Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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  • Y’all just dunt geht it, doodz.

    At first, depression was caused by a lack of paddling, hot drops and laziness. (See “Great Expectations” for the psychic energizing abilities of swallowed acetone. Maybe it alters neurotransmitters as well.)

    I believe this breakthrough was followed by liver flabbiness and yet more general lassitude, initially discovered by
    JK Jerome. His story “Three Men in a Boat” is a fine example of MDD cured by taking a ludicrously bad boat voyage (_don’t_ get out of the boat, man) then returning home. Liver and neurotransmitters completely cured, all’s well with the world once more.

    “Are you a Bromide or a Sulfite?” No matter, either one cures bipolar. Combine with “Is Sex Necessary?” and you have a sure fire cure for SAD. And, the bromide is probably better at reuptaking everything the brain has to offer.

    Aspirin quickly fell by the wayside: witness “Death of a Salesman”. Linda only gave Willy two tablets when he needed a steady 8-week regimen to set his norepinephrine on fire! Score: Aspirin 0, death by suicide 1.

    In the meantime, big pharma develops an experimental TB treatment which also seems to energize some patients. They _may_ have stumbled across an actual anti-depressant! But Kenneth, what is the frequency? (In easy to follow words, why does it work?)

    60+ years later we don’t know for certain, although there are theories galore. Granted that it is for an antidepressant which is no longer in use, you’d think we’d have a very good understanding as to how it works. And just why was that approach (inhibition of diamine oxidase, if that indeed was the preferred random side-effect du jour) abandoned? MAOI inhibitors sound sorta-kinda similar, but to me that’s like saying a hemoglobin inhibitor is similar. Inhibit something! Anything! You’ll get it eventually… you’ll see… prostaglandins… adrenals… xycarbalaise…

    So then we pick on neurotransmitters. Makes sense, right? They transmit stuff, so if we adjust them something will happen. We think. Oops! If we just tweak dopamine all over nothing much will happen unless we give them 1500mg of lovely pink diphenhydramine, in which case they get to see hallucinations of limbless men in laundry cleaner bags. Not much of an antidepressant, but it sure improves your sex life!

    Alright, let’s get serious. Selectivity! Brilliant! Genius! No more bad hallucinations… Mostly.

    I challenge people to tell me, if dopamine is tied to depression, why Benadryl doesn’t do jack shit for it. If it’s serotonin, L-tryptophan.

    Anyone up for a round of psychotherapy, Carl Rogers-style? It really works, but it takes time, energy, commitment and love. No quick fixes; life is not a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant. You want to be awesome? WORK FOR IT.