Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • Thank you for responding. I was referred to an orthopedic spine specialist by my workers comp case mgr. This MD immediately diagnosed me with sacroiliac joint dysfunction. I see him again this week to try an injection directly in the joint. Afterwards, he will give me options(surgery, etc) I will be submitting these records once we are finished to my regular MD and request a peer review. Yes, I do want that conversion disorder dx removed from my records. I truly appreciate your advice.

  • I am an RN and injured my back in 2008 lifting a patient with a doctor . Within a year, I developed right hip pain. I was soon sent to the pain clinic and given steroid injections in my back which helped my right hip pain. Relief lasted a year. I went back to pain clinic once the effects of the injections subsided. Last year 2014, I took my injection and it didn’t work at all. I was given gabapentin 300mg and it WORKED! I was so happy. I planned a vow renal ceremony, hosted our family reunion, worked as RN instructor and my regular nursing job in Palliative care. I worked out, etc. I had a breast reduction surgery in July and noticed in August the Gabapentin wasn’t working as well. I went to Kaiser PCP to ask for help. Referred to ortho. September I re injured my back lifting again. WORKED light duty. Right leg started dragging. October I noticed a limp. November, right leg and left leg off balance. Pain in right hip at night became more horrific. Went to ER because I was walking slow and very off balance. I did therapy and got a little relief. MRIs were essentially normal. Mild degenerative changes. CT scans normal, small pineal cyst. Lumbar puncture inconclusive, WBC RBC elevated, maybe a traumatic tap Multiple restrictive bands in CSF and serum. Stopped working because I can’t perform normal duties. Neurologist at Hospital seemed to think psychogenic although the psychologist did not agree in December..
    Workers comp MD also feels it is a medical issue. He mentioned ALS. EMG was negative. He still feels strong about this.
    Today I received a diagnosis of conversion disorder because everything else is normal.
    Still walking with a severe limp on right leg, unsteady gait. Pain in right hip is still aching at night. Some days worse than others. I literally feel like I have a stick going from the top of my buttock to my hamstring when I walk. . I have worked so hard and don’t feel it’s all in my head. Had such big plans for my life. I’m used to completing my goals. This is hindering my life.