Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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  • Sera,

    That was brilliant. I am new to your site but couldn’t agree more. I suffered a massive brain injury through being exposed to neurotoxic chemicals. The subsequent suffering was unparalleled in anything I experienced in the past. I went to Dr. Amen’s Clinic in Bellevue Washington and received a SPECT scan and complete forensic psychiatric evaluation. The toxic injury was found and treatment suggested (to improve blood flow in certain areas of my brain and all appeared normal until I began a regime of detoxification. When these toxins began to come out of my fat and muscle tissues and enter my blood stream my emotional capacity was overwhelmed.

    I vacillated between every emotion I know in the extreme. This gave me a whole new appreciation for those who suffer and after five years of studying neuromolecular biochemistry in light of neurotoxic agents, I have learned that this myth of chemical imbalance is laughable.

    Indeed the emotional runaways may have been caused by chemicals entering into my blood stream thus into my brain like any other chemical it will affect emotions and thought. But the poison has caused serious malfunctions in the capacity for my brain to operate “balanced” … for example the cholinesterase inhibition causes histamine and glutamate over production both of which are neuroexcitotoxins. Over production of these reduce the capacity of neurotranmissions… which escalate into endocrine disruption and hormonal dysfunction cascading into what appears to be a host of neuro-psychological symptoms that are actually physical.

    I recommend SPECT so at least you can have a look at the dysfunctions, and Amen Clinics rarely prescribe psychotropics. I found them to be very compassionate to work toward healing.

    I am still not 100% well. The chemicals I inhaled demyelinated a ton of my central and peripheral nervous systems and I am still trying to regain control on my glutamatergic system in my brain… the cool thing about psychiatric medicine that few want to admit is the extremely limited knowledge we have of the phenomenal complexity of our brains… so ya Mr. Powell it isn’t a one size fits all, take a chemical to mask the issue. Oh and if my employer did screening? LOL they are the ones that poisoned me!