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  • Thanks Olga.
    A “paper” allegedly “authored” by 82 contributors has undermined any status as a scientific endeavour and takes on the perceived purpose as a conspiracy to deceive, and to disseminate the propaganda upon which the grotesque deception of drug-dependent psychiatry is maintained.

    A scientist is someone willing and able to change their mind on the basis of accurate observation, analysis and presentation of study data.
    By definition, these 82 “experts” cannot therefore be regarded as scientists.
    In genuine scientific endeavour, it is the unexpected observation, that which contradicts the underlying hypothesis, which is truly fascinating and which drives forward knowledge and understanding.

    By kicking the IQ data into an appendix, this inconvenient yet compelling observation is sidelined allowing focus to remain on the undiluted propaganda.

    Who were the referees supporting this publication for Lancet Psychiatry?
    They appear to have failed in their duty don’t they?

    TRM 123. Retired Physician.

  • So many times when hope of knowledgeable, empathetic and truly patient centred care facilities appears to be forever out-of-reach, a report on M.I.A. restores hope and re-inspires advocacy for the provision of such care.
    This report is one such source of hope.
    Since thanks and support are offered to all those committed and courageous souls who have achieved this opportunity.

    (Hope may become wearied under the weight of relentless,
    global guild-plus-pharmaceutical propaganda camouflaging the science-fiction, corrupted “evidence base” which has seen the egregious expansion of obscene power, abuse of absolute power and the last forty years of Drug-Dependent-Psychiatry” causing such appalling human devastation) –

    There is an observation which compels comment.
    Merete Astrup states: –

    “If a patient becomes agitated they will want to know why are you so agitated?
    Have we done anything toward you that would make you so agitated?
    What can we do to make it better for you?”

    What a pivotal series of questions.
    These should be included in every initial and subsequent assessment by each and every psychiatrist where there is agitation.

    Why are trainees not taught that these questions are absolutely fundamental in constructing a valid differential diagnosis?

    AKATHISIA is dominated by AGITATION in addition to the overwhelming restlessness and inability to sit or be still.
    This appears to be forgotten and re-forgotten in conventional psychiatry’s desperate urgency to apply a “diagnostic label”, enforce drugs that manifestly increase the agitation, pain, anguish and are a cause of violence and suicidality.

    Akathisia appears to constitute a critical knowledge, skills and awareness void in Primary Care, but then General Practice has been long deceived by psychiatry.

    Such diagnostic incompetence results in further fatuous
    “diagnostic labels”, then a kaleidoscopic sequential addition of devastatingly toxic, totally none-specific, prescribed psychoactive substances, so often and so predictably resulting in the rapid destruction of mind, body, spirit and soul.

    In 1975 Theodore Van Putten published an article warning of “The Many Faces of Akathisia”.
    “Historically, the predominant mental manifestations of akathisia have caused (diagnostic) confusion”.

    For some 30 – 35 years the propensity for SSRIs to cause akathisia has been observed, documented and disguised in pharma-funded, ghost written clinical trials with weasel words such as “hyperkinesia”.

    The ever-suppressed link between iatrogenic akathisia and iatrogenic suicide remains a subject to be avoided at the coroners inquest.

    Vastly expensive programmes addressing the “Prevention of Suicide” make no reference to the immediate, effective opportunity to prevent those suicides where the SSRI induced akathisia was initiated by a change of SSRI or increased dose of SSRI with akathisia then precipitating the “suicide”. (Death due to the sequelae of neurotoxicity.)

    Akathisia is a particular risk when introducing, changing SSRI/SNRI/”antipsychotic” dosage up or down.
    Also when adding or removing prescription psychoactive substances.

    Critically AKATHISIA is a vital-to-recognise component of neuroleptic and antidepressant withdrawal syndromes.
    For this reason, it is my hope that akathisia may be addressed by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependence which has just published comprehensive proposals for a National Helpline. (U.K.)

    Perhaps these key questions raised by Merete Astrup may remind those with vile vested interests –
    (who will plot tirelessly to see this project of hope and humanity fail) – understand that real science commences with asking the pertinent questions.

    It would seem that those who are cared for at this inspirational centre of hope at Tromso may include many who are tapering off psychoactive prescription drugs.
    Potentially a group where vulnerability to withdrawal induced akathisia may be anticipated?

    With their committed history taking, accurate clinical observation and staff willingness to listen to, and value the observations of patients and loved ones, perhaps there will be two accurately identified groups who are profoundly distressed with, and suffering from agitation.

    In Tromso therefore, it might be expected that those within the akathisia group will not suffer the devastation of misdiagnosis.

    A valid and scientific evidence base may be established in this unit which might be used to actually train future psychiatrists rather than to indoctrinate them.

    Might such clinical excellence and accuracy at Tromso also form a defence against the anticipated and predictable establishment malice and condemnation?

    TRM 123. Retired Physician.

  • Thank you for another precise and objective analysis Dr. Hickey.
    “Where do we go from here” is the crucial question in moving towards the protection of all those who are: –


    NOT YET injured, maimed and destroyed by those who are allegedly members of my own profession but whom have long abandoned the basic tenets of ethical, compassionate and caring medical practice.

    We must move amongst those not-yet-captured-and-crippled in body, brain, mind and soul by the relentless marketing propaganda of psychiatry as a “scientific and evidence based medical discipline”.

    Whilst I agree with utmost commitment to all of the steps you identify, there are two observations that I might make.


    Sadly, that which most profoundly changes medical practice in the direction of patient safety and avoidance of iatrogenic harm is litigation or vulnerability to litigation.

    In the UK psychiatry is almost invulnerable to valid and accurate patient complaint or criticism.

    Vindictive and punitive responses to justified criticism range from increased drugging and dosing, further false and multiple diagnoses, to further invalid incarceration and additional terror and ridicule.
    (Personal opinion from experience/observation).

    Should a family – (even a family with decades of medical practice experience) – complain or challenge – for example protest the appearance of tardive dyskinisia due to enforced, unnecessary major tranquillisers; then the family are also subject to contempt, ridicule and vilification.
    (Tardive dyskinesia in a never-depressed, SSRI “treated” patient with exam nerves, and severe akathisia misdiagnosed as “psychotic depression”).

    It is the knowledge that absolute power absolutely negates any chance of legal redress that feeds such arrogance and such contempt for injury to patients.
    This perceived immunity promotes an absolute disregard for patient wellbeing and safety.

    How might psychiatrists ever be made to realise that psychotic depression is profoundly rare and akathisia is extremely common in these circumstances?
    How can they ever learn from any adverse patient experience?
    There is self-evidently no shortage of such learning opportunity, just a total void of critical self-awareness.

    We must address such powerful denial of the basic right to enter valid malpractice litigation which is maintained by fear of punitive response.

    2. “MISCELLANEOUS”. “Slogans, songs and cartoons”.

    Yes indeed, immensely powerful and invaluable.

    We do have an anthem of haunting beauty for those of us who have ourselves been so terribly injured by psychiatry’s misuse of drugs.

    A ballad with soul-piercing words and melody that we play each year as we light candles for our own, dear souls lost to psychiatry. (All Soul’s Night: – November 3rd.)

    “This is a place where Lucifer lingers.
    Where many have gone and still so many remain.
    Though I’m no longer here I am bound by history’s fear
    And my heart is heavy and sad from memories past”.

    WHERE LUCIFER LINGERS. RON LINDSAY – the American vocal, Pauline Alexander.

    Available via You-Tube.

    TRM 123.
    Retired Physician.


    (Psychiatrist, Professor Nassir Ghaemi).

    Not however, plagued and suffering on any level comparable with those whom psychiatry has so terribly abused and injured, or killed with the most toxic drugs ever used by the medical profession.

    Radovan Karadzic was a psychiatrist in Sarajevo.

    At the Hague, he described himself as:

    “I’m a mild, tolerant, understanding man”.

    “Instead of being accused, I should have been rewarded for the good things I have done”.

    Self deception perhaps?

  • Dr. Gotzsche: Thank you for your immense courage, integrity, inspiration and fortitude.

    The scale of medical ignorance concerning SSRI toxicity, and the unwillingness to question the “information” made available via the continuing medical education (CME) process, funded (in reality, owned) by SSRI manufacturers, is truly shameful.

    Your chapter in The Sedated Society 2017 :
    Psychopharmacology is Not Evidence-Based Medicine – is powerful and the evidence that you have developed and produced is compelling.

    “The suicide risk on antidepressant drugs is far greater than people know”.
    Prescribers have little, if any knowledge and understanding of akathisia.

    Your publications are immensely valuable to those of us who have seen their loved ones terribly injured, tormented and destroyed by this widespread and shameful failure to maintain the basic tenets of ethical medical practice.
    The same solace must apply to many of those who have suffered and yet survived the grievous bodily harms, and the brain and soul devastation inflicted by enforced and coercive psychiatric drugging.

    “Psychiatry is plagued deeply by its self deception”

    (See psychiatrist, Professor Nassir Ghaemi’s letter to medical student considering a career in his field. MIA link. 22/02/2017).

    You afford comfort and you reinforce the hope that this inhumanity,
    these institutionalised, indefensible,
    mass crimes-of-violence-by-“medication” must surely be called to account.

    Your work is of immense human, humane and professional value; fastidiously prepared, evidenced and presented.

    Retired Physician.

  • Immensely powerful and profoundly moving -(breath taking).
    Exquisitely written and constructed.

    Compelling in precision of insight.

    Every word, sentence and paragraph capturing horrific reality and explaining the true hypocrisy of “mental health” and the contempt of drug-dependent-psychiatry for its victims.

    Katie, – THANK YOU so much.

    It is self-evident that you remain destined to influence policy.
    To add empowerment to the global gathering storm of demand for exposure of the current, egregious, propaganda driven, corrupt perceptions of care.

    Similarly destined to contribute leadership by inspiration for desperately needed change and exposure of a morally, intellectually and ethically bankrupt system that perpetuates both failure-to-care, and extensive, inexorable abuse of power.

    Such courage and fortitude is both uplifting and inspirational.

    Please write more. TRM 123. Retired Physician.

  • SORRY FOR DUPLICATION, I was unable to delete.

    You capture the intensity of suffering which is caused by akathisia with such clarity that it creates a deeply distressing and painful video picture in my mind.

    If they learned about akathisia from their patients, they would immediately realise that they are causing, misdiagnosing and exacerbating this grotesque human suffering and destruction as a routine part of their everyday practice.
    Then they exacerbate the suffering, toxicity and risk of death by prescribing, often enforcing, more of the drugs that cause it.

    It is barn door obvious akathisia when presenting as you describe.

    You also capture the appalling diagnostic incompetence and ignorance of psychopharmacology/ toxicology which predominates in day to day psychiatric prescribing.

    They will rarely, if ever, be taught the realities, extent, complexities, prevention, emergency management and prevalence of akathisia by their trainers,
    or via their “Continuing Professional Development”.

    They only learn and believe that which the psychotropic drug manufacturers and marketing departments require them to believe, supported by their anointed Key Opinion Leaders.

    Their professional lives are then spent surrounded by neurotoxic, drug injured patients whose evident, acute, sub-acute and chronic akathisia movements and appearance are assumed to be due to the “severity of their mental illness”.
    Now they have become diagnostically blindfolded to akathisia.


  • Aria,
    You capture the intensity of suffering which is caused by akathisia with such clarity that it creates a deeply distressing and painful video picture in my mind.

    If they learned about akathisia from their patients, they would immediately realise that they are causing, misdiagnosing and exacerbating this grotesque human suffering and destruction as a routine part of their everyday practice.
    Then they exacerbate the suffering, toxicity and risk of death by prescribing, often enforcing, more of the drugs that cause it.

    It is barn door obvious akathisia when presenting as you describe.

    You also capture the appalling diagnostic incompetence and ignorance of psychopharmacology/ toxicology which predominates in day to day psychiatric prescribing.

    They will rarely, if ever, be taught the realities, extent, complexities, prevention, emergency management and prevalence of akathisia by their trainers,
    or via their “Continuing Professional Development”.

    They only learn and believe that which the psychotropic drug manufacturers and marketing departments require them to believe, supported by their anointed Key Opinion Leaders.

    Their professional lives are then spent surrounded by neurotoxic, drug injured patients whose evident, acute, sub-acute and chronic akathisia movements and appearance are assumed to be due to the “severity of their mental illness”.
    Now they have become diagnostically blindfolded to akathisia.



    Isn’t it more as if they are trained, or indoctrinated, not to see akathisia?

    If it is not too distressing, please see: –
    My Baby Psychosis and Me – A lesson in How Not To Make a Documentary. Rai Waddingham. MIA. November 26th 2016.

    The link to watch the documentary gives credence to this.

    If the agonised pacing feet, in close up in the introduction – and emphasised at 26 minutes is not akathisia, it would be truly astonishing?

  • You are absolutely “on target” here Julie.

    “Surely they knew all along there was a very serious problem, perhaps an unpredictable one”. “They were well aware that prescribing SSRIs was like roulette – ”

    Please see, or re-read, MIA post by David Healy. March 6th 2012.

    Also: –

    David Healy’s own Blog, February 26th. 2012.

    This relates to an abandoned, 1983 – (phase 1). Trial of Sertraline in healthy volunteers.

    “All of the sertraline subjects had problems, as had one of the placebo subjects. The placebo subject having problems, however, had sertraline levels in her blood, making the findings even more convincing”.

    “The side effects that seemed most clearly linked to sertraline
    were apprehension, insomnia, movement disorders, and tremors”.

    “There were wonderful descriptions of AKATHISIA:
    – the mechanism later linked to suicide induction on SSRIs”.

    These side effects had been described previously – – “they were well known to be linked to SSRIs, and that as such these effects in this study were likely to be due to serotonin re-uptake inhibition”.

    Hence, this devastating toxicity would appear to have been deliberately hidden by SSRI manufacturers, apparently in collaboration with their Key Opinion Leader – (KOL) psychiatrists for over THIRTY FIVE YEARS.

    How many deaths and destroyed, yet once beautiful and successful human beings could some basic academic rigour, and basic professional ethical integrity have prevented?

    How much iatrogenic, misdiagnosed, entirely SSRI-INDUCED, yet alleged by “experts” to be “Serious Mental Illness”, could have been avoided?

    Gazing down the wrong end of Nelson’s telescope perhaps?

    Hence it is surely worth re-stating the quotation: –


    TRM 123.

  • Julie, it is vital that those who have allegedly “committed violent acts”, entirely as a result of professional failure to recognise prescription drug induced aggression, violence and toxic delusion, are afforded access to CYP 450 genomic sequencing.

    I believe that the “patient” value is far wider than this.

    It takes great courage and the highest professional integrity for any doctor to challenge the psychiatry establishment and the vast commercial interests which drive the current, widespread abuse of psychotropic drugs.

    SSRI induced psychosis, mania, agitation, aggression and akathisia are NOT DIAGNOSTIC of “Bipolar Disorder” or “Schizophrenia”; they are manifestations of IATROGENIC NEUROTOXICITY.
    The mis-diagnosis of these common psychotropic Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) –
    with defamatory labels-for-life, imposes an unbearable life and soul destroying tragedy upon individuals, their loved ones and their families.

    It is by abuse of extreme powers, so inappropriately vested in psychiatry, to ignore basic ethics and basic human rights;
    By abuse via incarceration, coercion and enforced drugging of normal, healthy people: – that extreme levels of fear, indeed terror are generated.

    It is this terror of repercussion, and of even greater and more prolonged abuse and injury, which negates protest and complaint.
    This terror denies entirely valid malpractice litigation.
    Thus is denied any hope of justified, high level financial redress.

    SSRIs cause: – Emotional Blunting, Akathisia, Disinhibition, Aggression, Violence, Homicide and Suicide.

    Without routine CYP 450 genomic sequencing, these ADRs will continue to be routinely misinterpreted by psychiatrists.
    Without routine CYP 450 genomic sequencing there is no driver to limit, decrease and cease the marketing-driven, abusive and excessive prescribing of these profoundly toxic drugs.

    “I believe the SSRI era will stand as one of the most shameful in the history of medicine”.
    Genomic sequencing affords the opportunity to expose this shame.

    This technology not only affords all of us a vital opportunity to limit and control the catastrophic individual and family destruction caused by the extensive, cavalier prescribing of SSRIs and other psychotropic drugs: –
    It also affords the opportunity to challenge the routine, day by day psychiatric misdiagnosis of neurotoxicity as “Serious Mental Illness”.

    There is now a forensic scientific methodology which at last provides an opportunity to define, quantify and challenge this misdiagnosis.
    There may at last be a “calling to account” via evidence based malpractice litigation.
    At last, an opportunity to reverse the obscene power imbalance between prescription-drug-dependent psychiatry and abused patients.
    Potential to tip the current imbalance of power in favour of compassionate and intellectual patient care.

    “Generating a profile of these CYPS” – ( CYP 1A2. CYP 2C9. CYP 2C19. CYP 2D6. CYP 3A4. ) – “will provide the physician with valuable information”.
    Agreed, – however the information thus provided to the patient will be often, albeit not always, invaluable.

    CYP 450 genomic sequencing is the first available scientific tool which empowers the patient and the patient’s advocate.
    It is up to all of us to demand, and to ensure that this invaluable asset is used to the very best possible patient advantage.

    Finally; – The words of Arthur Schopenhauer. (1778 – 1860)

    “All truth passes through three stages.
    First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed.
    Third, it is accepted as being self evident”.

    TRM 123. (I have no conflict of financial interests).

  • Selma, Thank you so much for this vital Personalised Medicine information.
    Thanks also for your (and your co-authors) publications relating to the importance of psychotropic drug induced AKATHISIA and iatrogenic causation of violence against self and others.

    After forty years of medical practice, I have studied psychopharmacology over the last five years.
    I have found your own and your colleagues outstanding work and invaluable writings on CYP 450 genomic variants afforded absolutely critical insight and understanding into the behavioural, emotional and psychological toxicities of these drugs.
    (In addition to the physical harms, and withdrawal syndromes – which include akathisia).

    It is a cause of much devastating injury that prescribing psychiatrists and PCPs not only refuse to accept patient/relative appeals for understanding and acceptance of their ADRs which include akathisia, aggression and violence; but they also misinterpret agitation and akathisia as “symptoms” of deteriorating “mental health” and proof that their “medications” are not only justified, but are needed in greater dosage and in combinations such as SSRIs plus antipsychotics.

    They currently appear programmed to ignore the now grossly akathisic patient, pacing and clawing at their skin in front of them.

    This is evidenced by recent documentaries which have filmed this phenomenon with psychiatrist and patient totally unaware of the true nature of this intense iatrogenic suffering and its correct aetiology.

    There can be no excuse for such dangerous prescribing, nor for lack of awareness and understanding of widespread, individual metabolic variation and biological intolerance of some of the most toxic drugs licensed for human use.

    The deaths and destruction of so many could be largely overcome if your vital work became part of the core curriculum of both undergraduate and specialist medical training.

    Those who themselves (or whose loved ones) have had their lives destroyed by such careless, casual and naive prescribing are duty bound to alert their own physicians to: –

    “CYP TESTING TO HELP PREVENT DANGEROUS ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS”, and also to urge professionals to read, understand and act upon all the eighteen compelling references you have cited.

    You state: –

    “The technology for genotyping these five CYPS is widely available and would cover most of these dangerous drugs. I am convinced that once doctors start realising that they are responsible for senseless suffering and that there is a way to, at least, diminish the chances of such horrific side effects as suicide and homicide by a simple DNA test they will fully embrace “personalised medicine”.

    Most UK prescriptions for SSRIs and other psychotropic drugs are written by PCPs/ GPs.
    The U.K. Royal College of General Practitioners is committed to the doctrine: –
    Cum Scientia Caritas: – Care Through Science, or
    (With Science – Care).

    The recently published deconstructions of paediatric antidepressant trials and the exposure of academic misconduct and malfeasance suggests that the “science” upon which they base SSRI antidepressant prescribing is more science fiction than a valid evidence base for safe, careful and compassionate prescribing.

    It seems that few SSRI prescribers are able to promptly diagnose and manage akathisia, even though it is the most dangerous and life threatening of psychotropic ADRs.

    They need REAL SCIENCE Selma, and you and your colleagues have now made that real science available to them.

    Thank you all.

    TRM 123.
    Retired Consultant Physician.

  • Very important point here Aria, thank you.


    Let us take a commonly misinterpreted, emergency, medical presentation which, though misdiagnosis as “mental illness”, results in the devastating abuse of an individual’s humanity.

    Acute SSRI toxicity results in akathisia with toxic psychosis.

    Primary care physician has not heard of akathisia.
    (It was “disguised” as hyperkinesia in published clinical trials, now recognised as subject to academic malfeasance.)
    P.C.P diagnoses “Severe Agitated Depression”.

    (Even though original, ill-advised prescription was an attempt to deal with an otherwise happy person worrying and anxious about college exams.)

    Out of depth P.C.P refers urgently to psychiatrist who does not take a history from parents, or a detailed prescription medication history prior to the akathisia which he/she fails to recognise.

    Psychiatrist coerces parents to consent to voluntary admission to psychiatric “hospital”, with false promises of restoring (akathisia induced) very severe dehydration, for which they have pleaded for I-V fluids.

    Psychiatrist fails to recognise the life threatening fluid and electrolyte imbalance which is aggravating the bizarre presentation.

    “Hospital care team” immediately “section” on arrival, then massively increase iatrogenic brain and systemic injuries by forcibly “treating” life threatening
    SSRI – ADR with “anti-psychotic” and alternative SSRI for “psychotic depression”.
    (15ml plastic tablet containers of tap water given to alleviate “thirst”!)

    “Expert staff’ – Can’t understand why “patient” deteriorates, or why patient and family reduced to despair.
    Patient pleads that drugging caused the problem.
    Very bad move – this behaviour is considered diagnostic of “psychotic illness”.

    More drugs enforced, more (cumulative) brain damage inflicted.
    Gross features of tardive dyskisia appear but denied: –
    “It doesn’t happen on olanzapine”!

    The predictable cycle of serial, serious “mental illness” diagnoses – (AKA Labels for Life’s destruction) follow
    like the leaves in fall. Each accompanied by more and more crippling and injurious drugging. These are also enforced.

    Now this medically wounded, abused and innocent soul is devoid of hopes, dreams, aspirations and ambitions.
    Now deprived of any hope of earning a living, finding a soul mate, having children, creating a home.
    Now aware of the scale of horrific injuries to mind, body and soul, yet determined enough to taper off all hideously wounding psycholeptic drugs, incredibly now supported by a courageous and competent practitioner.

    Now aware of, and having experienced the brutality and cruelty inflicted upon those illegitimately incarcerated
    for the “sake of their mental health”

    Now this terrified and excommunicated – (previously fit, active, happy and productive) young adult has, understandably, A FULLY JUSTIFIED TERROR AND DISTRUST OF ALL DOCTORS.
    Nothing, but nothing to do with paranoia, but vulnerable to be mis-labled as such.

    Refuses proper medical help in medical emergency such as acute appendicitis.

    The utter incompetence of one pre-conceived “diagnostic”! consultation with a psychiatrist can leave that person, and their real, conscientious and caring doctors without any access to each other, even when REAL TREATMENT is desperately needed and REAL TREATMENT is available together with care and compassion.

    Doesn’t this amount to Crimes Against Humanity?

    Philip Hickey’s analysis – 02/01/2017 is endorsed : –


    “Psychiatry is irredeemably flawed and rotten.
    There is truly no human problem that psychiatry does not make ten times worse.
    How much longer must this carnage continue?
    Where is there sense of decency?


    “Psychiatry has long since forfeited any right it might ever have had to be considered a medical speciality”.

    I am indeed outraged Dr. Hickey.

    TRM 123. Registered Medical Practitioner.

  • Thank you Bob, and thanks to all your colleagues at MIA who have had such a successful 2016.

    Knowledge, Understanding, and Hope are found here.

    These are the critical success factors for the continued survival of those who themselves, or whose loved ones, have suffered so terribly from the arrogance, dogma and inflexibility of the casual and careless prescribers, who impose psychotropic drugging by deception, coercion and enforcement.

    Sir William Osler observed: –
    “The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism”.

    These words appear bespoke for those detractors who fear and contest your great humane and compassionate endeavour.

    Retired Consultant Physician. U.K.

  • Responding to, and agreeing with your observation, JanCarol.

    The absence of detectable, or currently recognised CYP 450 genomic variant vulnerability to ADRs does not mean that akathisia cannot occur.
    Nevertheless it is essential, and surely better ethical practice, to develop further and utilise any scientific methodology that may protect the “consumer” from devastating toxicity.

    The fundamental failure of drug dominated psychiatry is due to the fact that prescribers are clearly incapable of differentiating SSRI/neuroleptic drug induced akathisia and its sequalae from “Serious Mental Illness”.

    The cost to the individual, to their loved ones, to society, and to the sustainability of entire Health Services of the toxicity of SSRI’s – (and psychotropic drugs in general) – misinterpreted as “psychiatric illness” is beyond quantification, as well as professionally unforgivable.

    Because a psychiatric “diagnostic label” – falsely applied, where the intense and bizarre behavioural changes are misinterpreted as mental illness, leads to incarceration, and to the extended loss of all human rights;

    Because errors of diagnosis lead to further enforced multiple drugging with exacerbation of the mis-interpreted symptomatology;

    Because these profoundly toxic enforced “medications” cause devastating injury and death;

    Surely we must demand and expect a greater understanding by prescribers of the vast individual metabolic variation and vulnerability to this current, appalling over-simplification in prescribing practices?

  • The injuries are far more extensive than the gross physical, drug induced multi-systems pathology.

    The deception and incarceration, denigration and abject absence of empathy and compassion permanently destroy trust.

    The serial cascade of “diagnoses” to accommodate and deny increasing brain toxicity.

    Each accompanied by withdrawal of, and introduction of (multiple) drug combinations.
    These “labels-for-life”, – leading to excommunication from a world previously known and treasured before prescription drug toxicity was misdiagnosed as “mental illness”.

    How can anyone fantasise that a beneficial doctor-patient relationship can be established or maintained in such humiliating, de-humanising and soul-destroying, degrading circumstances.

    The whole anti-therapeutic process and environment destroy mind body and soul. Physical, psychological and social devastation.

    Hippocrates advocated “First Do No Harm”.
    He also taught (concerned about unrecognised injury to the brain) : –
    “No Head Injury, However Trivial Should Be Taken Lightly”.

    Harm upon harm, and unrecognised brain injury is their standard modus operandi.

    For so many, what life can there possibly be when dreams, hopes, aspirations and ambitions have been so callously and casually exterminated?

    Why can’t they ever apologise when so many catastrophic errors are made?

  • JanCarol,
    Emphatically commend your vital basic reading list.

    Prefer to advocate that they commit to serious study, rather than to merely reading.
    (Mandated by the knowledge of this literature achieved by those who feel the shared experience of the scale, intensity, duration and extent of injury and suffering caused by coerced/enforced psychotropic drugging, and those grieving for their loved ones who have died).

    Also : – Advocate —> Read selected full text references from each chapter.

    These extensively researched books are meticulously evidenced and afford insight into gifted academic endeavour and achievement.
    Recommend also: – Professor Peter Gotzsche’s Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial. 2016.

    For a little less academic, but invaluable further insight: – the superbly written
    The Pill That Steals Lives. Katinka Blackford Newman. 2016.

    Finally, it would be valuable to critically scrutinise some of the original, manipulated and falsified clinical trial publications that were ghost-written, then compare and contrast with the current, highly disciplined and also meticulous, deconstruction research publications.

    For example:-
    The Citalopram CIT-MD-18 Paediatric Depression Trial.
    Deconstruction of Medical Ghostwriting, Data Mischaracterisation and Academic Malfeasance.
    Jon N Jureidini. Jay D Amsterdam. Leeman B Mettenry.
    International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine, 28. (2016) 33 – 43.

  • I would read this statement from the RxISK monograph on akathisia: –

    One in five of those taking SSRI’s will experience significant symptoms of akathisia.

    This RxISK guide to akathisia states:-

    “Akathisia may occur within hours of starting treatment or it may take weeks or months to appear”.

    In 1989, Robert E. Burke et al reported:-

    “In recent years there has been an increasing recognition that akathisia not only occurs as an acute, self limiting complication of dopamine antagonistic treatment, but also as a persistent form called tardive akathisia”.
    (“–mean 4.5 years. — 34% within one year”.)

    It would seem reasonable to consider that psychotropic drug induced akathisia may be sub-acute, acute, and chronic.

    With regard to the PREVENTION OF AKATHISIA, and having regard for the frequency of non-recognition, or false interpretation as the onset of “first episode psychosis” (i.e. the failure to differentiate Toxic Psychosis from Functional Psychosis) :-

    Lucire and Crotty have stressed the critical importance of the clinical differentiation of neurotoxic “pseudo-psychosis” – from functional mental illness. (My terminology in italics.)

    Antidepressant induced akathisia may be predicted by means of understanding the interplay between the subject’s CYP450 genotype, substrate drugs and doses.
    Those developing SSRI induced akathisia are more likely to be slow metabolisers.
    Lucire et al stated:-
    “It is the authors contention that prescribing antidepressants without knowing about CYP 450 genotypes is like giving blood transfusions without matching for ABO groups”.

    Antidepressant-induced akathisia-related homicides associated with diminishing mutations in metabolising genes of the CYP 450 family.
    Pharmacogenomics Pers Med. 2011. 4. p65 – 81.


    A wider awareness of, and an ability to recognise, correctly diagnose and effectively manage acute SSRI induced akathisia is urgently needed.

    In the meantime, is it not an ethical requirement that all SSRI prescribers should hand over their prescription with the words? –

    “This medication may cause extreme and unusual psychological and behavioural changes, dominated by overwhelming agitation.
    This may result in your suicide and/or violence to others”.

  • JanCarol,
    The multi-focal brain toxicity resulting from neuroleptic drugging and the iatrogenic, toxic psychoses (apparently misdiagnosed almost routinely) – understandably dominate the appalling injuries caused in those who are coerced/forced to be medically abused by psychotropics.
    The endocrine pathologies caused in parallel, are of great importance.
    Thyroid tumour/s presumably?
    The exquisitely painful, disfiguring, massive breast hyperplasia due to (apparently often unmonitored) elevated prolactin levels appears often ignored?
    Also the disseminated and disfiguring skin pathology which destroys any residual self esteem.
    A severe, pustular painful “pseudo-acne” even producing lesions on the lips, again intensely painful.
    These drugs are causing multi-systems toxicity in addition to the inarguable, increased risk of sudden cardiac death.
    No wonder those “treated” die some twenty years prematurely – which is where Corinna’s post started.

    Then add the destruction of self worth and societal rejection which follows the casual application of these “pharma focused” and often funded, “diagnostic labels” squabbled over by self-serving committee beneficiaries:-

    Destruction of mind, body and soul. Termination of hopes, dreams and aspirations.
    The basic tenets of medical practice abandoned.
    Catastrophic intensity of iatrogenic “patient” destruction.

    This is indeed, not Medicine.

  • Amnesia,
    From SSRI Stories, I understand that – ? Tuesday, 3rd January 2017: –

    “An Afghanistan war veteran, his wife, mother and young daughter have been found shot to death in a house in rural Nova Scotia”.

    “The male’s gunshot wounds appear to be self inflicted”.

    He is reported to have been diagnosed with PTSD and it is believed that he had been “put on medication”.

    It is painfully hard to read of these ever increasing,-
    (apparently, and importantly, – in this case UNCONFIRMED) annihilations of families where there are circumstances compatible with SSRI/Psychotropic drug induced AKATHISIA and akathisia related violence to self/others.

    If the events are psychotropic drug related, might testing for Cytochrome – CYP 450 Genomic Variants predisposing to restlessness,
    akathisia and toxic hallucination be of fundamental importance in investigating this tragic situation?
    (CYP 1A2. CYP 2B6. CYP 2C9. CYP 2C19. CYP 2D6. CYP 3A4.)

    Reference: –
    Eikelenboom-Schieveld SJM. Lucire Y. Fogelman JC.
    The Relevance of Cytochrome P450 Polymorphism in Forensic Medicine and Akathisia Related Violence and Suicide.
    Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. 2016. doi 10.1016/j.jflm 2016 -04-003.

    ( I have checked reports and have noted a reference to January 2016. It does appear that the news report relates to January 2017)??

  • Fiachra, thanks for the link: – Family Homicide/Suicide Ireland.

    This is a very valuable analysis, but there is more evidence which requires inclusion.
    Clearly top-quality investigative journalism has to be a major factor in preventing these prescription drug-induced annihilations of previously integrated families via murder-suicide.

    The mother’s tragic message – “This is hell, this is hell” – is a typical description of the agony of akathisia.

    We know the toxic psychosis caused by SSRI’s and preceded by akathisia is the common iatrogenic factor behind these deaths.

    Tragically, it appears that those who advocate these drugs have lost, or abandoned, their professional duty of care to differentiate a toxic psychosis from a functional psychosis.
    This means that the UK system fails just as miserably as that criticised in Ireland.

    Akathisia is undiagnosed, unrecognised and not recorded as the primary initiator of these lethal act/s.

    SSRI induced toxic psychosis is labelled as a functional psychosis.
    The typical, “blame the Patient, exonerate the pills” explanation which immediately follows, means that the truth is missed by the inquest.

    This enhances and publicly reinforces the powerful marketing myth of the dangers of “psychiatrically ill” patients as potential murderers.
    In turn, increasing the power, pseudo-prestige, command and control of the psychiatry – psycho-pharmaceutical axis of evil

    The compulsory epidemiological data collection appealed for above would appear to be the only hope of truth and justice for these desperately suffering families.

  • Amnesia –

    This is indeed an encouraging first step and a great encouragement to all U.K. AKATHISIA AWARENESS ADVOCATES.

    If you have not already done so, please read and share the invaluable RxISK Website 2016 monograph on Akathisia.

    “Significant symptoms of akathisia occur in: –
    Around 20% of people on antidepressants.
    At least 50% of people on antipsychotics,
    on higher doses, this rises to 80% or more”.


    Akathisia is associated with profound changes in personality and behaviour, as well as the more familiar intense agitation, pacing and the wretched, overwhelming inability to be still.

    Akathisia is the SSRI/SNRI/Antipsychotic induced precursor of aggression and iatrogenic violence against self and others.
    Akathisia is the precursor of SSRI induced suicide.

    I am so very saddened to learn of yet two more precious lives lost to these profoundly toxic and over-prescribed drugs.

  • It would be of immense value if each coroner (UK system) routinely recorded date, dose, “chapter and verse” of every prescription medication taken during the preceding months, days, hours before death in any, and every unanticipated death.

    Re any unexpected death: –
    Both prescription and non-prescription drugs can have fatal adverse reactions.

    An illustrative example of the former: —
    Ventricular tachy-dysrhythmia ——> Ventricular Fibrillation —-> Sudden Cardiac Death – may be directly caused by SSRI cardio-toxicity exacerbated by the enhanced cardio-toxic impact of one or more “antipsychotic” drugs.

    Has prescription psychotropic drugging caused this sudden cardiac death?

    Has this sudden cardiac death also been precipitated by the metabolic, endocrine and other life threatening ADRs of psychotropic drugs, about which many prescribers appear so profoundly ill-informed?

    Such meticulous, publicly available data recording, and diligent prescriber awareness of the reasons why psychotropic drugs cause sudden death (as well as premature death) is currently missing, but vital epidemiological evidence.
    Recording and publishing this critical epidemiological data must become mandatory in each and every unexplained, sudden and/or violent death investigation or inquest.

    C.D.C. had a track record of excellence in this field.
    Why not resolve this compelling question of public health and death with time honoured “shoe leather epidemiology” and hard, basic scientific method?

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. U.S.A.

    “CDC is the nation’s health protection agency working 24/7 to protect America from health and safety threats, both foreign and domestic”.

    “CDC increases the health security of our nation”.

  • I share your concern with profound intensity.

    Are E.D Physicians trained to take a meticulous prescription drug history and able to recognise SSRI/SNRI/Antipsychotic induced AKATHISIA?

    Can Psychiatrists called to E.D. departments: –
    1) Recognise AKATHISIA?

    The “treatment” for the latter is a catastrophe for the former.
    I have witnessed this error made by consultant psychiatrist.

    Professor Sir William Osler. Regious Professor of Physic. University of Oxford.

  • Or was J cutting her arms as a consequence of SSRI/other psychotropic drug induced AKATHISIA?

    It would be of compelling interest to know whether or not the “History of Presenting Complaint” section of her case notes, pertaining to her arrival in the Emergency Department, included fastidious documentation of all dates, drug-names, dose increase/decrease, drug add-ons, drug cessations: – prescribed during the days, weeks and months before this situation.

    It is only this process, in exact detail, –
    (plus of course an awareness and understanding of how iatrogenic akathisia can so often result in the humiliation, false judgement, deprivation of clothes, mobile phone, destruction of any residual self esteem, reduction of spirits to utter despair, and the incarceration in an anti-therapeutic environment for enforced highly toxic drugging) – that can differentiate a correct diagnosis of SSRI/SNRI/Psycholeptic drug induced AKATHISIA from the alleged, “diagnosis” of a “serious mental illness”.

    It would also be critical, in differentiating akathisia from an “SMI” to document any available observations from family and/or partner.
    Specifically, any changes in movement, mood, behaviour, agitation, aggression, flattening of affect, onset of “self harm” noticed (by those who know best) in close proximity to the dates of psychotropic drug changes.

    My own observations suggest that a history from relatives is unwelcome to the admitting psychiatrist.

    How many people with unrecognised, SSRI induced akathisia requiring urgent (proper) medical management of their acute, medical emergency are subject to the routine degradation, humiliation and destruction of self and soul, described so vividly in the “Care” of J?

  • With such propensity for self, as well as “patient” deception,
    With such breathtaking arrogance and painful naivety,
    “Professional success” would appear to be guaranteed.

    No hope here of a future psychiatrist who has any knowledge, awareness, understanding, diagnostic capability or clinical management efficiency to help the multitude of people in whom she will induce AKATHISIA.

    Zero hope of any academic, true knowledge, skill and awareness in psychopharmacology.
    Only pharma plus guild propaganda.

    This primary delusion which she calls Psychiatry cannot and will not begin to understand and recognise the appalling iatrogenic suffering of AKATHISIA.
    To do so would be to admit to the reality of the Fantasy Psychiatry which this doctor sanctifies.
    More a second Axis of Evil than anything to do with medicine?

  • RAPID REDUCTION from >60 mgrms Citalopram/day to
    < = 40 mgrms/day is likely to precipitate AKATHISIA, which is unlikely to be recognised as a common/classical, SERIOUS, SSRI Adverse Drug Reaction.
    Akathisia induced mood change, profound distress, AGITATION, increased suicidality, aggression and violence are only seen as indicators of "Disease Exacerbation".

    Only when the prepared mind of an impartial prescriber fastidiously observes the sequalae of SSRI dose decrease, increase, cessation, and/or SSRI intra-class drug "swapping"; – will any valid clinical interpretation and valid management of this intense and intolerable, iatrogenic, avoidable suffering be achievable.

    Science begins with observation.
    Why are they apparently incapable of applying this basic concept?

    For "Precipitated PTSD and other mental health disorders" read: –


  • What blatant propaganda in support of the “Guild” and the psychiatry-psychopharma industry.

    Page 92.
    “Psychosis is nobody’s fault: People do not cause it”.
    Ref RxISK: AKATHISIA. 2016.

    “Significant symptoms of AKATHISIA occur in: –
    Around 20% of people on ANTIDEPRESSANTS.
    At least 50% of people on ANTIPSYCHOTICS.
    On higher doses, this rises to 80% or more”.
    AKATHISIA is associated with profound changes in personality and in behaviour.
    AKATHISIA is the SSRI (et al) precursor of aggression and iatrogenic violence against self and others.

    It is frequently a medically unrecognised precursor to a TOXIC PSYCHOSIS which is vulnerable to mis-diagnosis as a FUNCTIONAL PSYCHOSIS.
    Such misunderstanding tragically leads to incarceration, and compulsory drugging with more/higher doses of SSRIs and antipsychotics.
    As this potentially, life-threatening, misdiagnosed catastrophe fails to respond to “medical management” of “first episode psychosis”,
    a kaleidoscopic, prescription cascade of further, fatuous, psycholeptic drugging may move this desperate clinical situation, through serotonin syndrome,
    towards a generalised psychotropic-neuroleptic syndrome.
    (This is especially likely in those most vulnerable to psychotropic ADRs).
    Such cumulative intoxication may kill, or may be preceded by akathisia induced suicide.
    Meanwhile, case entries may appear such as: “manipulative behaviour”, the poisoned patient having become far too toxic to eat, drink or care for themselves.

    The primary psychiatric delusion prevails.
    (Ie. That such enforced, acute, severe, life-threatening, chemical trauma to the brain is therapeutic. This cannot, and may not be challenged).
    Even in the face of the most fastidious scientific evidence.
    Even in the face of serial, masterly deconstruction of ghost written, scientifically fraudulent clinical trials.

    Loved ones, and family beg and plead to be listened to, as might also a whispering toxic patient.
    They KNOW that this destruction of life, health and HOPE all started as a barn-door-obvious, SSRI ADVERSE DRUG REACTION.

    No chance of a hearing whatsoever.
    More likely to be excluded from visiting.
    More likely to receive a punitive dose increase in “beneficent medication”.


    The increasing dehydration, starvation and ketosis in this detained, “pseudo-psychiatric patient” doesn’t appear to merit I-V fluid replacement.
    No monitoring of clinical chemistry.
    No skilled resuscitation with active, parenteral re-stabilisation of optimal physiology.
    Not even when family beg for basic and fundamental, routine medical management of a desperately ill, metabolically compromised patient: – (Routine everywhere else in medical practice, procedure and protocol).
    No gesture to correct the real CHEMICAL IMBALANCE! (page 102).

    More and more tragedies as outlined above are the inevitable and grotesque outcome of psychiatry’s unrelenting, expansionist propaganda.
    Marketing, incompetence and denial, masquerading as medicine.

  • Justiin,
    This seems to be a publication of fundamental significance in addressing and challenging the catastrophic, brain, endocrine, metabolic, cardiovascular and other iatrogenic, multi systems injuries and deaths, caused by the extended, enforced or coerced use of these non-specific and extremely toxic drugs.
    Is there any means by which M.I.A. can make the full text available please?

  • Rai,
    Although you say you – “struggled to find a way of saying what it is that I find so deeply disturbing about this show without invalidating the stories of the women featured”, your vital further analysis of this programme demonstrates exquisite skill and utmost sensitivity.
    I was deeply discomforted the first time I watched this documentary, whilst filled with respect and concern for the shared, intense suffering of these women and their families.
    They afforded utmost honesty and integrity, yet the more times that I have re-watched, the more I see the possibility that this integrity is used to endorse only drug dominated management; even become incorporated into marketing propaganda promoting the absolute validity of drugs which have enormous toxicities and serious adverse reactions.
    These ADRs may be mis-interpreted as increasing intensity of psychosis, with drug induced self harm and suicidality enhancing the risk of yet further dose increases, additional psycholeptics and further, incremental toxicity.
    One of the most painful images of suffering is the shifting, pacing sandal clad feet, in close up, in the introduction and repeated with more detail (26 minutes) demonstating profound agitation, anguish, unbearable restlessness and inability to be still.
    This sequence followed self-chosen dose reduction of olanzapine and possibly other psycholeptic drugs.
    Did this decision actually lead to covert admonishment in what felt like an adult-child interaction which might have humiliated?
    Perhaps this deterioration was an antipsychotic withdrawal phenomenon.
    It might very well have been akathisia.
    It would have been reassuring had the latter been considered in a differential diagnosis of this increase in such intense suffering, especially as a precursor to prescription drug induced suicidality
    Perhaps it was considered, and undertaken with skill and concern, only to be edited in order to avoid diluting the fantasy of specific targeted chemotherapy and the use of the marketing concept of “mood stabilisers” as if they actually do just just that.
    We never saw honest discussion of the risk of tardive dyskinesia, the possibility of marked weight gain or increased prolactin levels in lactating recipients. I do not know what the implications of the the latter might be, but it would have reassured to know that it was also being considered. Perhaps it was.
    I have watched this program twice more since your post Rai, and struggled with increasing discomfort over the presentation of chemical and electrical brain trauma as the cornerstone of management, and miracle cure respectively.
    It has been well worth re-watching as the courage of these remarkable mothers and their families, in the midst of such devastating experience, is more inspiring each time.
    It is my sincere hope that they are spared the ADRs that have caused me such concern, and that their trajectory remains as presented.

  • Dr. Robert Purssey,
    Thank you for your invaluable statement of fact, which is also the repeated clinical observation of yourself and your psychiatry colleague.
    May I ask why both of you can observe, recognise and correctly interpret SSRI/SNRI induced AKATHISIA, and yet so many regular prescribers are unable to do so?
    Those of us striving to achieve akathisia awareness in the UK are finding GPs do listen to our akathisia concerns, and listen to our dreadful experiences of the outcomes of missed akathisia diagnosis.

    It now comes as expectation, rather than surprise, to have a sincere and caring GP admit: –
    “I have never heard of it”.

    The heartbreaking image of the emaciated young girl on this current M.I.A Home Page alerts us to another akathisia induced, mistaken and dreadfully damaging, false diagnosis.

    Intense akathisia, exacerbated by increased dosing, and/or change of SSRI leaves a patient in extremis who is unable to eat and drink.
    An akathisic girl of this age, in this condition, is immediately and catastrophically mis-diagnosed as anorexic.
    (As was the patient I referred to above).
    More labels for life.
    No drip to rehydrate.
    No help with feeding.
    More SSRI and antipsychotic (enforced) drugging.
    Denial that tardive dyskinesia had developed.
    Cruel contempt from the “nursing” staff.
    Records state “manipulative behaviour”.
    “Rehabilitation plan”: – “To wash her own clothes and only to eat in the dining area”.

    The suffering of the soul, and the iatrogenic destruction of
    self-worth which adds to the neurotoxicity of misdiagnosed SSRI/SNRI akathisia is truly appalling and a disgrace to the practice of medicine.
    Your welcome and authoritative comment affords hope.

  • Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial. Peter C. Gotzsche. 2015.
    Page 103.
    Anti-depressant Induced Homicides.

    “That antidepressants can cause homicide is beyond doubt”.
    “As stated earlier, we know what the main mechanism of action is for suicide and homicide, the extreme form of restlessness we call akathisia”.

    Fiachra and Duncan,
    I am sorry. These two comments were intended as replies to Duncan Double.
    Perhaps they are best presented together. TRM 123.

  • “Over the years many case reports have associated extra-pyramidal symptoms, (EPS) with the use of antidepressants.
    All kinds of EPS are seen in patients taking antidepressants but AKATHISIA appears to be the most common presentation followed by dystonic reactions, parkinsonian movements and tardive dyskinesia.
    AKATHISIA appears to be more common in younger patients as compared with the other EPS symptoms.
    Among antidepressants, SSRIs have the highest number of case reports of EPS”.

    The Safety, Tolerability and Risks Associated with the use of Newer Generation Antidepressant Drugs: A Review of The Literature.
    Carvalho A.F. Sharma M.S. et al.
    Psychother. Psychosom. 2016: 85. 270-288.
    (Editors Choice. Free Access).

    Why is AKATHISIA, – the most dangerous and life threatening ADR of SSRIs so poorly understood by prescribers and virtually unknown to “consumers”?

  • I used to believe in the BNF too until I saw the consequences of SSRI induced akathisia misdiagnosed as “psychotic depression”.
    The patient was immediately sectioned inappropriately and subject to enforced fluoxetine and olanzapine.
    This patient had been persuaded to take SSRIs for college stress, and was never depressed.
    This further, akathisia exacerbating, combination prescribing triggered a generalised neuroleptic malignant syndrome as failure to respond resulted in a futile cascade of psychotropic drugging and case entries such as “Manipulative Behaviour”.
    I believe that the misleading literature, misleading drug information inserts and the misgivings that you have regarding this debate reflect the SSRI manufacturers remarkably successful manipulation of clinical trials such as 329 and revealed in The Citalopram CIT-MD-18 Pediatric Depression Trial De-construction paper by Jureidini et al – 2016.
    I respect disagreement but would ask that all who share your misgivings observe patients (who are initiated on SSRIs, ceased by taper, subject to SSRI dose change, SSRI brand change and/or combination prescribing recipients) – for acute, subacute or chronic emergent akathisia.

  • “The combination of medication, fluctuating restlessness, suicidality, aggression and toxic hallucinations are pathognomic of akathisia.
    We cannot find any other diagnosis in the medical taxonomy that combines suicidal and aggressive thoughts with medication, nor any other that recedes when the culprit drug has been taken away”.

    Ref. The Relevance of Cytochrome P450 Polymorphism in Forensic Medicine and Akathisia related Violence and Suicide.
    Eikelenboom-Schieveld SJM.
    Lucire Y. Fogelman JC.
    Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. 2016. doi: 10. 1016.

    Please also see: –
    Antidepressant-induced akathisia-related homicides associated with diminishing mutations in metabolising genes of the CYP450 family.
    Lucire Y. Crotty C.
    Journal of Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Medicine. 29 July. 2011.

  • Yes, every prescriber of SSRi’s will see the basic common denominator of AKATHISIA, but most of them have never heard of akathisia and a physician cannot include in a differential diagnosis, a condition about which such lack of awareness prevails.
    Very early and minimal experience of talking about this lack of awareness to those who have no knowledge of akathisia has been positive. – Interest certainly, and in one case a correct recognition of SSRI induced akathisia a few days later.
    The regulators seem to defend the status quo and refer to Pharma funded, KOL manipulated clinical trials where slight of diagnostic hand translates akathisia into “hyperkinesis”.
    There is a malignancy destroying the medical profession’s integrity, honour and annihilating patient’s trust in their doctors. (This trust is not an infinite commodity).
    This malignancy is apparently most prevalent in psychiatry.
    It is the self-serving belief that ethical medicine can be practiced whilst receiving powerful remunerative incentives to address marketing objectives, priorities, targets and policies of the pharmaceutical industry.
    It cannot.
    The profession and it’s regulators MUST address this, and MUST rediscover that if the patient does not truly come first, it is not medicine that is being practiced, it is deception.

    Thank you Professor Gotzsche for your further fastidious scientific analysis, deconstruction of medical mythology and for your courage and fortitude.

    Those of us who have had our own, or our dear loved ones lives destroyed, been incarcerated, ridiculed and abused, forcibly drugged and then exiled from society by the ineptitude of primary and secondary care doctors at recognising akathisia and incompetence at differentiating SSRI induced toxic psychosis from functional psychosis, afford you our utmost respect and gratitude.
    Those less “fortunate” are dead.


    Time dependent neurotoxicity of both “First” and “Second Generation Antipsychotics” – (Correctly and originally classified honestly as MAJOR TRANQUILLISERS) – induces movement disorders such as AKATHISIA and TARDIVE DYSKNESIA.

    These drugs, in addition to profound mutii-systems long term toxicities, all have the neuro-toxic capability to cause:-

    What an “Alice in Wonderland” pseudo-therapuetic medical thought disorder – to accelerate intellectual decline in ageing human beings as a means of achieving COERCIVE COMMAND AND CONTROL.
    Is this apparently unethical practice compatible with any residual integrity in the practice of 21st Century Medicine?

    Retired and increasingly incredulous physician.

  • Thank you Dr. Martell. Your courage and sincerity command respect.
    “Underpinning the approach is the fantasy that the medical expert can diagnose an illness to cure through a battery of technical interventions, drugs and behavioural therapy for example”.
    When it comes to the fundamental failure of psychiatry it is the inability to differentiate the physical, psychological and behavioural adverse psychotropic prescription drug injuries from “Serious Mental Illness” which is the primary cause of growing contempt for the mainstream.
    It is from this abandonment of the ethics and empathy of sincere and compassionate medical practice that physicians and colleagues out-with psychiatry may perceive a duty to alert its trainees to the harms which they will be taught and called upon to inflict on fellow human beings. These iatrogenic harms destroy physical, psychological and social health and well being.
    Via medication induced akathisia and its resultant violence directed at self and/or others, these ADRs kill.
    During forty years of clinical and academic medicine I discussed with doctors in training that there are no inherently non-prestigious medical specialities, only doctors whose actions destroyed professional respect. This appears to be the case in establishment psychiatry.
    Once a psychiatrist has misdiagnosed a life threatening ADR as a serious mental illness, they cannot possibly achieve any meaningful consultation with that patient again. Further injuries are already being caused caused by coercion, abduction, incarceration, humiliation and enforced additional drugging. The latter further exacerbates toxicity: – there is no turning back. There will be no apology.
    One of the most hubristic aspects of psychiatry’s inappropriate belief system is to believe that they can indeed continue in a therapeutic relationship. Another “underpinning fantasy”?
    The therapeutic consultation cannot exist in the absence of trust and goodwill. Both have been destroyed irreversibly.
    The clinical deterioration resulting from cumulative, and now life threatening neurological drug toxicity is used to reinforce a cascade of “diagnoses”, each accompanied by further drugging and ever increasing toxicity.
    When neurotoxicity has suppressed all ability to function, patients who needed ITU care may expect to be documented as displaying “manipulative behaviour”.
    Withdrawal syndromes cause more of the same, “proving” that their treatment was necessary and that pseudo-diagnosis was valid.
    I occasionally met a gifted and committed psychiatrist who has fought against such malpractices for pretty much a professional lifetime. Such empathy, sincerity and dedication inspires me. Their courage in relentless adversity humbles me. I wonder what toll such sacrifice and selflessness is paid by their own health and the wellbeing of their families.
    Whilst you make clear your objective to move into areas of psychiatric practice which are based on empathy, humility and humanity, I wonder if that by asking, and indeed publishing your “question en route to work”, do you already have your answer?

    Retired physician.

  • This is surely the most powerful and the most discomforting revelation of the brutal and ruthless tactics of egregious pharma-marketing to date.
    Forty years as a doctor, and my naivety in considering drug companies to be ethically based and patient focused is a cause of profound regret.
    Thank you and those dedicated to evidence based medicine.
    Retired Physician.

  • Aria, – and all the countless thousands of people of all ages who are condemned to exile from mainstream society by the the failure of mainstream psychiatry to understand and recognise AKATHISA: – how much of what is labelled as “Serious Mental Illness” is never, and never has been related to any psychiatric disorder whatsoever?
    Your neurologist recognised that you had chemical brain injuries as a result of fatuous attempts to treat a life threatening Adverse Drug Reaction with more of the inappropriate “medications” which cause and hence intensify akathisia.
    Why were psychiatrists unable to do so?
    How can any SSRI or other psychotropic drug be validly consented and ethically precribed if the prescriber has not warned of the importance and implications of this common, neurotoxic movement disorder? ( or has never heard of akathisia?)
    Prescribers seem to be oblivious to the tragedy that drug induced akathisia can cause extreme and unusual psychological and behavioural changes dominated by overwhelming agitation.
    “The combination of medication, fluctuating restlessness, suicidality, aggression and toxic hallucinations are pathognomonic (absolutely diagnostic) of akathisia.
    We cannot find any other diagnosis in medical taxonomy that combines suicidal and aggressive thoughts with medication, nor any other that recedes when the culprit drug has been taken away”.
    (Eikelenboom, Lucire and Fogelman. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. 2016).

    The years of life destroyed by this consistent and lamentable failure of basic differential diagnosis must be added to the lives lost via deaths due to all forms of psychiatric drug- induced human and family tragedy.
    When the fundamental failure of biological psychiatry is finally called to account, it is their inability to differentiate the profoundly injurious effects of psycholeptic drugs from serious mental illness which is the avoidable cause of such devastating physical, psychological, and social iatrogenic destruction of individuals, families and their loved ones which should condemn what is purveyed as “medical practice”.
    Retired Physician.

  • Thank you Katinka and thanks to your children for such courage and powerful advocacy for those whose lives are derailed, destroyed or terminated by these and other psychotropic drugs used inappropriately for stress, anxiety, “exam nerves” and normal life experiences. Much of the following applies equally to those treated for depression.
    AKATHISIA is the most dangerous of the cascade of serious adverse drug actions to SSRI’s and it is apparently unknown and unrecognised by many prescribers. Hence, the extent of the iatrogenic catastrophe of misdiagnosis via pharmacological ignorance remains unquantified. Evidence increasingly points to a vast, expanding and entirely avoidable number of otherwise well people. Their great misfortune has been to trust that mainstream psychiatry offers professional, medical expertise in alleviating adverse human experience causing intense, albeit transient distress, using “medication” with SSRIs. Primary care physicians have been deliberately mislead by the now serially deconstructed, ghost written papers which proclaimed them to be “safe and effective”.
    The overwhelming neurotoxicity which you became aware of is so often mis-interpreted due to mediocre history taking and ignorance of pharmaco-toxicolgy amongst prescribers. The profoundly agitated, ceaselessly moving, pacing, skin picking, hair pulling SSRI-akathisic patient returns to the prescriber who prescribes an alternative SSRI in the false belief that a psychiatric presentation is deteriorating.
    The akathisia intensifies. Tragically, they refer to psychiatry instead of recognising and managing an acute,
    life-threatening medical emergency. Then follows the predictable, deeply prejudiced “diagnosis” of
    “psychotic depression”- often in those, like yourself who were never depressed. Next follows false imprisonment, deprivation of all human rights, separation from family and enforced drugging with dubiously licensed, brain injuring drugs which still further aggravate akathisia. Inevitable failure to respond is labelled as “treatment resistance” and their iatrogenic abuse and destruction is played out through a cascade of neurotoxic, enforced pyschotropic drugs. Eventually, the ultra-fashionable pseudo-diagnosis of “Bipolar Disorder” follows together with the “label for life” of “Serious Mental Illness” recorded on the S.M.I. register. For many of these poisoned people, this is terminal to all life’s dreams, hopes aspirations and the end of hope. It is the anti-christ of caring and compassionate medical practice.
    In the UK the profoundly embarrassing, fatuous establishment campaign “Stop Bashing Psychiatry” grumbles on. Somewhat hopeless perhaps, as “establishment psychiatrists” inexorably destroy their own credibility through such ignorance, arrogance, brutality and inhumanity.
    Retired Physician.

  • Pauline,
    “I look to NICE Guidelines from the U.K.”

    Following your link, I realised I had not previously read
    NICE: Information for people who use NHS mental health services. December 2011.

    Quality Standard for service user experience in adult mental health.

    To paraphrase Ghandi: – Great idea, pity no ones ever tried it.

    These idealistic concepts read as pure fantasy.

  • Commenting to agree entirely with your two legislative actions, and to affirm that you are correct in your observations of overwhelming arrogance and outrageous ignorance amongst those who prescribe these drugs and then miss the most dangerous of the adverse drug reactions to psychotropic drugs: –
    The role of individual patient’s metabolic vulnerability to SSRI, SNRI and antipsychotics induced akathisia resulting from Inherited Cytochrome CYP 450 Genomic Variants has helped me realise and understand what toxicities are hidden, confused, denied and misdiagnosed as “psychotic illness”. Akathisia is the basis of psychiatric drug induced suicidality, aggression and homicidality.
    It is poorly recognised and little understood by primary care physicians and nurse prescribers. It is frequently unrecognised as an acute chemical brain toxicity in psychiatry and taken as “proof” of serious mental illness.
    Akathisia does not “reveal” underlying or “dormant” mental illness, it is a physical brain injury,
    (aka G.B.H.)
    They have no shame, no professional awareness of their grotesque prescribing and diagnostic errors and are incapable of apology.
    Akathisia is an acute, life threatening medical emergency. It should be managed by highly skilled, acute emergency physicians with access to I.T.U. facilities.
    Your courage, your accuracy of analysis, is received with sincere respect.
    I wish you recovery from your appalling and unnecessary chemical injuries, and look forward to your brilliant further advocacy on behalf of so many other veterans, as well as all the victims of psychiatry’s hubris.

    Thank you.
    Ref. The Relevance of Pharmacogenetics in Psychiatry. Lucire. Y.

    Retired Physician. (Not Emergency/Intensive Care).

  • CatNight.
    Thank you, I value your reply and your insight.
    What to do about “impaired colleagues” who should “never have been given a white coat”?
    Yesterday, the UK was assured that our General Medical Council “exists to protect patients”.
    It seems that in order to achieve this protection, our regulators may be dependent on the duty of doctors in all disciplines to identify any members of our profession who might potentially pose a danger to patients.
    You recall “impaired colleagues – – ” — “so messed up emotionally they have suppressed the ability to see themselves as capable of error”.
    It seems to many, who have themselves been, or have had loved ones so terribly injured by misdiagnosis, enforced drugging and deprivation of freedom that there is an absolute denial of fallibility. This in turn, by the denial and rejection of any potential challenge to psychiatry as practised by the majority.
    Good medicine cannot exist without humility and empathy in its practitioners.
    Whilst supporting a positive dialogue with those who possess these qualities, surely it is also appropriate for the public to expect these same psychiatrists to identify from within, those whose dogma causes such unquantified human injury and devastation?
    Our regulators may then at last begin to “protect” the public from mainstream psychiatry.

  • “If we had the power to make these psychiatrists “imbibe” first what they offer and have offered us in the way of “treatments” – – -, the psychiatrists themselves would in short order bury their own beloved psychiatry along with their DSMs, deep in the dustbins of history – ”

    Inarguably correct Fred Abbe.
    We should be unrelenting in demanding this experience as the most scientific component of alleged “specialist training” in this failed medical (ill)-discipline in order to facilitate the demise you envisage.

    The egregious fantasy: “We stabilise the acutely suicidal and care for those gripped by depression, ensure the safety of the psychotic and save patients from the ravages of addiction” has echoed in my mind for several days now.
    A cascade of disbelief that such self-deception can form the foundation of “training” in psychiatry. Clearly trainees are deceived as blatantly as those unfortunate souls who fall into the hands of this dustbin fodder-in-waiting as patients?

    One often quoted man-of-history from the war which lead to your father’s pertinent action and your so-relevant recollection, J. Robert Oppenheimer observed:
    “No man should escape our universities without knowing how little he knows.”
    Clearly not only are medical students escaping from our universities in this vulnerable state, some are destined to complete psychiatric training without knowing how little they know.
    As I will soon have studied and practised medicine for half a century, may I attempt to apply what limited knowledge I regard as fact in correcting this ill-advised paragraph?

    For accuracy and integrity I believe it must read as follows: –

    “Via our ever-closer union and symbiosis with the ruthless marketing of the pharmaceutical industry, the sharing of ghost-written, serially discredited clinical trials and our denial of harms, –
    We de-stabilise the acutely depressed and take care to ignore the iatrogenic akathisia we create in those gripped by depression, as well as in those who were never depressed.
    We ensure that there can be no safety for those we label as psychotic by poisoning them with drugs that cause progressive irreversible intellectual impairment, and worse.
    We cannot save patients from the ravages of addiction as we refuse to recognise that which is caused by ourselves, via our desperate lack of awareness of psycho-pharmaology and ignorance of pharmaco-genomics.”

  • Truly horrifying hubris. Almost unbelievable to contemplate that a person who is allegedly medically qualified can promote such truly delusional false concepts.
    Is this man being “trained” and by whom? Indoctrinated rather than trained surely?
    I try to maintain moderation when responding to MIA. These monstrous words beggar belief.

  • Such appalling and catastrophic iatrogenic destruction of individuals and their families.
    Exponential evidence of human devastation and destruction caused and perpetuated by mainstream psychiatry. In addition to their intolerable arrogance, cult like belief systems, routine use of lies, coercion and deception, there is institutional denial of fallibility.
    This leads to refusal to acknowledge the fundamental importance of diligently listening to, and accepting that the family are identifying to the psychiatrist that their unique and incomparable knowledge of their son, daughter, wife or husband identifies life threatening psycholeptic Adverse Drug Reactions and not Serious Mental Illness.
    Those whose loved ones survive these relentless and enforced psycho-pharmacological injuries may be left in a lifetime of perpetual grieving for all life’s opportunities lost at a time of peak and critical opportunity. A world of twilight existence, devoid of living of what others might enjoy as normal life.
    That such cruelty and torment is inflicted by persons believing themselves to be doctors imposes immense shame on the profession of medicine and surely should be of concern to its regulators.
    How could this pre-destined pushing of some of the worlds most dangerous prescription drugs until death or close-to-it be ameliorated?

    What if a global campaign for the AWARENESS OF AKATHISIA lead to every SSRI prescriber fulfilling their mandated duties of a doctor with the following words of truth? –

    “This medication may cause extreme and unusual psychological and behavioural changes dominated by overwhelming agitation, which in turn, may cause aggression and violence to yourself or others. This may result in suicide or homicide.”

    Awareness mandates choice. Truth justifies trust. – “Win – win”?

    The U.K. The General Medical Council – Prescribing Guidance: – Raising Concerns.
    States:- 2. 45.


    I would suggest that forcing a profoundly akathisic patient to take additional drugs that exacerbate akathisia and induce aggression, violence and iatrogenic psychosis must surely mandate such questioning.

    How such valid concern might be addressed, when challenging the most powerful speciality component of the medical establishment, is apparently unknown.
    Whatever the response, might it provide insight into professional regulation in the light of the tragedies that have befallen so many, and which are illustrated by the immense courage and fortitude of Catherine and Jan.

  • I agree with you passionately.
    All medical graduates who are coerced into psychiatric training must experience the devastating effects of these injurious, pseudo-medications.
    Of course, some would experience more catastrophic adverse drug reactions (ADRs) than others.
    It would however be their first, and possibly their only, relevant education in psycho-pharmacology.
    Some would gain experience that allowed them to empathise with their patients and regard them as human. They may even become their patients advocates.
    They would of course be learning from this essential experience in a controlled and protected environment, with access to resuscitation and ICU facilities.
    Not available of course in the “real world” of psychiatric drugging.
    They would not presumably have their barn-door obvious akathisia mis-diagnosed as psychotic depression, be sectioned, and enforced to receive more of the drug/s that were causing their ADRs.
    Or would they?
    Mis-diagnosing akathisia and its sequalae ( i.e. collateral damage) as first episode psychosis is such a routine error in psychiatry, perhaps, even under these conditions “senior psychiatrists” might remain incapable of accurate differential diagnosis?

  • Thank you Katinka.
    This global, avoidable epidemic of “Corporate Medical” Manslaughter” –
    (or worse ?) must be stopped.
    Scientific reason is not well received by mainstream psychiatry. They prefer science fiction.
    Perhaps unrelenting litigation and and the resulting assault on the pharmaceutical share price might, at last, turn this hideous tide?
    Perhaps it might also make young medical graduates question the tragedy of their wasted degrees and help them avoid a medical career-lifetime of causing iatrogenic death, disability and destruction of lives and families. These, the result of being deceived by their teachers into enforcing the ingestion of fraudulently licensed drugs in the indoctrinated belief that they are treating “disease”by causing catastrophic neurological and other multi-systems injuries.
    Those who ill-advisedly pursue a career in psychiatry might become self critical enough to address psychiatry’s fundamental failure. That is their consistent inability to differentiate akathisia and it’s sequalae from serious mental illness.
    Psychiatry has become medicine’s Enron.

  • Reflecting on these posts a couple of months on, I am increasingly asking myself:- how could I possibly have been so naive as to trust and respect the current drug driven and merciless false paradigm of biological psychiatry?
    During four decades of medical practice I met, collaborated with and grew to respect many gifted and devoted doctors in a range of disciplines. Their raison d’être was to strive for the best possible clinical and personal outcomes for their patient’s physical (primary objective) and always (albeit the secondary objective) personal, psychological and social outcomes.
    This often came at significant cost to these doctors families, as well as to themselves..
    Like so many – I would go for many years without holidays being interrupted, even dominated by requests from patients in genuine need or from their carers or physicians.
    This was perceived to be the norm.
    Such respect turned out to be dangerous, damaging and destructive when transferred, without insight, into the realities of the pharma-marketing dominated and science-fiction evidence based hubris of psychiatry.

    With regard to the dangers of prescribing, In the UK our regulators have advised, us: –


    This is clearly intended to apply to individual practitioners on a case by case basis.
    The vast suffering, injury and destruction caused by institutionalised prescribing errors in the cult-like, drug, detain and enforce modus operandi of mainstream psychiatry overwhelms this fundamental professional duty.
    My professional respect for those who have found the integrity, honesty and courage to speak out from within this immensely powerful and ruthless “medical speciality” continues to grow incrementally.

    Dr. Tim.

  • When it comes to the fundamental failure of biological psychiatry: – It is their inability to differentiate the profoundly injurious effects of psycholeptic drugs from serious mental illness which is the cause of such catastrophic physical, psychological and social destruction to individuals, their families and loved ones.
    Might a commitment to critical self vigilance, a return to scientific credibility and the re-discovery of honesty and humility within psychiatry begin to contribute to a necessary conflict resolution?

  • Why is AKATHISIA in inverted comma’s?
    This is the most dangerous of the array of toxicities of SSRI’s and evidence continues to be published linking SSRIs / psycholeptic induced suicidality and homicidality to cytochrome CYP 450 genomic variants. This indicates impaired metabolism of SSRIs causing AKATHISIA and it’s catastrophic sequalae. Hence it’s relevance in forensic psychiatry.
    I fear that this acute, life threatening, and indeed life destroying neurotoxic, extra-pyramidal movement disorder is poorly recognised and under-diagnosed.
    In the UK it is seldom “yellow carded.”
    It is perhaps more likely to be misdiagnosed as a Serious Mental Illness and then made worse by detention and enforced further toxicity with SSRI’/SNRI’s and antipsychotics.
    This diagnostic failure is because these medications, via akathisia, can cause extreme and unusual psychological and behaviour changes dominated by overwhelming agitation.

    As Eikelenboom, Lucire and Fogelman published in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine earlier this year: –

    “The combination of medication, fluctuating restlessness, suicidality, aggression and toxic hallucination are pathognomonic of akathisia.
    We cannot find any other diagnosis in medical taxonomy that combines suicidal and aggressive thoughts with medication, nor any other that recedes when the culprit drug has been taken away”.

  • Thank you for reminding us that wisdom, empathy compassion and commitment to listen – (to those whose lives, health and future have been destroyed by the cult like adherence to the delusion of “safe and effective” -) still exists in your field of my profession.
    You must have been persecuted by your peers for being both correct and courageous.
    How many of those you care so deeply about never had any real “psychiatric illness”?
    How many were pilled, poisoned and their adverse experiences plus akathisia used to justify the labels for lifetime failure applied as misdiagnosed serious A.D.R.s?

    SSRIs —-> Akathisia ——> Biologic Psychiatrist = “Psychotic Depression” = Life Chances Devastated.

    ADHD drugging —–> Spiral of devastation to hopes dreams and aspirations.
    Of course there are survivors and your inspirational approach offers some hope of that.

    Better be “guided by the stars” than the Science Fiction evidence base of a cruel and destructive form of psychiatry which has become medicine’s Enron.

    The “experts” are utterly incompetent at differentiating life threatening ADR’s (with their bizarre psychologic and behavioural features) from serious mental illness.

    It is a professional disgrace.

  • Might there be significant antipsychotic induced endocrine toxicity/toxicities with their own separate long term sequelae? (Both morbidity and mortality sequelae?).
    For example, risperidone induced hyper-prolactinaemia leads to male and female mammary hyperplasia. What impact might this have on the future development of invasive breast cancer?
    Thyroid hyperplasia et al?
    Thank you.

  • Share your concern.

    Same “medications” SSRI’s / SNRI’s (with risk of iatrogenic suicidality, aggression, homicidality) – are used in those considered to have depression as well as PTSD.

    AKATHISIA is the common mediating adverse drug reaction. There remains very limited awareness and very limited diagnostic recognition amongst prescribers.

    Also: – Those thousands of civilians who have escaped the terrors of war (and worse-still) in the worlds conflict zones will be seen as a massive psychopharma marketing opportunity.

    Suicide prevention demands accurate, rapid, reliable, recognition of AKATHISIA as a matter of great urgency.

  • Eloquently presented tautology. This moves Pharma Marketing Masquerading as Medicine from pseudo-science to science fiction.
    Wasn’t the recent, truly scientific re-analysis of Study 329 also a BMJ publication? (September 2015.) “Neither Effective nor Safe.”

    Once again, no mention of unrecognised AKATHISIA as the real cause of the lethal and quality of life destroying – ( i.e. the rest of a foreshortened) – life, via mis-diagnosed iatrogenic “pseudo-bipolar.”

    This is clearly the banned “A -word” of “academic psychiatry”, primary care prescribing, and the whole toxic enterprise of the psychiatry – pharma industry. When a cursory reference to AKATHISIA is made, it is “downgraded” to an “inner restlessness.” The intensity of OVERWHELMING AGITATION and PHYSICAL, ACUTE PSYCHOLOGIC and BEHAVIOURAL changes – following, introduction or withdrawal of, change of, and – or, increased dose of SSRI, is a presentation of utmost, dramatic intensity.

    Once witnessed and correctly diagnosed, never forgotten.
    AKATHISIA is a diagnosis that saves life and prevents the tragedy of iatrogenic multifocal brain, endocrine, integumentary, and metabolic systemic injury via the assumption that SSRI induced AKATHISIA is a mandatory, permanent indication for the “Oppenheimer” prescription drugs marketed as
    “anti-psychotic” + “mood stabiliser”.

    “For I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

  • Thank you for your response to Akathisia Misdiagnosis Fiachra
    Re Extra pyramidal equals akathisia, — agreed.
    I should have specifically referred to the grotesque features of iatrogenic tardive dyskinesia which may rapidly follow the failure to recognise, diagnose and adequately manage acute SSRI induced Akathisia.

    Psychiatry means “never having to say you’re sorry”.

  • The life threatening toxicities of SSRI’s share the basic common denominator of AKATHISIA. This is apparently poorly understood by prescribers, Tragically, AKATHISIA is vulnerable to mis-diagnosis as a first episode psychosis. This is “managed” with further SSRI /s and “anti-psychotic/s, increasing the serotonin toxicity and causing extra-pyramidal and other brain, as well as systemic injury.
    The truly bizarre and unique behavioural, personalty and physical changes should make a clinical diagnosis relatively straightforward.
    A prescription drug history: —-> introduction of SSRI, change in dose of, change of SSRI, or cessation of SSRI, resulting very rapidly in “pseudo-psychotic” behaviour and extreme, overwhelming AGITATION will provide the basis of a safer and more effective approach to this vital differential diagnosis.

  • See and N.B. – third paragraph: Gary Kohl -“personality traits and behaviours”

    –“Agitated behaviour” aka misdiagnosed ( as usual ) AKATHISIA.

    “Cognitive impairment produced by SSRI’s or antidepressant medication prescribed in adolescents – -”
    Which also cause impaired sexual function in up to 50%.

    When will prescribers ever achieve adequate knowledge, awareness, understanding and diagnostic competence re AKATHISIA?

    This a life threatening, common, prescription drug toxicity.

    AKATHISIA + AK 47 = an appalling combination.

    Why no high intensity C.M.E program of awareness of worst of SSRI toxicities for all prescribers of these extremely dangerous medications?

    Diagnose akathisia competently and reliably, and monitor the benefits to tormented individuals and to society.

    Retired Physician.

  • Very brave, and of course you are correct to challenge on the basis of intro-genesis. There are no sustainable, scientifically arguable responses to your wise, perceptive and vital questions.
    Psychiatry still means “never having to say you’re sorry”.
    How is U.K. “mainstream psychiatry” ever going to meet the G.M.C. required “Duty of Candour” whilst continuing in absolute denial, in order to sustain a false, cruel and injurious paradigm?
    Retired Physician.

  • Everywhere including “Autopsy” (22/04/2015.)

    The Forensic Pathologist stated;
    “Mirtazapine is a drug that is used to treat major or severe depressive illness.”
    “One of the reasons for depression is that the level of neurotransmitters – chemicals that pass the signal from one nerve to another inside the brain is too low.”
    Mirtazapine acts by increasing the levels of two of these neurotransmitters- noradrenalin and serotonin and so alleviates the symptoms of depression.”
    This was visually emphasised by animated brain signalling images in three dimensions, with flashing lights.

    (The above was carefully transcribed from the broadcast and I believe that it is a correct record. It is hence posted “in good faith”)
    The phrase “one of the reasons for” clearly implies there believed to be are other reasons for? There is no implied criticism of the presenter or the program. However, this observation does seem to contradict Dr Alexander”s assertion perhaps?

  • This compelling situation of recognised tragedy and endless grief might be expected to result in hard scientific evaluation of the potential for psycho-leptic drug use and/or withdrawal, to have contributed to suicidal ideation / completion. i.e. The loss of this aircraft and all souls onboard. This is too important to be dismissed as “anti-psychiatry”. The term defends the indefensible.
    Those whose experience of the willingness of “mainstream psychiatry” to dismiss and deny such severe and wide ranging “medication” toxicites includes multi-systems injury to their loved ones: initially afforded respect and belief in their “science”. We have been abused, mislead, deceived, injured and traumatised. Our lives can never be re-constructed. Those who remain alive have a duty to demand absolute openness, honesty and integrity in the meticulous investigation of this most terrible loss.

  • This is the reality. Thank you.
    On reflection it may be too late for my recent appeal to mainstream psychiatry to consider a
    “wider commitment to critical self vigilance and scientific humility” as a “contribution to a necessary conflict resolution”.
    These are the fundamental characteristics of all of those compassionate, empathetic, scientifically and therapeutically advancing specialities in medicine where long, medium and short term outcomes have been fastidiously observed and openly shared for verified gains in holistic, integrated patient care. This foundation of evolutionary, constantly improving medical and clinical practice. It demands honesty and integrity in sharing with patients and their loved ones our inevitable, episodic misjudgements during our lifetime of medical practice. We are required to identify acknowledged risks with our patients and their families. Of course, these ideals may not always be delivered but they are the basic common denominator of “patient focused care”.
    I am deeply saddened that I have not (initially) observed these attributes or witnessed their delivery in the last four years of having to live with an acute medical emergency in a close family member – (Serotonin syndrome and gross SSRI induced akathisia – masquerading under an erroneous psychiatric diagnostic label.)
    The individual cost, in terms of iatrogenic injuries resulting from enforced, CNS, endocrine, metabolic and dermatologic psycho-tropic drug toxicity as well as destruction of emotional. relationship, employment and social life chances, are now incalculable.
    How do we rehabilitate those who have been forcibly detained entirely as a result of the behavioural toxicities of “medication” they were compelled to consume?
    Of course there is no anti-cardiology, anti-dermatology, anti-orthopaedics or anti- any of the wide range of specialities within Medicine with whom I have studied, worked or referred patients to, during 46 years of learning and practising as a doctor.
    These specialities will have little difficulty in meeting the imminent “Duty of Candour” currently being developed by the G.M.C.
    Why does Psychiatry appear to mean “Never having to Say You’re Sorry?”
    I am not “anti-psychiatry”.
    Those few academically honest , sincere and compassionate psychiatrists we have had the great fortune to have address the above suffering will remain amongst the most respected and gifted Physicians I have encountered. Their respect is further enhanced by the professional risk, retribution and adversity which is the price they elect to pay for their dedication to practise psychiatry with maximum benefit and minimal harms.

    trm – retired consultant physician.