Saturday, October 16, 2021

Comments by Iring

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  • I have great admiration for what you do at Western Mass RLC. I also share your skepticism over much of what’s considered ‘evidence-based’. But you do realise you’re shooting yourselves in the foot quite a lot (and unnecessarily so), by not supporting yourselves with independent research (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods – whatever, just something), right? People tell stories that say ‘psychiatric medications saved my life’ or ‘Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life’ or ‘ECT saved my life’ as well. You need more than that. I genuinely mean this from a place of respect, but you must understand this, if you or any other ‘peer’ support service model wants to stay viable and needs governmental funding. I hope you win this battle in the short term with the passion and support of the people who have worked for you, have received your services, and otherwise believe in you. But in the long-term, please reconsider your aversion to ‘playing the game’ and being able to show, undeniably, that your services do what your funders probably are expecting from you. Welcome to the nonprofit industrial complex, I suppose.