Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • I have raised three kids who have never had to be placed on any medications the however almost 5 yrs ago my husband and I took in a 1 yr old little boy who is now almost 6. He was developmentally delayed and diagnosed with ADHD. At first I told myself he did not need meds he needed therapy. My husband and I made it a point to get him in therapy and to work on his behaviours. We did everything we possibly could to prevent him from following into the medication categorey. He was on the verge of being kicked out of daycare #2. By the time he entered 4k I was consatantly getting phone calls from teachers, bus drivers even his in school therapist. he could not be controlled and very very impulsive to the point nobody knew what to do. It had NOTHING to do with parenting because we love him and nourish him like he is our natural born child. He gets a lot of attention in our family. We also spend time working with him. Finally, the doctor recommended seeing a psychiatrist who also felt even at his age he needed the medication. Once he started his medication he was a completely different child. He is doing really well in school, he is focused on actually learning and at the same time he is not zombied out he stil runs and plays and very much active likea normal boy should be. So I do dis agree with what this article is saying. Unless you have actually had to raise a child with ADHD not just see a child in a office for 30 minutes to a hr and automatically think there is no need for this type of labeling. My child and I are living proof of how much his medication helps him. Before medications he was uncontrollable! At 3 yrs old there was even a concern for his safety as well as others. We are still working with him even with his medication. some kids once they hit puberty tend to out grow the ADHD and do fine off of medication and then there are others who need it all the way through adult hood. Me being one of the adults. My medication helps me focus at work and at home verses when I do not have it my mind constantly races and I cant even read one page on a book with out being distracted in my mind. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but please stop telling people what they need and don’t need when in all actuality you have never raised a child who suffers from ADHD. Try dealing with all the phone calls, letters, and threats of your child being kicked out of a child care because your child is hard to control. Try being the parent that has to work and can not afford to miss days of work or the parent who may be reprimanded for leaving work because they have to go to the school to deal with issues with their child when it can all be helped. Its not just some mind thing that can be fixed over night it is a chemical imbalance that helps. Just like estradol helps a woman with imbalance of chemicals in other areas of the body or testosterone helps with a man. ADHD medications helps with the brain. Thank you and have a great day!