Friday, October 15, 2021

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  • Okay, what do you mean when you say there is no scientific evidence? There are dozens of other peer reviewed papers who say it does exist. There’s not a blood test for it but there isn’t for bipolar disorder either. Some neuropsychologists say that you can identify ADHD in brain scans. I really do get what you are saying and I even for my child, I have recently found out that he is bipolar. So maybe he wasn’t ADHD all this time or maybe it’s both. I don’t know. What I do know, is something is wrong. It’s not the environment, it’s not something I’m doing or not doing. In addition, you mention that there is no place for stimulants. There are other ADHD alternatives. We were able to to help my son stimulant-free for four years.

  • No, I’m simply reading parenting books. If I can find a way to help my son find coping mechanisms and ways to control his impulses, etc so that he doesn’t need medication – then that is a beautiful thing. I want to get away from medication – that is always the goal, isn’t it? No matter what illness, be it mental or physical.

  • Is ADHD over diagnosed? Probably. My own sister told me a few months ago that she thinks her child is ADHD because he doesn’t mind her. He doesn’t mind her because he has no respect for her. He doesn’t have any symptoms of having ADHD. There are no magic pills for bad kids (or bad parenting). I have seen instances of overmedicated children whose parents simply did not want to deal with them – admittedly! I agree that it is an issue in some homes. But not all homes! Bottom line. There is no magic pill. My kid was diagnosed as ADHD. He takes medication. He also goes to therapy and I go to therapy to help him. We also work several techniques at school and at home. I’m constantly reading books and educating myself. I have never once let my kid say “It’s not my fault – I didn’t take my medicine.” Even though it’s the biggest tool in the toolbox, I never want him to lose power over his life.

    To make a blanket statement that ADHD doesn’t exist only incites frustration in parents who are doing everything they can for their kids.

  • I hear what this document is saying but it is not offering a viable alternative. I wish I didn’t have to medicate my nine year old bipolar child. That is what he has been diagnosed with recently. He tells me he doesn’t want to live anymore. He tells me he hates his life. He wants to go to heaven. He doesn’t want a future or friends. When he isn’t depressed, he is violent. He kicks me, punches me, pushes me, etc. And as I am a small woman, he can do a lot of damage. I am afraid of him. He has recently become violent with his teachers at school. I provide a consistent and loving environment for him. I try everything I can with him. I take him to therapy and consult with the therapist on what I should be doing. I read books and I research online. I try to find things that he can look forward to. I try to pull him out of his depression. I try everything I can. Even with medication, things are difficult. But without medication, things are unbearable. Most of you cannot imagine being in my shoes every day.

    What needs to be done is long term clinical peer reviewed study on this. Opinions on the matter are appreciated but I need to see research. And once the research is all in, I need to see viable alternatives for my child.