Saturday, May 25, 2019

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  • Hi,

    I’ve read ” My story and my fight against Antidepressants’ by Mr. David Fox. As the doctors and psychologists told me I have a deep depression during at least 12 years. I’ve felt it more obvious and believed it when I committed suicide 1 year ago. I moved to Florida_USA for 1 year and it was my first experience to leave my country for long time and also to be far away from my mom and the rest of my family.
    Although, I came to USA with my husband and my 7_year old cute son, I still felt lonely. I tried to enter to university and continue my education in Electrical Engineering and after just less than a month to work with a professor as an volunteer, he asked me to apply for PHD and enter to graduate program.
    I had a terrible stressful time, new environment, new language, new culture and so on made me more nervous and anxious and hopeless. My hope ended when I couldn’t pass the simple language exam and my admission canceled. However, my adviser or better to say my boss, was eager to work with me as his Research Assistant.
    This id a brief story of my life in recent years. From 1 year ago, I saw 4 psychologists and therapist and take some different medicine such as Escitalopram and Wellbutrin. Unfortunately, in spite of all my effort to struggle with this illness (I don’t really know which name I could accept from my psychologists, Major Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder ??? ), I am not successful. Sometimes I think it is impossible to continue life and I cannot find a way or a hope to stay alive. My biggest hope in my life was to be a good mom and work in a major which I always wish to (which is not Electrical Engineerig).
    With reading your story and some comments, I found that I am not alone. I ordered your book and I have that hope to start again from your way.