Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • Maggie,

    I respect your decision and made the same for a long time. The comments are filled with the “number” that the disorder does on kids. I believe we all have personality traits that can lead us to be hyper, and maybe to an irritable person’s standards, “too hyper”. And to a perfectionist parent, their distracted and active minded child may be “too inattentive”. But that is not what the commenters that I have read thus far are discussing here. I hope your child never becomes discouraged or depressed as a result of underachievement, and I hope you never have to be concerned that they may not successfully complete high school. I don’t know what the solution is and I wish I did, but that does not mean the struggle is not real, or that all these parents can’t handle their kids. Maybe you really just don’t understand what some people go through.

  • I mentioned both of those things. There are bad apples, but that is not the majority. I also mentioned that it is a disorder in the context of our ONE WAY FOR ALL education system. I don’t get outside assistance or funds from SSI, nor do I know anyone that does unless it’s an extremely severe form and coupled with something else. Best of luck to you, but you may not understand all of what goes on. There is a reason that people are responding passionately to this article, perhaps you are missing something. No-one is singing praises of ADHD labeling. I have opted to respond because there is something accusatory and defamatory in this article and subsequent comments.

  • What experience qualifies you to have this knowledge that ADHD does not exist? Have you participated in research efforts in refuting the disorder in children that have been diagnosed? I did not know anything about the disorder until I dealt with it myself. I have a very healthy, well behaved son that struggles with the disorder. I tried everything to help him, and finally caved to medication because the disorder has taken such a toll on him. Yet you say things that point to bad parenting; people can’t handle their active kids. My suspicion is that you have no qualifications with regard to this issue. I further suspect that you enjoy the idea that people are just bad and taking the easy road at their kids expense and enjoy slinging your opinions around like you know what you’re talking about.

  • There are a couple bad apples that want to medicate their children for their own convenience, but that is not the majority. Good parents don’t want an excuse to drug children. You are fortunate to have that perspective however, because you obviously have not had to struggle with personally dealing someone that has this disability.

  • I am so tired of these articles that are misleading and plain insulting. They insinuate that parents medicate their kids for some private school entrance or report card pissing match with the neighbors. YES- ADHD inattentive and hyperactive types exist. Period. Change the name, perhaps the cause is not figured out, and maybe we don’t have it exactly right. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT DOES NOT EXIST. This doctor clearly does not have personal experience in raising a child that struggles with this disorder. By the way, I do not think it is a flaw, and personally, I feel that it is only a disorder because you have to be ONE WAY to succeed in our school system. Unless of course you can afford an alternative education program for your children; good luck finding one and I hope you have an extra $30K per year laying around- I don’t. So instead of posting things that are unproductive and harmful to those who have the disorder, perhaps Dr. Berezin can post his idea of what the solutions are for people that have such strong hyperactive or inattentive characteristics so as to fall into the category of “diagnosed”. Next this guy is going to say depression doesn’t exist, and that people just need to suck it up and change their perspective.