Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • I sent an email to senators and representatives.

    As your constituent, I am writing you from ______, Massachusetts. I am part of an RCC). As you all know, a 1.7 million cut to the Recovery Learning Communities’ budget has been proposed by Governor Baker for Fiscal Year 2016. This cut to the Adult Community Mental Health Services line item would slash funding for the state’s six Recovery Learning Communities by 50%. These news have amazed, as well as, concerned me a lot.

    I knew a woman who since she was in middle school, dreamed of attending college and be a professional. She came from a humble community and a minority. When she graduated from high school, she saw the opportunity to yeah her goal. She pursued and graduated with an A.A., B.S., M.S _______ University, and Started pursuing A Ph.D while working as a General Manager. A woman who reached the first 14 years or her goals… a lot more to do…she thought.

    What she did not know was that she was ill for years, but the illness did not showed up much until very difficult situations crumbled her life. The career woman who was so independent, dynamic, social, problem solving and courageous was not there anymore. She was diagnosed with different mental conditions that affected her to continue with everything she was accomplishing. No more work, no more studying and a lot of isolation. That woman is me.

    After 7 years of therapy, hospitalizations and self-commitment, I met a person from an RCC one and a half year ago. I never heard from it, never received so much information regarding resources and assistance. I couldn’t believed that a program like this, “Peers’ based group ” was there for me and many others. At first I was scared to be among people, but I went one day. When I opened the door, I was welcomed as if I was known for ever by these strangers. That day was the beginning of a new goal, “at least get out of my isolation for some hours; meet others who can empathize; to be in a place where I can learned and be trained to be a facilitator and assist others.

    Thanks to the RCC, its peers and my commitment to it: I have not been hospitalized or gone to an emergency room due to anxieties or depression: I have started working on my hobby in photography; I have learned and teach about the community; I have laugh aloud again.

    I am proudly part of a very smart, strong, vibrant, and energetic group.

    The RCC is the only place everybody in need can be part of a group to learn, teach and share without waiting lists, medical insurance or eligibility processes.

    I am an example of a person who was a career woman who might won’t be able to work as before, but, still educated, smart and eager to learn and teach what I know. Thanks to the RCC, I can work some hours even as a volunteer and some per diem that helps a lot. Thanks to the RCC, I do not feel so alone, I am useful, I am empowered.

    Any cut to this program will hurt so many lives, opportunities for recovery, and the opportunity to develop a HEALTHY COMMUNITY.

    Remember that nobody is exempt of getting ill…nobody!

    Thank you for your time and consideration,