Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • Allot has changed since you were a teacher. ADHD does exist now. Your right though it probably didn’t back then. We have an epidemic of neurological disorders and mental disorders. The one thing I question is today’s vaccine schedule. Hmmm coincidence? 49 doses of 16 vaccines by age 6. When I was a kid it was a third of that. I never seen any autism in my school either, or severe behavior/mental disorders. Be in my shoes for a week or a month and around my daughter who has ADHD, you will realize it does truly exist. Caused by environmental, pharmaceutical, GMO’s?

  • Thank you. I hope she turns into a healthy young woman someday too. The route she has been on is very scary due to the behavior aggression and meltdowns. She is quick to anger. I don’t like putting her on amphetamine’s either, trust me. It’s a very scary path for me. She is also epileptic but has been seizure free for a year now without meds. Stimulants can lower the seizure threshold… They can also increase heart rate. It was not an easy decision, but her quality of life is awful, so I’m going to try this for a few months and see. The “natural” route helped but not enough. I wish I was in a position to homeschool…. She is a very smart and talented girl, and loves art. She has art therapy once a week. I need to get her back into sports too, but even then she has been “kicked out of programs”. It’s non stop phone calls, meetings and letters. I don’t wish our path on my worse enemy.

  • ADHD is MOST definitely real! Obviously you have never lived with a child or adult who has ADHD. Not only does the child suffer, but the entire family suffers with sometimes ADHD can include very dangerous behaviors, impulsive, meltdowns, aggression etc! My daughter is 11 now, but by the time she was 5 she had been kicked out of 5 daycares for her “bad behavior” as I was constantly told. She was on an IEP by Pre-School and placed in a “Behavioral” SLC classroom by 2nd grade and when that didn’t work (109 school referrals one year and 106 the year before that) and after 3 years of behavior intervention and weekly counseling, she was placed in a therapeutic school this past year. She was not dx with ADHD until age 9, almost 10. First dx with ODD and OCD by age 5. I did not put her on medication and wish I would had done it years sooner, now that I look back on her chaotic life. Today is her first day on Concerta. Before deciding on meds I had her on a gluten free diet, limited sugar, dye free, plus neurotransmitter supplements and fish oil for 4 years! She is well loved and cared for by us. Deciding on medication is not an easy decision and definitely is not parents first choice. Shame on you for saying ADHD does not exist!!!!

  • I hear you on this! My daughter was kicked out of 5 daycares by 5 years old. On an IEP from Pre-School and eventually placed in a “Behavioral classroom”. After this was still unsuccessful and after 106 school referrals in one year, then another 109 the next I decided on meds. Medicine was definitely last resort. Wishing I would had done it sooner though! I tried other methods first, gluten free, limited sugar, dye free, fish oil, neurotransmitter supplements etc . This doctor obviously has not been in a home or a school with a child who suffers from ADHD.