Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • from my observations I have to agree with this article. When my husband started elementary school, he was the little boy that got sent out to the hallway to sit in a chair because he couldn’t behave. Soon after his mother took him to a psychiatrist and had him labeled with ADHD and put on Ritalin. All this of which I’m relating has been told to me both from my husband and my mother-in-law. Anyways, he went to the psychiatrist regularly and all that was done was he was prescribed more and more Ritalin through the years. The psychiatrist never sat him down and taught him coping mechanisms for dealing with his ADHD. His mother gave him Ritalin so he’d behave in school. He got more Ritalin after school, so that he would sit still and do homework. he got even more Ritalin on the weekends when his mother couldn’t handle him any longer. Then during school vacations he got shunted off to family because his mother couldn’t handle him. His mom blames her nervous breakdowns on him as well. I think the wrong person was being taken to the psychiatrist and getting medicated. Everything that both my husband and his mother has said results in the conclusion that she wasn’t ready for motherhood. But instead she brainwashed him and told him time and time again that unless he was Handicapped and unless he was on Ritalin all the time he was never going to be successful. My husband has since seen a 3-4 psychologist since we’ve been married and none of them have concluded that he has ADHD or that he needs to be on Ritalin. The story isn’t over. My husband has a younger brother. They are 18 months apart. His younger brother has been living with Juvenile Rhuematoid Arthritis. He was never labeled handicap. He was always taught that the world is oyster and whatever he puts his mind to he can achieve. His mother didn’t shunt him off to other family nor she tell him he had to be drugged to be successful and he has a physical impairment that affects his day-to-day life. There may be people out there who actually have ADHD, but as for my husband I think it was a label put on him so that he could be legally drugged for his mom to better be able to live with him. Just so you know, he stopped using Ritalin while in college and graduated. He has since then been successful in the military and at the career path he has chosen afterwards. All of my research, I have done a lot has said that ADHD is genetic. If that’s true how come my husbands parents haven’t been diagnosed with it and neither has our 3 children. The three kids have no issues in school and no extra hyperactivity than a normal child.