Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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  • Thank you for writing this. I have read often about how difference societies raise their children. One thing that ties into this is that many of these societies do not coerce and thus also do not have the physical punishment – “spankings” and other ways to make children comply. I do think it is ties altogether the rates of violence and “controlling” mechanisms.

    As a parent of a toddler I am saddened to read so much by other parents about how to “control” their children. It is not an invitation to participate and become part of the group (which people naturally do) it is done in a forceful way that affects people mentally and emotionally. I think it must be immensely damaging in the first decade of life when their emotional and social self is being fully developed. The only folks who seem to question this are the “attachment” parenting or gentle parenting groups of folks out there as well as those who tend to be part of the “free-range” movement.

    Thank you for writing this.