Thursday, December 1, 2022

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  • You will hear people say “We can’t take a stand on Black liberation because that is not our job. We are mental health and peer advocates, we are not here to support Black liberation.”

    I think this hesitancy to (re)connect our movements also speaks to the overwhelming lack of diverse leadership in the peer recovery movement. Many of us have a lot to do in terms of dismantling our own white privilege and complicity in racist systems. Thank you for helping remind us of our radical roots, and of the work that still needs to be done if we are truly going to be an inclusive movement for human rights.

  • the first edition of this guide was a huge help for me in my process to go off meds when it was clear they were doing more harm than good for me. after a period of being med-free i made the choice go back on a single med, and i was able to advocate for myself with the mental health providers to only take the one med, not go back on a cocktail of pills. having a guide like this helped me trust myself and make careful decisions about how to treat the symptoms i experience. i’m looking forward to reading the new edition!