Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • I’m sorry Dr. Berezin, I do not agree with you about ADHD being non-existent. While I agree that not all children are alike, ADHD does exist. Both my husband and son have been diagnosed with ADHD. I agree that drugs are not always the answer, but it does help. When your child is incapable of sitting still because it “hurts” him, it feels that “bugs are crawling inside my skin” you try to do everything in your power to make your young child feel better. That may include drugs.
    I’ve been working in the educational field for 15 years. My son is on a strict routine at home, he has his responsibilities, he knows what behaviors are expected of him; and while he is at home, he is not on medication because he is allowed to run all over the house and climb on the furniture, and exhaust all the energy he has. While in school however, he is not given that privilege. He is expected to sit at a desk for almost 6 consecutive hours a day. That is an impossibility for even adults, let alone a small child. His ADHD medication helps with that. Yes, he still gets the “wiggles”, but it is controlled with the medication.
    Speak to parents who are dealing with this first hand before saying that they are just giving in to “experts”.