Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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  • @John Read: “It is a very attractive model (the medical model) because it is very simple, and you don’t have to deal with upsetting feelings.”

    —-What a dismissive (one might say, snide) remark. Is this how you deal with students of opposing viewpoints in your classes (demean their position)?

    —-I teach at a major US university (history, rather than psychology), and can’t imagine responding to an opposing view as you have; if you feel that such tactics will gain your position more adherents—-you are wrong.

    —SSRI’s have helped many people (myself included), and though you may airily dismiss such people as lacking introspection, I can assure you, that taking antidepressants and psychotherapy are NOT mutually exclusive….

  • —@Alex: Here, here. I couldn’t agree with you more (and am glad you expanded on your earlier comments)!

    —-While dismissing SSRI’s out-of-hand as “violent instruments of destruction,” and hypothesizing how MANY potential shooters/madmen are created by consuming them, too many people are attributing “cause and effect” to a pill, rather than placing responsibility in its rightful place: the individual…

    —For the same reason that a pill cannot bring happiness, nor can a pill cause an individual to wantonly murder innocent people, if the will and desire didn’t already exist. For the same reason we do not “excuse” the drunk driver the carnage he leaves in his wake, nor can “blame” for atrocities be blamed on a pharmaceutical. (And, incidentally, while hypothesizing about the number of potential “victims” one can attribute to SSRI’s, too many people fail to also factor in the number of people “saved” by them: people who would have ended up committing suicide)….

    —-I don’t like “pat” answers; they tend to cause more problems than they purport to solve. SSRI’s have helped many people, have harmed some, but, ultimately, it is the individual himself that holds the keys to his actions…..

  • @Slaying, et. al: “If the world population of SSRI ‘addicts’ “….were suddenly withdrawn from these drugs, “we would see Lubitz-like tragedies on a massive scale…”

    —-Poppycock! I’m truly sorry that you have obviously had bad experiences with SSRI’s in the past, BUT….Stating that people who regularly take SSRI’s are “addicts,” or that crazy acts WILL follow the withdrawal of such drugs, is simply ludicrous. The VAST majority of people with mild to moderate depression are HELPED with SSRI’s (including myself)…Also, the VAST majority of people taking SSRI’s stop taking them at some point with no ill effects at all (again, myself included)…..

    —-As with ANY medication, side effects DO occur (particularly for people who were, perhaps, Bi-Polar or schizophrenic, and were misdiagnosed)…..We don’t need to “Throw the baby out with the bath water….” And, btw, German papers are reporting that Lubitz did NOT TAKE ANY of the psychiatric medicines prescribed to him; pill bottles were FULL (perhaps if he HAD……)

  • —-Many, MANY people (such as myself) have taken antidepressants for many years, with little, to no side effects (in my case, over 10 years)…..While undoubtedly some people are negatively affected by them, I would wager the vast majority feel marked improvement…..

    —-I have long felt that individuals who experience marked negative mental/cognitive side effects from SSRI’s were misdiagnosed, and that many were suffering from other psychiatric conditions (particularly Bi-Polar, which is usually adversely effected by administration of SSRI’s)….