Thursday, July 29, 2021

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  • I also only signed up/in to express my support on your comment and to express myself about cognitive-behavioral approach. It is indignant how popular it has become to treat people with low resources. Much more, it is permeating negatively the psychological and psychiatric world. Excuse me, but people who have been victims of abuse -like myself- CANNOT TOLERATE MORE ABUSE TO GET “CURED”. Besides, I wonder who needs to get “fixed”, the abusers and bullies or the abused and victims. I wonder who was the STUPID who generalized the use of such monstruous psychology. The fact that it might have worked in some cases does not mean it is applicable in all cases. This is one of those cases in which one size does not fit all.
    I recently started to date a guy who happens to be a psychologist. Seeing that I have unresolved issues, he said that he was trying to help me. He soon started to treat me as if I were one of his students or a patient. I noticed his cognitive behavioral background immediately. I have almost sent him to the curb already. I was a college professor myself long ago, and I left the career for a better fit. I studied psychology as part of my career. But I also have been very close to victims of abuse -having been one myself in the past. And I wonder who was the STUPID who thought that making a victim of abuse suffer more would help her/him overcome her/his issues. I have stronger words to qualify the STUPID who generalized the use of that therapy. I’d make that person raped, abused, bullied, belittled, humilliated and then submit him (it was surely a male a**) to that mental torture. He’ll find out it’s a stupid idea to surpass the suffering threshold of a person to “fix” her/him, that I may assure you…