Friday, September 25, 2020

Comments by HeatherB

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  • Dear Ms. Bragdon,
    Thank you for all the great work you are doing to raise awareness about both Spiritism and the healing that is going on at places like this in Brazil. We definitely need to bring more of that to this country, and I appreciate the efforts you are making in that regard. I was impressed by what you did in Vermont – disappointed by the results, but I do share in your hope for more promising changes down the road.

    I know you also have books on these topics as well. If I may, I would like to offer the professionals here and others who have taken interest in Spiritism through your work another resource to explore what Spiritism is all about. This is my book, “Changing Lives with Spiritism: Fresh Perspectives for a New Humanity” (more information at

    Thank you very much and God bless.