Thursday, July 9, 2020

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  • I have a book on the way called Psychopathic Psychotronics. It is an account of my experiences as a targeted individual for illegal experimentation with wireless neurophone technologies. In 2006 my refrigerator happily explained to me “this is called electronic harassment and we are going to brainwash you. I’m a microwave murderer with a voice to the skull and this is how we kill people, with our psychopathic section 8 psychotronics”. I spent a month hearing this is called holographic sound coming from everywhere. I want you to learn about wireless neurophone technologies and the following as well, Human auditory perception of pulsed radio frequency energies, Frey effect, microwave hearing, silent subliminal (patent 5,159,703 filed in 1973) uses the Frey effect to beam sound at an inaudible range to the nervous system thus causing you to perceive it but not really hear it. This is often used to make command voices. Synthetic telepathy, remote neural monitoring and Voice to the skull. I incorporated the majority of these terms into the statement used for my 9 month forced psychiatric commitment. More people in the medical field know of and exploit these technologies than anyone realizes.

  • Am I the only one here that knows about psychotronics?
    Wireless neurophone, Voice to the skull, Synthetic telepathy, holographic sound, microwave hearing, Frey effect, Human auditory perception of pulsed radio frequency energies, MEDUSA is an acronym for mob excess deterrent using silent audio which is another term for microwave hearing and this weapon will beam sounds into your nervous system at a perceived volume that would blow out your eardrums.
    Do some research folks. It’s lonely out here. My refrigerator happily explained what was happening to me in 2006 and I cannot get anyone to pull their heads from their butts and learn about electronic harassment and illegal human experimentation with energy weapons and mind control on the public. Silent subliminal is US patent 5,159,703 filed in 1973 and puts words without sound in your nervous system with a radiowave.