Monday, September 20, 2021

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  • I have writen you a long anda very smart comment and then acidentally deleted it…since I still struggle with english I dont have willpower to repeat all of that.
    Shortly…thank you for writing down exactly what I am pondering about since we met in Croatia.

    I am still disappointed that there are no Open Dialoge “survivors” in the movie. I know your reasons but I dont understand theirs especially since they seem to be in contrast with basic principles of Open Dialogue as I see it, which is respect of persons will and right to decide for themselves-why not in this matter? Or they did asked them? Or is it just cultural stuff? I doubt since the therapist seem quite opened and warm.But you have been there? What you think?

    And I agree-Lavender in France is similar but different from one in Croatia…even smells differently…so implementation of Open dialogue in Croatia is similar process…for me too…it always depends from cultural/even geographical context…we have much more sun here 😉
    Hope to see you again (in this lifetime 😉
    Marina Vidovic