Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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  • My heart goes out to that little girl who was identified by a formula, taken from her family, and processed in what can only be called a machine designed to make money for pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the lives and wellbeing of society’s most vulnerable members. I find it abominable and all too common. It’s why I will not have children in this country, because were I that little girl’s father I would’ve shot that CPS worker dead the instant she touched my daughter and pleaded I was acting in the defense of my loved ones. If I were punished for it, so be it; my principles and the safety of my loved ones will never be compromised because someone is “just doing their job.”

    A child’s development s an incredibly complex and delicate process. To interfere with that using drugs that numb the mind and stunt the development of thoughts is just a convoluted form of barbarism. It still amounts to harm. And psychiatrists, doctors who have taken the frigging Hippocratic Oath, should know that. And they should feel shame burning what oily rags they call souls for doing harm and betraying the trust of the innocent in exchange for something so common as money.

  • Ms. Altman,

    I’m not sure what commentary on my part you may be referring to since my statement here is the only one I’ve made on your blog. It’s not that I don’t have thoughts on the matter, it’s an issue of what some would offhand call cynicism and therapists would call the result of traumatic, jading experiences.

    The idea of contributing to your book is intriguing. I happen to work in the literary industry, aiding people in taking their ideas and making them into publishable books. Exposure would help a business in which I find myself one quiet voice among many shouting. I have not published in the psychological field since my undergrad thesis in 2006, and I fear my experiences since then prevent me from objectively attempting to achieve the goals you’ve outlined. But it may present a counterpoint to many stances in the mental health field that, as far as I know, are not the norm.

    I would much prefer to continue this conversation in private since there are details about myself that I don’t want floating about the internet. Is there an email address I should use?