Monday, June 21, 2021

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  • The horror stories continue, what a chilling article on EC-C electroconvulsive-conditioning, in no sense of reality could this be considered therapy, useful, good for a patient or society.

    What humans do as cognitive geniuses is monstrously unthinkable, and is seriously questioned as a possible attempt to conceal previous abuses on a patient where incompetence has caused more harm.

    The EC-C is the solution to clear the prolonged mistakes made in long term cases, removing any evidence of severe incompetence; the Dr’s fail-safe protocol.

  • Brilliantly said!

    Have you followed the new age attack now on gender dysphoia in the form of a new classification of autogynnephila, promoted by the likes of Dr. Drescher.

    Where they are marrying the concept of ego dystonic autogynophilia with the confusing debate to convoluted morphology by stating it must be ego syntonic?

    This entire attack was to exploit the sexually abused transsexuals, whom suffered mostly in prison to make a new criteria.

  • Thank you Dr. Datta for such a comprehensive article, I personally found it brilliant.

    As we have seen in the removal of homosexuality as an ego dystonic orientation, we have seen a growing attack on transsexualism in the emergence of autogynephilia, by such people as Dr. blanachard.

    I am glade you mentioned Maletzky BM, George FS. The treatment of homosexuality by ‘assisted’ covert sensitization. Behav Res Therapy 1973; 11:655-657, as we see many involved with pushing for conversion treatment of transsexualism.

    Whilst Dr.Drescher vehemently opposes conversion therapies such as all the aversion techniques you mentioned; he and his colleagues have been enlisting ‘assisted’ covert sensitization, involving many actors for political motives.

    In promoting his has served as a member of the World Health Organization’s Working Group on the Classification of Sexual Disorders and Sexual Health which will address sex and gender diagnoses in WHO’s forthcoming (2017) revisions of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), populating a cognitive genius pathology of ego syntonic autogynephilia.

    As you had mentioned the lack of inclusion of homophobia as a mental disorder, this new emergence of of transphobia seeks to visit the same type os horror to a complete commercialization of transgender by forced perspective.

    This begs the question, should transphobia be put into a revised addition of the DSM 5, as the obvious rise of transgender experts build their careers off the social acceptance of homosexual and attempt to create new criteria of confusion between ego dystonic and ego syntonic allowing a treatment protocol to be populated.

    Some serious work has to be done before the WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) comes out in 2017 which has re-imagined criteria in conflict with the exclusion criteria of transsexualism, when transexuals have suffered prolonged incarcerated or have been subjects of near captive sexual abuses.

    As my research suggests, transsexuals have and are being exploited, and being intentionally subjected to “exclusionary” covert abuses, and reclassified to fill this market. This market is and has been known to populate the artifact gay transvestite or drag queen, and this familiar persona is highly marketable for political motive, even as a benefit to the gay community.