Friday, February 26, 2021

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  • I would like to offer the author of this blog thanks, as I am currently on my own journey pursuing the serenity that comes with emotional sobriety, which includes many fumbled attempts to get right by means of psychiatry. Though I am not educated in the conventional sense, my experiences have brandished me quite an expert in the field of forced treatment. I have been to over 30 facilities under the guise that my “mental illness” spurred my polysubstance dependence, namely opiates, bentos, and the gamet of antipsychotics and mood stabilizers.
    I have been in an endless struggle trying to find a way that works. It seems that I have become beyond stuck in what seems to be an endless set-up-to-fail system. I cannot be free of illicit drugs without being weaned onto a ridiculous amount of psych meds, which no doubt have huge side effects. Without a doubt the feeling of being subdued would drive any free thinker up the wall, and for me, the detox from such meds as Seroquel had driven me back to the other extreme submission of a methadone clinic.
    I am not a superhuman. I do need careful attention and support during the physical withdrawal period that many drugs carry. I have found no luck in finding a safe, holistic institution where I can truly heal my neurochemistry, not “treat” what should be hailed as a naturally occurring process that if worked through could be the nd we are essentially looking for as far as learning to reverse our thought patterns and behaviors.
    I am still, today, on methadone maintenance as my means for staying functional in a society that promotes illness for profit. Not even close to ideal, but I am currently psych-med free, and on the road to finding my chosen path to happy destiny. Thanks for writing.
    Your new reader,
    Giulia w.