Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Comments by Tatiana

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  • Professor Read You are absolutely right but I can’t focus on that right now because I have to just focus on keeping things as calm as possible for myself. I don’t have $12,000 to visit a clinic to pump me full f amino acids that I bneed in order to effectively recover from going off Paxil and klonopin. I am sure one day I will and i will use that but at this point I haveto managethe anger and agression I have with exercise and relaxation and MOST IMPOSTANTLY my spirituality-not religion. I can cure myself without the side effects of withdrawal as long as i believeand i plan to do that when I am completely settled. And when I have 12,000 for the right help. If there was free healthcare where I live i’d do it now. Also I would participate in any study offering participants a place to convalesce after going off the two drugs but I don’t know of any programs like this. WIll you please inform me of any if you hear of one. My email is in my registration and i give you permission to access it and madinamerica permission to give it to you. Please let me know. I cannot live fear based like most americans so I will choose to rise above my situation by relying on myspirituality to heal me and eating right and exercising every day and especially drinking tons of water but I can tell you I feel so much better less tired when I skip a day of the pills. But I’m soldiering on because i know that the best is always being done for me and when the right place that can really help me get off these insane drugscomes along It will be presented to me-things always happen for my benefit. besides it is mind over matter and when I do focus on my spirituality I don’t feel the side effects of these drugs so strongly.