Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion and just because your name has MD at the end doesn’t mean your opinion holds any more weight to it than any other outside observer of a person with ADHD. You sound like all those parents who say, “he’s just an active kid”, or “he’s just being a kid”. Wrong! You don’t live with it day in and day out like we do. My son coming home in tears because he’s not able to complete assignments in class or he has a meltdown in front of his peers due to his frustrations–these are real issues he deals with. And shame on you for suggesting our children are possibly being abused at home! If it were just behavior issues, his medication would not have the effect it does on him. He doesn’t become a zombie when he takes it, it just helps him to be able to focus on his tasks at school and to control some of his impulsiveness. He also sees a therapist (thank goodness it isn’t you!) in addition to his medication. I’m a strong advocate for the children who have ADHD. They are misunderstood, bullied, and struggle with day-to-day life issues that many people take for granted. Years ago, these children would have been labeled “troublemakers” in the school system, many would barely pass through the school system, and end up living less than desirable lives. Now, thanks to advances in diagnosis and medication in this area, these people can go on to not just pass through the school system but actually excel and go on to higher education and live successful lives. It’s the kind of thinking you exhibit that shows a lack of understanding in this area. I only wish you could spend a day in the shoes of a person with ADHD and then you tell me if it’s just a made up disorder.