Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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  • Hi David,

    I’ve been reading from this site for a few months now, but only registered to comment today. I’ve been both down the psychosis rabbit hole, and worked for and with others within the system experiencing the same.

    I just read this reply you’ve written for the first time today, and it was like reading the thoughts of a kindred spirit. Thank you so much. I’ve spent many years off and on making meaning out of my own experiences with the deeper dimensions of my own thought and am about to re-enter the helping professional role after getting my MSW. I’m afraid to work within the system again, and watch as people try to find joy and meaning while taking multiple, potent psych drugs. Your writing resonates deeply with my own experience and the experiences of the folks I’ve worked with. I hope I can be a voice for acceptance of “symptoms” and learning from them, growing in the gifts they offer us, though often painful and terrifying, so often also beautiful and sublime.

    Take care,