Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Comments by Jessica @ PrayersAndApples.com

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  • Dr. Burstow,

    Thank you for your wonderful article – I couldn’t agree more. I’m currently working on a thesis project to counter the serotonin hypothesis within a pop culture context (targeted at a 25-35 year old demographic) – I’d be honored if you gave it a look: http://prayersandapples.com/howdoyouknow-research-proposal/

    Several years ago, I created a website (PrayersAndApples.com) to bridge the disconnect between scientific literature in this area and the general perceptions of my peers, who are not focused within the academic community. My posts typically mix research, advancing non-drug-based treatments for depression/anxiety, with pop culture jokes, references and celebrity pictures. This past week, I’ve published several pieces paraphrasing Anatomy of an Epidemic, illustrated with pictures ranging from Elton John (“Rocket Man”, in reference to iproniazid’s early start) to the Muppets. This approach has been met with success (readership increased almost 600% within the first year), but greater outreach efforts are needed; the platform is still relatively small.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your statement that mainstream media cannot be ignored. As I write in my proposal, “As antidepressant commercials are often showcased between episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, I believe a failure to address the claims of psychopharmaceutical propaganda within a pop culture context reflects a refusal to fight the battle where it’s being won.”

    Thank you for your contributions in this area!

  • Yes, Yes, YES! Best of luck with your presentation!

    I’m in the process of completing a research project focused on countering the “chemical imbalance” theory within a pop culture context (for example, today’s blog post aimed to translate the drug development backstory summarized in Anatomy of an Epidemic: http://prayersandapples.com/a-funny-little-story-about-rocket-fuel/ ).

    It’s incredibly frustrating to be cut off (as you were) or to have louder voices try to distort your message (or bulldoze over it completely!).

    Thanks for all of your work!