Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • And in adults ? Let’s assume that there is no so such thing as ADHD. The course of action from an ADHD diagnosis that is applied to those with these temperaments and trauma responses is still effective in helping these individuals function. Even if ADHD does not exist, the treatment course allows those with the diagnosis to function and alleviates much misery and confusion. Yes it may well be just a variety of human temperament but it is not a temperament that is compatible with contemporary society and day to day survival. A biased social construct ? Possibly. Reality? Yes. I need my meds to function in the world as it currently exists…ADHD or not. Unfortunately, I cannot change the core paradigms of the world in which I must operate. I can only modify myself to accommodate it. Not an ideal solution but in the time I have to make a life, it is the solution available to me.