Thursday, October 28, 2021

Comments by Bethola

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  • I love you want lived experience and agree we need research and data! I also agree very few resources! I shared on a Facebook public page I have Pharmacopsychiatric Industrial Complex Impact Stories.
    I am concerned because the survey rejected my input over and over. I did mgs like it says but will not accept. I know my past & current doses so, not sure the issue yet hope it can be fixed because many will give up!
    Wish I could post photo of error message will post on my Facebook page. I am just going to time out and I really wanted to get to the what worked and what challenged my recover with Psyc drugs!
    Thank you for this research.

  • How many RLC have fulltime and part-time employees, earning enough to support an individual and maybe a child too, in MA within the 6 RLCs?

    I have to agree that the money is barely helping some in a power differential that reflects the MH system, IMO.

    I agree that our RLCs at times, when lost with internalized “crappy” thoughts and beliefs, function similar to many of my MH experiences and I dislike this. I have tried to change things, bring the values and ethics to the forefront, minor success.

    I am starting to feel my certifications are like “scarlet ” letters or a pink triangel on my identity as a whole unique human! They out me to society as a “mentally ill” and/or “diagnosed” person.

    I have thought of them as ways to share my experiences to help others be harmed less. Yet the MH system is having no issues feeding more people into the system and younger and older adult folks are getting the “treatment.”

    I think alternatives are good and have had healing experiences yet why can we not focus more on stopping the harmful practices instead of creating CPSs for the MH system to use, even misuse ( like the AOT pilot ), for the continuing “treatments” that are still harming and brainwashing individuals?

    What would happen if we did without money? Would people still meet in homes, community spaces, parks in good weather? Would we still keep and make connections and organize great stuff? Could we still share current and new knowledge and supports?

    I do not know a business that can take a 50% hit and keep on “truckin” but can we ask questions and begin to reflect on how we have structured our community to depend on, well for me my perpetrator?