Friday, May 7, 2021

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  • I may agree with you that this didn’t seem to be a problem 60 years ago. but the environment, food supply, air, water, is not what it was 60 years ago.

    We didn’t have that freaky modified wheat we have now. Granted alot of people don’t starve because they have altered the wheat to produce more per head…but that stuff messes with alot of our systems.

    They didn’t have Genetically modified Corn and Soy. These 3 things are in almost all the processed food. Most americans eat processed food. Even if you get the wheat berries and make your own bread you are still using the modified wheat.

    They didn’t have everything stored in plastic. We have no real idea what all the DDT and other pesticides that were used during my granparents era is having on the DNA of future generations. They were not using the level of antibiotics and growth hormones in the meat we eat now.

    Our envirnoment is so different than it was before.

    Scientifically they (who ever they are) can not prove or disprove whether these things are having an adverse affect on our brains and our bodies… but just cause you can’t find the cause doesn’t mean it isn’t causing something. I would be pretty niave to believe that all these chemicals in our air and water and food supply is not causing issues.

    True… I am adding one more to the mix…but if it allows me to function and my son to function in the environment I find myself in. It is what I must do.

  • did it. Functioned better at work. was less frustrated. Was able to have a conversation and stay on topic. My multitasking superpower went all to Hell, but I was calmer, and more productive.

    Better living through chemicals. Maybe our current fake food supply is causing a chemical deficiency in our brains.

    But I can tell you I did not get all hyper and run around like I was on speed… The complete opposite. So who knows.

  • Awsome! I feel better already…. Thought my child was the only one… phew… they can be exausting! SUPER smart…My child said this last night “this doesn’t do anything it is only for aesthetics” and he is 8.

    But to get him to pick up his legos… aaaagh 4 hours of fighting him with comments like “if you would just do it… 10 minutes and you can go back to having fun… insteat of spending 4 hours fighting me” Hang in there! They are great kids…

  • Don’t beat yourself up. My younger sounds like your daughter. quick to anger… issue with peers, on an IEP in pre-school. Having tried the no medication with the older…I didn’t have any reservations on the meds. I use the lowest does possible. he still exhibits some systems… I don’t want to medicate him to a thorozine level. He needs to learn coping tools, as I did, because we didn’t have meds for this when I was a kid… but the meds allow him to be on the average level of energy and emotional levelness. He sometimes refers to his medication as his “so I can be nice” He very aware of what the meds are doing to help him.

    I agree. Quality of life is important, and constantly being frustrated because everyone else is going at snail speed … would make me meltdown!

    Portland girl… You would enjoy the article from the New York Times. “A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D” october 31,2014. You think it is about fixing it… but it is really saying what this guy is saying in a much less judgemental way… made me feel proud to be “ADHD”. It might help your daughter not take the lable ADHD as a bad thing… but a badge of HONOR!

  • My children are not “diseased” other than they can not cope with a diseased Educational Model. I am a 48 year old ADHD personality. It is awsome most of the time, and annoying when I have to sit still in a meeting. (I knit to cope) I don’t care what stupid label they put on it. The stimulant is a tool to cope… I don’t see ADHD as a problem… just an explanation of a type of person that doesn’t fit the square hole that government wants us to fit into.

    You can have all the high and mighty lofty ideals you want, but in the end me and my kids gotta cope with what we have…

  • I agree with the Author in that there is NO ADHD. We are what we are, but the real issue here is that our current educational system REQUIRES that our children sit still, and focus for hours at a time. I have two boys age 20 and 8, They both have been diagnosed with ADHD. The older one I resisted until he was 15… thinking he was “normal”. And he is normal. He got his ADHD temperment from ME. I am an adult with an ADHD temperment. At 15 we thought he had memory problems. After tests it was determined his memory worked fine, he just didn’t pay enough attention to certain things to remember them. We put him on stimulants. And my boy who struggled through school came home and said “mom, I just read a book, a whole book, I was never able to do that before”. My older child hated school, because he was always the one that was in trouble for being a distraction.

    You tell me we need to change the educational system. GOOD luck with that. It is too late for my older child and too late for my younger. At 4 years he was exhibiting the same personality traits of ADHD and I was happy to give him the medication…because I have seen the trauma and shame, and low self esteem my older son felt from the educational environment, and I was not going to have that happen to my younger one.

    I give my son ADHD medication, not because I think there is anything WRONG with him, but because I have to find a way for my son to be successful in the environment he is forced to be in by our educational system, that wants robots and clones. I don’t want my son to be a clone…. but there are not alternatives that are viable for my son where I live… we are stuck with what we have. This child has been tested as gifted and is in the gifted program in his school…which is 3 hours every friday.

    The rest of time he has to conform to the rest of the school’s precribed society norms. I didn’t medicate the first child, and I feel pretty guilty about it, as he has struggled and is still not performing at his potential due to years of self doubt because he didn’t fit the US Educational Profile.

    My younger son does not take his meds on the weekends or during the summer. I will give my son the tools he needs to get through his education and he will find a career that is stimulating and engaging that will allow him to use his amazing energy and creativity to its fullest.

    If I do not give him the tool of ADHD medication he has a real possibility of heading down the same path of frustration and hopelessnes that my older son is traveling.

    I do not have the power to change the cattle mentality of our education system. Who can? It needs to happen.

    I do not force the medication on my son. He is a very smart little boy, and he understands that the medicine helps him cope with his environment…. and if he didn’t want to take it anymore I would respect that choice.