Friday, October 15, 2021

Comments by Rasputin

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  • Well I knew that 🙂

    I specifically want to know why those in the know play into this narrative. Dr. Healy for example. On the one hand stating the drugs are harmful but, on the other hand, stating we need them. A mixed signal that just adds to the confusing nonsense.

    Clearly more sane, non-biologically motivated, research is required. My take is, if you can’t fight the system, create a new system.

  • This entire controversy confuses me. I’ve been pouring over countless books (yours included) and studies over the past six years. It seems clear that all these drugs are extremely harmful. Yet people like yourself always stop short of condemning their use completely.

    Are the drugs helpful or not? If not, why is there no concerted effort to stop their use? Why don’t the knowledgeable people make a real stand?

    Why all the waffling?