Friday, December 2, 2022

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  • Yes, a million times yes to what you have said here. My own son was exposed to Ambien in utero while i was on bed rest. After his birth we went home from the hospital and cold turkeyed. I know this was the cause of so many of his problems then and since. I advocate for benzo victims everywhere, but the stories that hurt the most are the children. Far too many have been permanently altered in their demeanor, cognition, etc. It’s heart breaking especially considering there are so many safer alternatives that can and should be implemented before or in conjunction with these medications. Benzos are for emergency use, not daily use. If the medical profession could just get that through their heads this world would be better for it. Bless you and your family. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • In my Benzodiazepine Awareness group a member brought up his own experience with ex convicts who are forced to take psychiatric medication as part of their parole. I would like to see a story on this and how often the combination of psychiatric medication combined with a criminal record leads to or diminishes future criminal acts. Now THAT is the kind of bold investigation we need from people with such resources as the Spotlight reporters.

  • I found this very illuminating. Really insightful and well done! I would disagree with the bit that says, basically, a slow taper over a period of months or a year is what is recommend by medical practitioners. While it is recommended by experts, generally doctors recommend 1-4 weeks. Obviously this is to blame for the rampant misdiagnosis of persons suffering from withdrawal symptoms months or years after they have withdrawn.

  • Yes! The gloves are off. It’s amazingly difficult to persuade people that what they have been told by their doctors are lies. No matter how many facts you present they truly believe they would be dead without these drugs. They vehemently defend the abusers who have stripped them of their intellectual abilities, physical health, dignity, and even freedom! It’s Stockholm Syndrome, and like so many other mental health problems, it was created by the industry that is meant to treat it.

  • Good luck with your book and don’t give up hope. I never knew what anxiety was until I cold turkyed Cymbalta. I went mental . This was long after my Ambien ct and before my Ativan taper. I also stayed in my network, enduring judgement and ridicule so no-one could accuse me of doctor shopping. I’m looking more like myself seven months after a Valium taper and my mind is slowly coming back.My grandfather died of Alzheimer’s shortly after Drs started drugging him. What will be will be. But for now I plan on and have every hope of living a good life for as long as I can.

  • I remember when you confessed to being a psychiatrist; I looked to see if there was literally a target painted on your chest hah. It’s incredible to me that anyone can in good conscience apply the philosophy of buyer beware when it comes to the the practice of medicine and specifically psychiatry. We’re talking about the ability to take someone’s life both physically and psychologically. Patients are not the same as consumers. Given the current state of health care we often don’t have much of a choice which provider we solicit. Many doctors are either completely misinformed or simply not informed altogether about what they are prescribing, not only due to negligence but because of the deliberate dissemination of misinformation. I was neither informed that Ativan was a psychiatric medication nor was my doctor aware that it can cause a discontinuation syndrome that lasts for years. Then, of course when you do try to question the authority of the all mighty pill you are labeled as a patient of psychiatry and therefore any concerns you have, no matter how legitimate, are categorized as symptoms of a frenzied mind and a person who is not fully capable of rational thought. This is why I did a video on gaslighting.

  • Love Doug Fabrizio. I will definitely do whatever it takes to get this out there. I’m an assistant in two online support groups for benzodiazepine withdrawals. All they have to do is look at the thousands of people in bwsg and bwsr on Facebook or on benzo buddies to see this is an epidemic. One of our current goals is to bring in educated medical professionals, get them approved by the AMA, and encourage our doctors to attend their seminars as part of their continuing education. I’d much rather save people before this happens to them than afterwards.

  • This is me- and I’m in Utah! I was pregnant with two kids, my son has special needs and I was told to get off the Ativan. I never wanted to be on it but couldn’t ever get off. It’s been a year. I miscarried and went through hell and still am. But I understand this now and I know I will heal. Thanks for sharing this.