Thursday, January 27, 2022

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  • I have been diagnosed as Bipolar I and have had both psychotherapy and medication. Ihave had some superb therapists and most of the I have had: job related, interpersonal, career, etc. have been worked out in therapy and, in general, my life is pretty stable. But when a (bipolar) depression sets in it is like my world has collapsed, I am in a deep hole and only death will relieve the pain. A change in medication, or, on several occasions, ECT is needed to bring me out. Once that has occurred, I can return to life as though nothing ever happened. I am a psychiatric professional and I tell most of my patients that both medication and psychotherapy contribute to finding balance. (There are some people who leave my office without a prescription but with a strong recommendation for therapy and others who will do well on just medication. But I don’t believe either should be discounted as a potential contributor to mental stability.