Friday, March 22, 2019

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  • Believe this period of the American Science and Medical communities will some day be referred to as a period of dark science anti woman, child and poverty. They are the Ginny Pigs for the “research” and as a society we the people of America are living in a drug experiment. The real issue is not if we enter a period of enlightenment in regards to mental health but when, and what do we do with the victims of this period and how do we assist both practitioners and patients in moving past the horrific practices and the results of these experiments. Now this may sound a little radical especially since I am including the practitioners in the recovery but we need to acknowledge that they too have bought the same bill of goods and I do believe that from their position they are practicing good medicine based on solid science. At least they started out that way.

  • Darcy,
    I am trying to reply to this without placing blame on the profession but I believe that health care providers own fear of diagnosis has created a situation in which, those of us receiving a mental health diagnosis, medical care may be seen as ineffective at best and abusive at worse. I have experienced what I have come to refer to as the condescending office visit. Where the patient talks and no one listens. In the last few years I have found a health care provider that is listening but it has taken time and I know he will retire before I die. Your reply to this article and the article itself spotlights the prejudice that the holder of a mental health diagnosis experience. This prejudice like all prejudices is based of lack of knowledge and fear. How do we run from this diagnosis — we don’t — and although we may be free or cured from a condition that has no testing to prove that it exists — that same lack of testing keeps the condition/illness/disease on our charts because it can not be proven that we do not have the condition. At this time in history we are placed in a false dilemma until a third option is available and that may be the condition never existed. Just like us the mental health practitioners bought a bill of goods and some are fighting their way out with truth and others have a large student debt or something else that keeps them vested in the lie. Until we all come out of the darkness that is the lie and are all vested in the truth the game will still be played. As a patient with a now non-existent mental health condition I work on empathy for the profession that has placed me in a position that has robbed me of my career, effectiveness, and unless things change will follow me to my grave. Yes the health care workers can be condescending like you I try to take care of my own health issues. However, I found an old doc with good skills and a young specialist with a positive outlook so I am here to tell you there is hope. Look for a doctor when you need a medical professional and remember we are all in this together. Something else I have learned is never state a medical condition to a Doctor give them the symptoms their responses are less condescending and generally they come to the same conclusion as the patient may have come to but the conclusion is their conclusion. In a state of frustration a doctor asked me “where did you get your medical degree from” I replied “box of cracker jacks how about you.”