Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • I believe if I had it to do over, I would never have went on antidepressants. I officially went off of them, after 16 to 18 years, December 22nd of 2014. I was so tired of having pills thrown at me and nothing working. I shouldn’t say nothing ever worked, I was on Prozac for approximately 7 years and that seemed to stabilize me. After I had some very traumatic events in my life, the Prozac wasn’t working so I started the med merry go round. In hindsight, it was just life and I would have been better off weathering the storm on my own.

    The last med I was on, Welbutrin, made me absolutely crazy. I was so angry all the time, I didn’t even like my self. I finally said enough and told my doctor I wanted off. He was very supportive, surprisingly enough. I should say that the doctor I was seeing at that time was new, I had only seen him a few times but he was still supportive.

    Fast forward to today, March 23rd. Every day is different. I have anxiety, bouts of depression and every once in a awhile, I have a day or so of feeling normal. I have found a counselor who is really working with me and not suggesting I shove meds down my throat. I’m not working right now simply because I don’t feel like I can hold down a job. It creates a lot of anxiety for me. I decided I have to get better. I’m very fortunate that I have that choice.

    What I am doing, I’m exercising, not every day but as much as I can do, trying yoga, acupuncture and a lot of praying. My mind is really messed up from all the years of meds. I have to believe that in time, my brain will heal and hopefully no permanent damage. I also tell myself everyday that God is in control and with his help, I will get better.

    I appreciate all of the information that is put out there, I wish I would have been aware of it before, but perhaps not a lot was known about the fallout with these drugs back then. I do wish all of you out there much luck with your recovery. I hope and pray it gets better for you.