Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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  • Will: Thank you once again for the invaluable work you have done to help people safely withdrawl from psychiatric medications. I just wanted to let you know that Neil Falk was my psychiatrist for about a year at Cascadia, and I had some bad experiences with him related to my psychiatric medications. When I saw him, I was prescribed 1200 mg of Seroquel, a dose that another doctor had put me on, but a dose so high it should be illegal and I believe it is in some states. He took away all of my psych medications overnight one time to teach me a lesson about losing them, and I went 5 days in a terrible state of insomnia and extreme psychosis because of this. He instructed local Portland hospitals not to let me in during this time. I did manage to reduce my dosage of Seroquel as a result of this 5 day ordeal, and he approved that. But I am still on 600 mg a day of Seroquel, and it is so wired into my neurological system and connected to my sleep that it will take years to taper off that high of a dose. My experience in working with Neil Falk with regard to psychiatric medications was not a good one, overall, and I just thought you should know this since apparently you are working on a project with him that you mention here. Best regards, Julia