Thursday, December 1, 2022

Comments by Anastasia Wasko

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  • Thank you so much, dreampainter, for your reply!

    Professional intervention is a double edged sword–I agree. I meant to suggest that reaching out is better than not addressing it at all.

  • Thank you, Heather! The laws in place to protect tenants and hold landlords accountable were not enforced with due process. And yes, the area is now under a particularly brutal wave of gentrification that is driving up rental prices and displacing many residents. Housing security is a mental health issue.

  • Thank you for reading! Yes, there were a constellation of factors that made this difficult to navigate. I held on to hope that something would sink in (or, that my ex-landlord would open up to professional help). It never happened, and the chain reaction that displaced us started. I wrote this to bring awareness to the word “crazy,” that we use it too often and that cheapens the word’s meaning.