagnostic” labels for life.

    Labels which expand incrementally as every drug toxicity, withdrawal toxicity, poly-pharmacy toxicity is eagerly misinterpreted as another “Serious Mental Illness”.

    Devastating injuries which are physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, socially, economically and occupationally crippling, as well as causing destruction of the soul and ablation of self-worth.

    The “medical professionals” responsible for such crimes against humanity often lack the diagnostic competence to differentiate SSRI/SNRI/ psychotropic drug induced akathisia and toxic delusion from what they perceive to be a “functional psychosis”.

    Having failed in their basic duty of accurate differential diagnosis, they immediately enforce further, potentially fatal adverse drug reactions such as generalised neuroleptic/psychotropic malignant syndrome.

    Hence they detain, compulsorily “treat” and destroy those who have only had a life threatening psychotropic adverse drug reaction, caused by drugs documented as trialled by academic fraud and malfeasance, licensed and marketed by the same deception.

    An individual’s tragedy initiated in naive trust afforded to a coercive prescribing P.C.P. or G.P.
    Prescribers who have been denied knowledge and awareness of akathisia induced by SSRIs by the manufacturers and drug regulators.
    A lifetime catastrophe emerging from a momentary act of faith

    Sarah, your words “”LOST TO MEDICAL INHUMANITY” powerfully convey the the reason why mainstream psychiatry has left me ashamed of the medical profession to which I tried to afford absolute commitment for forty six years.

    “All psychiatric diagnoses should be written in pencil”. – “We should be able to erase them over time”.
    Allen Frances. (BBC 2 Television. 8pm. U.K – 27/09/2017).

    Yes indeed; but it is impossible to erase the injury of detention and forced “treatment”.

    Thank you for such an appropriate tribute.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Thank you Zenobia.

    When I followed the link to Prescrir International, In the current edition: –

    Adverse Effects Section: –
    “Antidepressants: suicide and violence in adults with no history of mental disorders”. Page 211.
    When I explored to see if I could access this article I received a “virus blocked” alert!

    It may be important perhaps to those writing for and contributing to MIA?

  • ” But the most pernicious of all is that The System appears to have a complete inability to appreciate when the treatments it gives becomes the problem that it tries to treat by adding in more drugs and if need be, detaining us in order to do do so” – Professor David Healy 2017.

    Shame on them Amnesia.

    I never thought such evil as this could exist out-with war crimes: – crimes against humanity.
    Most certainly not in my own profession.

    “Evil I think, is the absence of empathy” Captain Gustav M. Gilbert.
    (Psychologist at the Nuremberg Trials. 1945 – 1949).

  • Svava, thank you so much for this post.

    I find it profoundly moving to learn of your courage and determination – surviving this list of 16 “medications” with such wide ranging potential for marked adverse drug reactions.

    For you to successfully continue your studies whilst, or after taking these prescription drugs, and to qualify as an Occupational Therapist is a measure of your resilience and determination.
    (I appreciate this prescribing commenced in 2005).

    Many young people subjected to such unscientific and ill-conceived prescribing may find themselves unemployed, labelled for life and robbed of all life’s hopes, dreams and aspirations.
    An unforgivable outcome for alleged “medical care”.
    To be told that they have an irreversible chemical brain imbalance is both deceitful and personally devastating.
    It is also unforgivable.

    Such ill-advised prescribing may apply to many young women and men before they have completed their education and established their careers.

    Some have been misdiagnosed and have no mental illness.
    Others, in distress, would benefit from alternative forms of support and care with deliberate and thoughtful prescriber avoidance of all such psychotropic drugs.

    Your post leads me ask how committed and insightful Occupational Therapists might contribute to these “medically” – disadvantaged young people in their commencement of – or re-entry into productive and rewarding employment.
    How might they begin to move forward at a time when their career hopes and dreams have been devastated by “drug-dependent” psychiatrists and their cruel and inaccurate labels?

    Thank you.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • This is a compelling topic and an outstanding analysis. Thank you.

    The first observation that seems truly astonishing is that E.Fuller Torrey and Robert H Yolken appear to have revealed perhaps the most damning of the endless psychiatry inhumanities and cruelties inflicted as perversions of “medical practice”?

    This is the concept that the very origin of the gas chambers, crematoria and the initiation of the holocaust lies in the response by psychiatrists to Hitler’s request for their “expert opinion”.

    My second observation is that the conceptualised origins of EVIL may apply as equally to past and current psychiatry as they do to those Nazis who faced trial for war crimes at the Nuremberg court.


    Captain Gustav M. Gilbert, U.S. Army Psychologist at the Nuremberg War Trials (1945 – 1949) wrote: –

    “I was searching for the nature of evil and now I think I have come close to defining it.
    A lack of empathy – its the one characteristic that connects all of the defendants.
    A genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men.
    Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy”.

    I have perceived a palpable absence of empathy amongst those whom I observed in the alleged medical speciality of main stream psychiatry.
    This was in stark contrast to my experience of working in and alongside other medical specialties and their multi-disciplinary teams.
    Here empathy (and compassion) were so often their raison d’être.

    Many of us who write here about their own, or their loved ones having lives terminated or destroyed by the inhumanity of psychiatry, by its coercion, deprivation of liberty and forced “treatments” will have searched in vain for “carers” who displayed empathy.
    It is largely absent in my experience.

    Indeed, we often felt that amidst the arrogance, bullying, lies, coercion and forced drugging, there actually appeared to be a perverse professional pride and pleasure in their absence of empathy, and in their ability to devastate lives without remorse.

    This is how I came to perceive drug-dependent, empathy absent psychiatry as another AXIS of EVIL.

    By Captain Gilbert’s analysis, the “medicine” that we and our lost souls experienced and endured is truly evil.
    Evil, brilliantly and ruthlessly marketed as “medicine”.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Brett, the power and clarity of this ‘clinical interaction” is immense.

    It should be used to protect our patients, our families and ourselves from the brutal labels for life, social isolation with irremovable iatrogenic stigma, and the grievous brain and bodily harms caused by fraudulently trialled and ruthlessly marketed psychotropic drugs.

    It has sufficient rational impact to begin to prevent what often leads to enforced misuse of some of the most toxic “medications” prescribed in alleged “medical practice”.

    The ADRs of these drugs then are interpreted by psychiatrists as emergent serious medical illnesses or cleverly diagnosed co-morbidities which were conveniently lying dormant before the fire, the death of the dog and soul-mate, and the loss of a whole, cherished way of life illustrated in this cameo.

    It would surely be an invaluable learning exercise for clinical medical students and for GP/Primary Care Physicians in training and especially for Psychiatry trainees to role play this exchange and debate the dangerous and destructive outcomes of the failed paradigm of psychiatric “care”.

    Thank you.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • More courageous advocacy providing hope that those prescribed SSRIs may be better informed.
    Of utmost importance: – a chance for patient and prescriber to be aware of the most dangerous of the psychotropic drug induced toxicities – AKATHISIA.

    The Court Transcripts – (Dolin v GSK) Chicago 2017 reveal how the dangers of SSRI induced akathisia had been allegedly hidden from prescribers and their patients by the both SSRI manufactures and the drug regulators.

    1 in 5 of patients taking SSRIs will have clinically significant akathisia.
    As high as 50% with antipsychotics.

    The suffering of the patient and that of their loved ones is profound.

    The intense and increasing agitation, pacing, iatrogenic change in behaviour and personality, aggression and acute neurotoxicity-induced self harm, violence against self or others predispose to incompetent and erroneous misdiagnosis of serious mental illness (SMI) where none exists.

    Such failure of basic differential diagnosis may result in detention and enforced “medication” with more of the same classes of drugs that induced this life threatening adverse drug reaction. (ADR).

    There appears little medical interest in the potential to prevent akathisia and its incumbent risk of iatrogenic suicidality and completed suicide by using genomic sequencing tests to identify those who have an impaired ability to metabolise prescription psychoactive drugs.

    Thank you Katinka.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • How can aggression and violence be accurately assessed unless their is a fastidious catalogue of all prescription psychotropic medications, with dates, changes in drug/s dosages and comprehensive analysis of prescription drug induced AKATHISIA with its profound agitation, aggression, violence against self and/or against others?

    The same is of fundamental importance in achieving accuracy and justice in the coroner’s court.
    Evidence that this has even been considered is rarely seen.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • This is excellent news.

    Perhaps MIA RADIO might provide a means to inform and alert to danger, those not yet damaged and destroyed, (or dead) from psychotropic prescription drugs.

    A warning pre-drug injury for those unwise enough to believe in, and trust that licensed drugs are “safe and effective”. To those who assume that fraudulent clinical trials produce “evidence based prescribing”
    To warn of the most serious ADRs of SSRIs/SNRIs and “antipsychotics” AKATHISIA and its related iatrogenic suicide and violence at all ages.

    MIA RADIO might possibly afford an educational role in alerting prescribers to the depth and duration of the psycho-pharmaceutical marketing deception and the withholding of critical toxicity data.
    Also – The failure of regulators to address patient safety.
    Perhaps eventually to accurately inform those many prescribers who still perpetuate the fantasy of the chemical imbalance.

    Thank you Robert.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Thank you so much Helen.

    During forty years of medical practice, mostly in a district general hospital, the vast majority of staff, across a wide range of
    (non-psychiatric) disciplines, showed empathy and self-sacrifice in caring for their patients with listening and understanding.

    The institutionalised brutality you observe and record in psychiatric hospitals is unforgivable.

    The therapeutic benefit that your patients will derive from your own sacrifice and empathy will afford some comfort and respite from the arrogance and diagnostic incompetence of those who as “responsible medical officers” meter out destruction of their patient’s health, hopes, dreams, aspirations and joy in living.

    Devastation metered out to those who believed they would be helped, and who believed that no doctor would prescribe drugs (let alone enforce them) which are so profoundly toxic to their brain, cardiovascular, metabolic, endocrine and reproductive systems as SSRI’s, SNRI’s, “antipsychotics”, “mood stabilisers” and other psychotropics.

    Amongst these are the “doctors” who cannot differentiate prescription drug induced akathisia from “serious mental illness” and who cannot distinguish the toxic delirium induced by their “medications” from “functional psychosis”.


    “I am a mild, tolerant understanding man. Instead of being accused, I should have been rewarded for all the good things I have done”.

    These are words reportedly stated by Radovan Karadzic, –
    The Bosnian Serb standing trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    It is also documented that Karadzic graduated from the University of Sarajevo School of Medicine and became a psychiatrist.
    Was this his basic training in crimes against humanity?


    “I am weighed down by the enormity of the problem, by the enormity of the cruelty, inhumanity and abuse I am witnessing on a regular basis, and which is being repeated regularly in mental health facilities, not only in the UK, but in many other parts of the world too”.

    The examples you identify, occurring globally on a day by day basis, surely must also constitute crimes against humanity?

    How can care be delivered without listening and believing; without compassion, insight, understanding and without sincere respect for each and every patient?

    This is not the practice of medicine. It is the enforcement of dogma and the practice of denial and delusion.
    Marketing masquerading as medicine.
    Enforcement of “guidelines” based on fraudulent clinical trials.

    These prescribers have been deceived by their “training” (aka -indoctrination) – deceived by their “key opinion leaders”, deceived by the psycho-pharmaceutical industry, deceived by the drug regulators.
    Deceived by their “Continuing Medical Education” – CME, and deceived by themselves.

    They proceed to deceive the G.P.s who refer patients to them, and both groups deceive their patients and their loved ones, who so often and so ill-advisedly afforded them trust and respect.

    Kadazic was called to account.

    Surely, we must believe that eventually, so must other psychiatrists who cause such intense suffering and human devastation.

    Perhaps they too regard themselves as “mild, tolerant and understanding”?

    Those like you Helen, who witness and document these events deserve our trust, respect and gratitude for providing some of that fundamental and basic “Tender Loving Care” – “T.L.C” which is routinely and freely dispensed by genuine healthcare professionals.

    TRM 123. Retired Consultant Physician.