Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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  • I quit seroquel 2 days ago. baruch hashem. I did not experience any withdrawal side effects.

    I was first prescribed seroquel because I was seeing a therapist and I was trying to work my life out. I was 26 or 27 and just divorced. It was a traumatic time. I was given a diagnosis of situational anxiety. I asked my doctor to change it to bi polar disorder cause my insurance gave better benefits to those who have a disorder, situational anxiety doesn;t count as a disorder.

    At my worst I was on 900mg a day, I had gained 30 pounds, I laid in bed all day, I couldn’t speak properly, and I was in a somewhat vegetative state.

    at some point I looked in the mirror and I realized what was going on and I decided to immediately quit.

    quitting at 900mgs wasn;t a great idea

    i became somewhat psychotic as I rapidly tapered down, I was walking around the city a lot for the excercise. I was a mess.

    In the midst of my mental breakdown I got falsely arrested by police officers who decided to pick on me in my weak mental condition. A lawsuit is now pending against the city of new york.

    my personal life has been on a roller coaster ride. My family mostly abandoned me over the last 5 years as I struggled, not necessarily with mental health, but with what seemed like mental health issues.

    I was just having a hard time. I needed help and love. I didn’t need drugs. psychiatrists treat their patients like test subjects. they will just try medications and see what happens. they openly acknowledge that this is what they do. the lack of due diligence required is disgusting. my psychiatrist now, he sees me for about 30 seconds, he is no different from a drug dealer, except he is licensed by big pharma to be a cog in big drug deals.

    While I am not completely against the use of psychiatric medication, It should be illegal for a licensed doctor to label someone with any disorder. Disorders cannot be proven. These is no test for any single mental illness in the dsm. psychiatry is a pseudo science. there is no doubt that it can help people in some ways, and it has helped me. but the way it is regulated, in favor of big pharma profits, made it so that true help is so difficult to find.

    I now believe that most people who are diagnosed with bi polar or other mental illnesses do not have them. modern society has been gaslit. We are being driven crazy by the modern world and than tricked into thinking we are crazy when this is a crazy world.

    So I went from taking

    100 mg of trazodone
    900mg of seroquel down to 25mg which i maintained for a long time (i quit at 25 mg btw, so it was easy)
    10-20mg of valium a day
    300 mg of topiramate (i was taking this at one point to counteract the seroquel weight gain. this is terrible for your liver).

    Now I take none of this garbage. Maybe some valium to help me sleep or to manage occasional anxiety.

    god help us all!