Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • I enjoyed reading your article. I have never been diagnosed with a mental disorder, but I’ve always known I was different. I, too, would stare at the clouds, trees, sky, etc in wonderment. I began developing a relationship with God from as early as I can remember. Like one commenter on here stated, I am highly sensitive and as I child I would become sad whenever I encountered anyone who appeared to be hurting. I have always been drawn to people in pain and in some ways I’ve known my own painful experiences were designed to expose me to various levels of pain, so I could identify and help others move through their pain. I guess this explains why I’ve never suffered much. Today, I work as a psychotherapist. My clients are intriguing. I listen when they speak. I remember saying to a woman I met whose son has autism that there was nothing wrong with her son. I stated, “The difference between mental illness and a spiritual gift is one’s ability to embrace it as such. We only become ill when we lose the ability to nurture and care for ourselves, so I understand what you meant by “spiritual illness”. Unfortunately, we live in a place where most are in a deep slumber and dark forces within our universe want it to remain this way. I’d argue it’s the primary reason those with a certain knowing, a keen awareness, are convinced they are ill and (more often than not), medicated into silence. I say embrace your gift.
    I love reading articles like your’s because it validates thoughts I’ve always had from as far back as I can remember and feelings I innately know to be true. We are blessed.