Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Bessel’s book, “Body keeps the Score” was given to me by my chaplain, Becca Stevens. She needed someone to read and write a review of this book, as she deals with trauma daily in the Magdalene, a program that helps women to get off the streets and end prostitution and drug abuse. I experienced narcissism in my second marriage and read that it was incurable, but I had hope that it could be. When I read this book and took notes for the summary, I worked through a lot of my issues, fears, and re-processed a lot of small traumas that were tucked away in the cracks of my consciousness. It wasn’t easy, there was a flu infused depression, but I pulled myself out of it by breathing, singing, yes, singing my favorite song over and over again was the most amazing therapy! Then I realized that narcissists are traumatized individuals, they started treating me differently. It was magic, they all wanted to talk to me. We need more practitioners that would seek non-chemical non-drug treatments, and I pray that Bessel’s proposal to create a complex trauma diagnosis will be approved.