Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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  • This was just horrifying to read. I can’t imagine experiencing it. WHY did your therapist terminate with you? I don’t understand that in the least. At a time when you needed them most. That should be illegal. I do know some therapists don’t take on patients with SI but the ones that do need to understand it, know we need to talk about it, and not jump to hospitalize.

    I saw my last therapist for 4 years. I only lost her because of insurance reasons. She knew how awful it is to be hospitalized against your will. I trusted she would never do that.

    I’m seeing a new therapist next week. I’m deciding on whether to lie about my SI or just tell her it’s the first session and I don’t feel comfortable with the subject. But I wonder if the latter would trigger her to do something. It’s frustrating. And demeaning.

    I hope you are recovering and I’m sorry that happened to you.