Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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  • I hope they look into other SSRIs. Just as the amount of sexual dysfunction varies, it is likely the plaque-causing effects would vary as well. For over 18 years, I’ve been living with HIV, EBV, XMRV, plus taking a palmful of meds to keep the first one in check, plus dealing with the side-effects of the meds, including Prozac for most of that time. I tried other SSRIs (including Zoloft), but they caused me to be nearly unable to achieve sexual completion, while Prozac does not interfere with this at all. Hopefully this means that Prozac is different enough not to cause cardiac issues. Medical cannabis plus Prozac has enabled me to ditch opiate pain meds for all but the worst pain (my hips were replaced 12 years ago, due to a degenerative disorder), but I *really* do not need any more medical problems!

  • The word for the sort of coercion the author is looking for is “Hegemony.” If the ideas and Ideals being promoted are good, and are promoted in non-harmful ways (for instance, with critical thinking being a must), then Hegemony is helpful. However, if the ideas and Ideals are evil, and are promoted in harmful ways (i.e., irrefutable Dogma), then Hegemony is evil. It is a tool that can be used either way. How many times a day are we American men reminded that doing some things is ‘wrong,’ because it is not how a man ‘should’ act? Being vegetarian, gay, and Neo-Pagan, as well as only 5’6″, average looks, etc., I used to get a huge amount of bluntly negative Hegemony (which still assaults me daily from my television), until I told various people, like the real man I am, to “stfu” and let me live my life. P.S. I have had to be treated for depression since my late teens because of this stress, along with the PTSD of literal assaults.