Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • It is so very sad how the parents of today a brainwashed by media and paid psychiatrists from big pharma companies. Sounds like your child has restless leg syndrome not ADHD. Poor children, anything they say to doctors now a days gets labeled with ADHD. Im an adult and have the same leg issues as your little one, guess I have ADHD as well. Children arent meant to sit still for 6 hours a day in school, it’s insane. We want to teach our children at younger and youner ages and try to adultify their under developed brains by age 10. Children in Finland don’t start kindergarten until age 7, and do not go for 6 hours or more a day. 1 in 10 kids are diagnosed with adhd in America, yet 1 in 1000 children are diagnosed in finland and are very rarely treated with drugs, but the look of the ADHD disorder is very prevelant in Findland. Its not a disorder, it’s part of children being children and growing and learning and trying to go through their way in life. ADHD is absurd.

  • AhinLV, as you say having this disorder really does a number on kids. Please tell me what this so calles number is, what exactly is your child going through? Is he harming himself or others. Is is looking for people to argue or fight with. Can he not properly feed and cloth himself? What is it that makes you believe he should be labeled ADHD? I have a high spirited 7 year old that I’m positive any psychiatrist paid by the drug companies would deem my child with ADHD, but I’m sorry I’m not going to take the easy way out and drug my child because its to hard to take the time to find different ways to let my child ” cope” with the problem. There is no such thing as ADHD. My child is going 500% from the time he wakes up till his head hits the pillow. I could write you a novel of all the so called problems he has, ie; can’t sit still, doesn’t do well in school , can’t focus and all the other ridiculous labels thay like to throw out there. These are children, they are meant to be this way to learn and live not to be drugged because their parents can’t handle them!