Monday, May 17, 2021

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  • Me Hickey, it’s obvious to me that you’ve not ever lived with a child or children that are from the foster care system. Your office visits don’t count as raising a child. The majority of foster children today have severe RAD (reactive attachment disorder). If you knew this you’d know that “relationships” are not something that these kids are capable of. Sometimes, not all the time, medications are needed to control impulses or depression and aggression, just to protect the foster parents as well as other children in the home.
    I too at one time was anti- psychotic meds for children. That was before fostering of course. I’ve lived with over 42 kids and have been raising 3 adopted through foster care as well as my own biological kids for over 21 years. Two of my adopted kids which were drug addicted and fetal alcohol, will never be “normal” nor have “relationships” that are healthy. They have brain damage and that my dear sir is not something that “relationships” heals. They will always need meds and as long as they live in my home, will have those meds just so I can try to parent them.
    I think before you make an analyses, you need to live the life and 24/7 in your private home with your wife, try to parent one or more of these children.