Sunday, September 20, 2020

Comments by Jean6

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  • I understand your point. I am convinced (from experience) that few who work in these places are “trying to help” or “make a differnce”….The training varies from state to statem etc. For some (maybe more than some) its an income where accountability is next to none.
    By not taking the child’s (or adult’s) experience into account, it surely sends the message that its ok to be abused and then causes more abuse by “blaming the brain”
    Where is scientific proof of these drugs, and where is the reasoning and ethics
    in this type of treatment?

  • I think the pharma psychiatric drug industy is in the publice business of psycologically raping the public. They have conned their way into public schools and before that the judical judical system,,,making hugh profits along the way.
    If someone made a documentary (except substitute a foreign country for USA) , no doubt people would get upset. The unquestioned trust (not to mention funding) that people give to psychiatry is beyond discust.