Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • Thank you Michael for the really interesting article. I have completed recently my PhD on ADHD drug holidays and published October last year (2014) a Review on the practice of drug holidays from ADHD medication in children and adolescents and found out (confirming your views) that they can be a useful multiple tool: identify the continuing need for ADHD medication and the ability of the CHILD to cope without the medication, manage the physical and psychological side-effects of medication, manage or avoid development of drug tolerance (the need to increase the dose continually to achieve the same effectiveness), and prevent drug-induced growth retardation. if interested please check my article:
    interestingly, although drug holidays could be helpful and carry no harm with its practice, many parents and practitioners seem to be not in favour of trying to stop the medication for a variety of reasons. Drugging children continues despite the fact that many of them experience really unpleasant and serious side-effects. Sadly improvement at school performance and behaviour is the main driver for keep medicating children.